Conservative Eroticism versus Liberal Eroticism

(American politics at its Best: difference in the eroticism happening inside your bedroom)

Thanks to billions after billions of dollars invested by Political Machines into the Think-Tanks and Institutes for the political myth-makers to perfect their beautiful language and rich metaphors in describing what happens in a politicized bedroom – the affairs between a husband and a wife — your voting choices have been (overly?) simplified to “What kind of man or woman do you want as a partner.”

But before you disagree, get insulted, or judge, let’s actually look into these myth-makers’ stories about politicized sexuality, where billions and billions of our tax dollars go into. These stories (on both sides of the political spectrum) are filled with beautiful and rich metaphors, a very passionate and heightened picture for a much broader political point-of-view – even slipping into the spiritual spectrum.

“There is something mythical in the way a man is with his woman,” which politics, taken to another level, another dimension if you will, tries to describe, highly-stylize, and control along its party-lines.

Your wife and you enjoy each other deeply for the night – perhaps on your wedding night. The sexuality, shared between your partner and you, offers different parables of amazing depth of beauty, grace, myths, and politics (between the party lines, believe-it-or-not). When the ideas surrounding what masculinity and femininity should be become politicized and regulated by different government systems, what you get is different erotic stories coming from different constituencies, inside the bedroom.

Forget all those complications with economics, morality and law, international relations, and different religious interpretations and doctrines. This is where American politics is at its best, coming from the eroticized bedroom of your politicized house.

Conservative Eroticized Metaphors:

She may be a peasant girl or a Queen who sits on the throne of Beauty. But her heart is as true and pure as straight golden arrow, aimed at you – desiring for you. She’s her father’s favorite darling, given away on her wedding day to you, for you to care for her: to love her, and to always cherish her, like a princess of your household. She’s a tender rose bud. As innocent as a girly girl can be, she awaits for you as her knight in shinning armors.

From all the fairy tales that she indulged herself in as a young, little girl, she awaits for you beside the bed, for you to rescue her from the dark castles and to conquer all the evil dragons and monsters (her moodiness, emotional frailty, and PMS) guarding her beauty. And she waits for you, after conquering her from the darkness, and submits to you.

“Take my hand,” she says, “take my whole life too,” as she submits to you.

Under her passionate desires for you after a long battle (a long courtship – and putting up with her crap and paying for her meals and entertainment), she softly dims the lights by the bed on your wedding night and put on that silky something that ‘accentuated the loveliness of her body, revealed the beauty of her naked form, yet also leaving something yet to be unveiled’ (teasing you), waiting for you to undress.

She puts on perfume and lipstick and checks her hair. She allures you on to the bed and into her. She stares at you eyes with trust and some of her own fearful vulnerability; and yet she has that certain silent confidence with in her: “I have been waiting for you my entire life, saving myself and my eyes only for you.”

She hopes to arouse you with her immense beauty, grace, and tenderness, and invite you to come to her and enter inside of her. In an act of stunning vulnerability, she takes life’s greatest risk — offering her unveiled beauty to you, to her brave man, to her courageous knight in shining armors, opening herself up to you in every way, for your pleasure and enjoyment.

And as the man, you come to offer your strength (and money, social-status, house, car, and a comfortable life-style) as the she invites you into herself, an act that requires courage, vulnerability, and selflessness for both of you (and a little bit of materialistic greed and craving for social status on her side). (Notice first that if the man will not rise to the occasion – making all that “dough” required, nothing will happen.) He must make the move first (work hard for that capitalist who pays you).

His strength (and his bank account) must swell before he can enter her. But neither will the love consummate unless the woman opens herself up in stunning vulnerability (showing him that he is her man and what he has to offer in life satisfies her style, taste, and needs), putting herself in to a submissive and inviting (and satisfying) position for him to enter.

When both are living as they were meant to live (the man making all the “dough,” required to buy all the status symbols and materialistic luxury asked for by the “American Dream”), he is then allowed to enter deep into his woman and offers her his strength, his ability takes care of her (and take care of her expensive tastes for luxury and needs for style and status), and thrust his pride and joy (in the material wealth he is capable of providing) deep in to his woman.

He thrusts his strength (and pride) into her with all his lust for her body and spills himself in there, in her, and for her; she draws him in, embraces and envelopes him. When all is over, he is spent. And the wife is deeply satisfied and relaxed as well, knowing that she has traded her companionship, virginity, and sexual resources for the best man possible (on the marriage market… after such a long wait…) – who is now fulfilled, “caught”, and “trapped” inside of her. (Now, the best and the most luxuries life-style and social status he could afford to offer her are now, truly hers.)

Both playing the “God’s given roles” that were so natural to both of them growing up, under the culture and values of Conservative families and Conservative Churches.

And now both are fulfilled, spent, and satisfied, that is how life is created (in the Conservative circle of culture). The beauty of a woman arouses a man to play the man; the strength and the “dough” of a man offered tenderly and generously to his woman, allowing her to be beautiful; it brings life to her soul, and a security blanket and a loyal breadwinner to her future Conservative children.

