What’s Harder Than Voting for “The Other Guy”

I have discovered what the hardest thing any person will ever have to do in life is. The hardest things in life is biting into a person’s homemade cookie and trying not to show any signs of how bad you think it tastes in front of them.

Yes, you all heard me correctly. Can you imagine the difficulty of biting into some kind of substance that has been passed off as a cookie and realizing how absolutely horrible it tastes, but not being able to show any signs of it?

We all have that same instinctive reaction when biting into something gross, and that reaction is; get this crap out of my mouth! But the chances are that the person who went through the trouble of baking cookies and is now anxiously awaiting a reaction from you, they are probably not a person you want to insult.

They might be your dear old Grandma, or it might just be that really scary lady in your office whose bad side you don’t want to be on. We all know how unimportant such a small criticism of someone’s baking should be, but the reaction to biting into a cooking that stings your senses can turn a small criticism into a heaping pile of hate.

You want to stand there and judge their entire life’s worth based on how terrible their baking is, and deep down you know that they deserve it. In the end though, we managed to swallow that bite of cookie down, and find a reason to rush to the nearest trash can.

In that moment where you are trying to maintain a smile and lie through your gritted teeth, we all know that nothing in life could ever be so difficult.

Author: Josh Gillam

I'm a 27 year old veteran with a bad back and anger problems. I enjoy writing comedy material and have written episodes for the internet cartoon, "Who Cares?" and wrote and directed the majority of the comedy sketches for Milkbox Children Productions. I have learned to channel my frustration with the media and my overly sarcastic point of views into satire writing. Which turns out is the perfect outlet for an outspoken individual that wants to make people smile while they think. I am currently working on a children's book and a book about urban legends in Indiana.