Romney Again Accused Of Pandering

In what seems to be a continual effort by the Obama administration, an accusation of pandering to special interest groups has again been leveled at the campaign of failed Gov. Mitt Romney.

His willingness to change his appearance to match his audience, which was first noticed during an interview on Univision, was even more pronounced today.

The accusation comes from a stop that former Gov. Romney made at a Jewish community center in Tampa, FL, late this afternoon.

RIGHT: Gov. Romney pandering? You decide. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Several people who were at the rally said that he seemed like he belonged in their community and that his statements lined up exactly with what they felt needed to be done to those damn palestinians.

Attendee J. Weiss had this to say about failed Gov. Romney’s position on Israel, “It’s good to see him up there letting us know that he has their backs. I just wish he would stop calling it a U.S. Territory.”

Romney has been very vocal in his urge to bring the United States into a war with Iran. He has also stated that he would not allow any light between the positions of his administration and that of his close friend, former business associate, and most likely campaign donor, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

When asked about his appearance while exiting the rally, Gov. Romney offered this brief comment, “Oh this old thing? I’m usually dressed like this when I’m relaxing and really didn’t have time to change when the bus pulled in.”

Failed Gov. Romney was later seen practicing walking in 5 inch pumps so it’s safe to assume his next stop will be at a woman’s group.

While many on the left of the political scene have pointed to the fact that Gov. Romney will say and do anything to become president, he has steadfastly disputed that. From what we know of the rally, that might be just another Romney flip-flop.


5 comments on “Romney Again Accused Of Pandering

  1. Romney will say anything to anyone at any time if he thinks it will improve his odds of winning the election. It’s sad really.

  2. Ah Brian, Mitt is probably adjusting his strategy regarding his business plan to become the President. Just another takeover to a businessman where all is fair, no matter how low (lie) you go.

  3. I’m not so much concerned about him treating it like a company, I’m concerned about when he decides to make a profit and split it up and sell the assets.

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