This is far, far more than good sex and long orgasm. Conservative eroticism is a cover up for a fair trade, a capitalistic transaction, or a medium of exchange made under the cultural cover-up of Conservative myth-makers. It is a political indoctrination becoming a full reality that extends to every aspect of a Conservative couple’s lives, especially in their bedrooms.

Of-course the myth-maker puts such a beautiful and transcendental metaphor of wholeness and beauty that only two Conservatives together can share, in spiritual union, as passionate lovers living in (political and capitalistic) “harmony.” A book even goes as far as labeling such Conservative myth and norm in a book called, “Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus.”

And the Conservative God blessed such holy union. (שיר השירים)

Liberal Eroticized Metaphors:

‘She’s cynical and beautiful and always makes a scene; she is monochrome delirious and nothing that you seem.’ She drowns men in her vanity and her crass sexiness. Her laugh is like a disease. She is dirty as she is sweet; she’s easy as she is forgiving, and everything an artist need. Her soft presence is all that is needed: to inspire and to seduce; to innovate and to paralyze. She is most beautiful when she’s angry. ‘Her love is such a tease.’

The way she moves when she dances can put even a gangster into a trance, surrounding his hostility with a peaceful sense of grace and beauty. “Make love not war,” her body says. Her G-String is covered with cash as she smiles down upon the man who has had it hard in life: tenderly taking off the crown of thorns from his suffering head, with a silver bracelet on her charming and slender arms. Soft red light bounces and reflects off of her soft and smooth skin, accompanied by highly sensuous music. With the most gentle touch, she turns a man into a burning ball of desire.

Everything she is seems to have fallen from the sky, like a shooting star or a burning angel, a savior to all of a man’s pain and hardship. Her beauty forgives and assuages all your past wrong-doings. “Whatever ever you want!” says the seduced man in a desperate tone. She is experienced and an expert, knowing how to tear down all of a man’s defenses, until there’s nothing left in his heart but her.

Any guy will do, if the price paid is right. She will give a man that perfect moment of pleasure, that mystical moment of grace… to get what she wants. Then, she’s gone, leaving the man hanging and burning, taking with her all of his money.

And now, she slowly turns to you, seeing in your eyes that you have a weakness for a woman of her kind. And you can’t deny. You would never have seen it coming… ‘until you are lost in her eyes.’ The more you try to fight her off – fight off your own feelings – the weaker you become. And slowly, she exploits your weakness and breakdown your resistance. Seeing the magic in her intuitive eyes, you no longer cares. You want her, badly…

She knows she has just caught a big fish and drowns you in her dizziness. She wants to play with you as long as you can afford it. She drags you into distant parties with wild strangers by her whimsical pleas. Being with her is like being hit by a fast moving train – taking you everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Then she wants to make you scream in bed… wants you to beg on your knees.

She makes such an impression that she dominates all of your dreams and aspirations. And you bow to the goddess of Venus and submit all your pride before her knees. You are falling so fast that you don’t even realize the slow draining of your bank account with her life of loco.

And weeks later, you two are back into the atmosphere again and after she has swept you off of your feet. Now you can see through all that feminine mystic and magic that she had spun around you. And you are now faced with all her deep insecurities with relationships – wounds where her heart has been brutalized by a long line of previous lovers. Now she’s taking you with her down to her deep pain of a disappointing life. She distrusts you and fears all men. She loves animals and loves her dog more than she loves you.

She had a bad relationship with her father where he beat her and raped her. And the list of men that has slept with her before were mostly abusive, violent, and the gambling kind, just like her father. She has a bad habit of choosing assholes to be her lover. And the scars these men left on her – some still visible, others left on her heart — still haunts her. She carries more baggage on her than her bad reputation of being carelessly promiscuous. And suddenly you realize that this rosy goddess of yours, which had her place on your pedestal before, is now just another woman, a girl in-fact, a fragile girl in so much need for love, tenderness, care – and most of all, someone whom she can really trust and would never hurt or abandon her. You suddenly feel love for this fragile creature, crying beside you, after a bad dream of her past abuses.

She is still so beautiful to you – beautiful and fragile. Despite of the fact that she’s not your dream goddess anymore and let your expectations way down, you still love her. And you don’t know why, but you suddenly want her, all of her — realizing that you want to be strong for her. You want to take up all of her past hurts and life-long disappointments. And the path that’s leading nowhere, which she is on, you want to take control of her destiny, her baggage, her everything!

You ask yourself: Why can’t this be real? She needs you. (She’ll never tell you that…) Your own problems are either tossed behind you or seem negligible when compared with that of her. Wanting to take up and care for this fragile, little being, her painful feelings and all that mess in her careless life, the real man inside of you wants to break out, to be strong! For once in your life, you are inspired and finally want to be a better man.

She smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. And if you catch her stealing, she would never confess. ‘She never compromises, and her mood jumps around, and it’s either white or black. Pulls her hair back when she is mad and screams. She’ll either “jump you” or “jump on you,” and sometimes both at the same time.

