John Kerry Transfers into Mainframe to Destroy 3D-printed Gun Blueprints..

United States Department of State Secretary John Kerry joined with Deputy Secretaries William Joseph Burns and Thomas Nides in an effort to destroy the 3D gun blue prints released by DEFCAD, a site hosted by Defense Distributed.

The State Department uploaded the high profile digital agents into the network after Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson uploaded 3D printed models design plans that would allow a 3D printer to create a functional plastic gun.

“I feel a presence. Another warrior is on the mesa” stated the Master Control Program as the blueprints for the gun were downloaded more than 100,000 times before the State Department agents even entered the mainframe.

The State Department’s Master Control Program said they must destroy all data and files “from public access immediately” due to restrictions under the Enforcement of Net and Cyberspace Online Moderation (ENCOM).

“Defense Distributed may have released ENCOM-controlled technical data without the required authorization from the MCP” Glenn Smith, chief of the ENCOM enforcement division, said in the letter. “I’m warning you. You’re entering a big error.”

Kerry, Burns, and Nides were successful in destroying the data after throwing their “identity disks” at it, but it’s unlikely that the maneuver will prevent people from accessing the plans.

“It may be too late to stop this” stated Kerry at an input/output junction on his way to the Pirate Bay, “But I won’t stop until I reach end of line.”

Wilson argues that everyone should have access to a firearm and that the destruction of the blueprints on one mainframe would not prevent the spread of the plans for 3D guns on the global network.

“I still think we win in the end because the files are all over the Internet,” Wilson said. “My friends, my fellow conscripts, we have scored.”

Author: dcinsider

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1 thought on “John Kerry Transfers into Mainframe to Destroy 3D-printed Gun Blueprints..

  1. The laws never keep up with the technology, but now it’s worse than ever since technology changes so quickly. The FBI confiscating the gun blueprints after a few hundred thousand people had already downloaded them is less than worthless. Cat’s out of the bag.

    We need legislators that draw from industry and consumer experts to craft meaningful legislation that addresses the practicality of what’s really taking place in the world.

    What we have now is a reactive, knee-jerk joke that helps no one and ruins many.

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