CPAC 2013 Ended and So Didn’t Their Movement

Closing out of the 2013 CPAC (Conservative People Acting Crazy) conference has left many on the right feeling less than exhilarated.

Their ideals, thoughts, and policies that no longer align with changes in society have once again left them opposed to the harsh realities of modern culture.

Parading out the re-threaded ideas of every man for himself in the face of a continual decline of our economy, has left even the most conservative asking where they are going next. The relentless attacks on the real “makers” have conflicted with their love of the “takers”.

For those of you who attended the actual conference, the makers have been making a lot of money for those who are taking it out of our economy so try and get that straight

Many of the main speakers at the annual conference were upset with being asked to repeat the tired themes of previous conferences. Up and coming leader of the party, Senator Rand Paul, was even requested to bring props related to his recently failed filibuster in the senate. While his father would have declined this obvious attempt at humor, the younger Rand was accommodating to his hosts.

The usual suspects of short humorous quips, such as failed 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, were all too willing to engage in this light hearted effort. Her sipping on a “big gulp” soda while making a snide remark about the mayor of New York City not only endeared her to the crowd, it also sent her legacy to the bowels of the New York sewers.

Whether there will be a conference in 2014 is at this point anyone’s guess. Many within the party, Karl Rove especially, see this annual trip down the garden path as nothing more than a yearly feeding of red meat to a group that no longer has any actual relevancy.

The conclusion of the 2013 CPAC conference is as much about the conclusion of a movement as it is about the end of a scheduled conference. Those in attendance should immediately put their buttons, flags, and memorabilia up for auction on eBay so that they can get the most from the final conference that their movement will have.


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  1. What a catastrophuck this turned out to be. The White Supremacists showed up in full force, and instead of being rebuked, they kicked out the sole black guy. Stay classy, GOP, you'll win over them darkies yet.

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