She ‘loves babies and surprises.’ And she even ‘wears high heels when exercising.’ And you sign to yourself: “Ain’t that a beautiful sight?”

She hates being alone. Always on the phone. And she’ll let you in to her mouth, ‘if the words you say are right.’ She’ll even let you deep inside, if the price you pay is right. But that beautiful and mystical garden of life she once possessed and captured all of your will – bringing you to your knees before her – where everything you wanted, and everything that you need, is slowly and slowly slipping away. But you’re still in love with her despite of real life knocking at your door. As you watch her ‘drinks coffee at midnight,’ you think to yourself, she is such a mess!

But she is your mess now. And you need to step up to be the man that this crazy chick needs to survive in this crazy, cruel, and cold world. She needs you, your strong arms for her protection. Her confidence is tragic, but you two still make magic — in bed. A small taste of heaven as her mystical aura caresses you. She grabs and clings to you in vulnerability, fear, and frailty, after both of you are exhausted in pleasure and in love-making and tells you, “I don’t really want to live this life!”

Drama never ends between you two. And you wonder: How did she ever survive all of these years of her life without you? And you then also ask intuitively and stupefied by your own answer: How did you ever live all those years of your life, alone, without her? All of that emptiness in your heart is filled by her tiny body, her slender arms and legs, and her delicate and broken heart.

She’s imperfect. She’s a mess. She’s far from the woman of your dreams – the beauty queen you saw in high school, who came from a rich daddy and a loving family – someone who can shower you with all the comfort, luxury, status, and love that this world has to offer. But there is no escape from fragile creature anymore whose crying as we speak on your gentle shoulder. It’s all mystery from this point forward. And the worst question you can ask right now is “What’s wrong, darling?”

Money? That’s never a question that comes up between you two anymore. She only wants all that love she’s being missing all of her life, from you. She doesn’t care for money anymore. She’s found you, her man – her true hero. Career Plans? Retire plans? Don’t even think about it. The right question to ask when you are with her is “How do we make it through today.” And you take it one day at a time.

God, please help us both to just make it through today! Amen…

So, during the next democratic election in America, instead of Conservatism or Liberalism, vote for the woman of your dreams and the bedroom eroticism that you crave for. Then after you vote, good night… And Happy Love Making!

Author: Charles L. Wang

I lived a good life - a hard one, but I sleep peacefully at night knowing that I have made a difference in someone's life... Oh by the way, I'm from China: Downtown, China... Read my full bio.

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  1. Also, I would pose this question: if “love is so free”, then wouldn’t most black people in America marry white people in America? Wouldn’t most Catholic marry protestant?

    I’m too high to list more, but think about this fact…

    but think about this and happy love making!

  2. I would take the the time to answer all of your comments. However, perhaps maybe you you check out all the sources I’ve used to write this article (e.g. “How Liberals and Conservatives think” and etc…)

    I don’t have the time to list them all …

    But regardless how you all think, happy Love Making 🙂

    and Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  3. Well then, it was obviously mis-categorized. Perhaps it should have been posted under “News in your Briefs.” I certainly agree with you rfreed. This particular piece should not be taken seriously at all.

    Wang,我不可能不会由您的文章触犯的认为一名美国妇女。 它是非常侮辱的往所有妇女。

  4. Folks, lets take a another, more careful look at this. I believe the entire bit was intended humorously and that something was lost in translation. I am willing to bet that Mr. Wang, whose first language I’m assuming is Chinese, was trying to get things (concepts) over in English that were difficult and the meanings got scewered. Written a bit clearer it possibly could be quite clever.

  5. Why is conservative eroticism so much nicer than liberal eroticism to you?

    Doesn’t make sense.

    Pat Nixon became an alcoholic, just like Mamie Eisenhower. So did Betty Ford –with her own clinic no less. Nany Reagan sought out psychics. Laura Bush seemed to be on Demarol. There’s no explaining Barbara Bush, except that maybe it was a sex change.

    I think you are a John Birch plant.

  6. Yep Charles, regardless of all the wasted bloated semantics to get to a point that is as obscure as Darth Vader’s colostomy bag records – your opinion of ‘love-making’ is akin to sex viz politics: Con’ / Lib’ – some fucker is getting screwed – normally the ‘person’ whose under the hoof.
    Cigarettes, post-coitus, cause coughs.
    In true love the participants screw the living hell outa each other and enjoy it – unlike the party ‘politic’ where one participant feels like they have been ‘screwed’ at the end of the day – and they don’t quite know by whom – or in which orifice.

  7. This is the most disgusting, degrading and demeaning dribble I think I’ve ever read. Either you’re seriously sexually deprived, or you are a sexual predator lying in wait.

    Howard Stern is a choir boy compared to this garbage. This crap doesn’t deserve to be in the company of some of the really great and funny stuff I’ve read here! What a slap in the face to the good stuff that is posted here.

    Have you no respect or decency? Apparently not!

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