Palin Proposes Bridge Over Fiscal Cliff

Political pundit and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin held a press conference this morning to propose the construction of a bridge “assuring Americans safe passage over the fiscal cliff”.

“I’m tired of Washington insiders debating the dangers of this cliff and then not doing anything about it. The American people deserved better than a Willie Coyote scenario.” Palin stated, referencing her favorite cartoon character’s well documented battles with gravity.

RIGHT: Sarah Palin in all her intellectual might… (CLICK PHOTO TO SEE ANIMATION)

Palin claimed the nearly $300-million project will created thousands of jobs although she admitted that she‘s unsure where the proposed bridge will lead given “the Obama administration’s stubborn refusal to disclose the location of such a dangerous geologic landmark.”

Officials with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) would not comment officially on the proposal but a source in the Office of Infrastructure said, “We’ll add it to the stack with Mrs. Palin’s other proposals. You wouldn’t believe all of bridges that woman wants to build. She’s a bridge addict.“

Author: Adam

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13 thoughts on “Palin Proposes Bridge Over Fiscal Cliff

  1. C’mon folks!
    Be nice to Palin, now.
    Her handlers have her so confused she doesn’t know which way is up.
    And she is so depressed now that she isn’t in the limelight anymore.

  2. Okay, I've been silent long enough… Palin asked for the money for the bridge to nowhere. Congress cancelled it, but Palin kept the money (dollar for dollar) in her state to spend on other projects. She was a pork-barrel mistress in the highest sense, and after that, she was a self-aborted lame duck in the clearest sense.

  3. It was Palin that had the bridge built to nowhere, Lynn. Look it up. A bunch of Alaskan contractors got money from the US govt to build a bridge that led to nowhere. THAT was the bridge that this article referred to.

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