Mitt Romney Promises Unemployment to 11 Million Americans

Here’s the gist of it. Romney claims there are 23 million unemployed and swears that he will create only 12 million new jobs. That is fact.

He literally promises that 11 million people will remain jobless under his administration. If you think he doesn’t care about the 47%, he really doesn’t give a sprinting crap about these last 11 million.

RIGHT: Here is Mitt Romney at a Chipotle restaurant, whatever that is, posing with members of the 47%, but not the 11 million he will intentionally unemploy.(CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE PHOTO)

Sorry, but there’s no joke here.

Or rather. That is the joke.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is your Republican nominee.


2 comments on “Mitt Romney Promises Unemployment to 11 Million Americans

  1. It’s been widely reported that their math skills are lacking. From job creation numbers to tax revenues. The picture accompanying this article does point out two clear facts, the woman in the center is clinging to her friend so she isn’t swept away to be mormon wife number 2, and the guy on the right recognized him as the “mature older white daddy type” that he met on craigslist last night.

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