Yorkshire Icepick Weekend: 6 Interesting Things I Learned from the Hyde Park Trots

Here are several hilarious scientific-socialite shitticisms I learned not so long ago from the Hyde Park Radical Hipster Kool-Aid Community of Yorkshire.

(By the way, before you ask, yes: they were all bitter, middle aged white boys with a massive, ice-pick-flavored vanilla-chip on their shoulder):

1. There is no SWP-Trot ‘rape culture scandal.’

2. What has been said about ‘Comrade Delta’ and the alleged rape is just hearsay.

3. Even so, the party ‘took it seriously.’

4. Oh, and by the way, rather more hilariously:

‘We aren’t trying to take over ANYTHING!’

5. ‘We aren’t claiming to represent the workers!’

6. And best of all… it seems they will just let ‘the workers’ run the economy, once their little revolution happens.

Eh? What does that mean? Eh?

Sooo, they’re going to surrender their all white middle class proletarian power and straight white middle class tankie privilege?

Oh dear, dear, dear little Trot boys. It’s such a hard, hard world out there for all these straight middle aged white boys and middle class proletarians out there. My bourgeois-individualist-vulgar-liberalist-filthy-pleb-roader sympathy is almost drained to the dregs.

You have to wonder what motivates people to join the far right/far left. Maybe they don’t have much of a sense of self, so they have to timidly surrender their conscience into less meek and cowardly hands?

Well… talk about achingly predictable middle-class-proletarian cowardice, hm?

Still, I am not pristine. At times too, I have known Erich Fromm’s ‘Fear of Freedom.’

But I try to do better.

Or at least… fail better.

Wish you could say the same, Levvie boy, huh? 😉


Based on a private post on my #mainstream-late-capitalist-neoliberal-bourgeois-Facebook-account.

Note: I do not claim to know whether ‘Comrade Delta’ is guilty or not. What I am certain of, is that ‘The Party’ (Teutonic Kapitals ahoy!) were deeply dismissive and trivializing in their attitude. Seems the Confederate States of Trot want a future for all straight middle class proletarian white boys…

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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