Senator Graham Goes For The Low Hanging Fruit

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham today championed his desire to restrict the ability to own fire arms to those who are no longer capable of knowing right from wrong.

The senator laid out his thoughts in what many believed was a basic assumption with any gun control initiatives currently before either house of congress.

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Senator Graham, never one to be denied an opportunity to show his fierce desire to advocate sensible gun control, was animated in discussing the various thoughts he had on restricting gun ownership from those with less than feeble brain activity.

“I have watched the many horrible incidents that have occurred over the last few months and I can tell you that I’m saddened by it all,” stated Sen. Graham. “Although I understand that nothing would have been prevented through the measures that I’m currently proposing, it makes me feel like I’m contributing by echoing the message of the big arms manufactures.”

“If we can just get these high powered, high capacity weapons out of the hands of those who choose to do us harm and keep them in the hands of those who we believe today won’t do that, then I think we are on a course that will at the very least get me reelected.”

The bill the senator proposed only contained four words, ‘No Guns For Wackos’, but it’s really the thought that is behind his intention that counts.

The senators bill will face immediate challenges by those in his own party who do not believe that any restriction would be constitutionally acceptable. Many within his own party don’t think that basing the ability to own fire arms should be limited to only those who would use them in a prudent manner.


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