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Florida Gov. Rick Scott Steps Down Citing Medical Reasons

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Steps Down Citing Medical Reasons

TALLAHASSEE — Florida Gov. Rick Scott stepped down today as leader of the Sunshine State after confidential reports surfaced, which we will not share. These private, personal, legally protected documents, which are confidential, prove the governor withheld a 2008 diagnosis of adult Asperger Disorder from voters.

Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll was immediately sworn into office as Florida’s 46th governor.

The Diagnostic Criteria for Asperger’s (DSM IV) lists marked impairment with social interactions, difficulty with fine and gross motor coordination and eye contact as indicators of the syndrome. Extreme passion about one or two topics and little patience for small talk are often associated characteristics of this syndrome the governor may or may not have.

We at GlossyNews respect the governor’s privacy, and will not disclose the contents of the report, even if it clearly stated a diagnosis of Aspergers, which is exactly what it said.

Childhood friends were quick to agree with the diagnosis, recalling Scott a loner who wore a necktie and plaid blazer for senior pictures. “I knew something was different about Rick,” said a classmate, who asked not to be identified. “He was over-the-top frugal, to the point where any conversation turned back to money and how to save every dime.”

Sally Brown remembers her interaction with the governor as rigid and bizarre. The mother of two approached Scott during an Orlando trip to promote the state’s back-to-school sales tax holiday. “I asked the governor if he had ever visited a public school. He just looked at me blankly and said, “Thank you for shopping Walmart. Have a nice day.” She shook her head. “I knew right then and there something was very wrong with Rick Scott. Now we know. Thank God he’s gone.”

Advocates for Asperger’s issued a statement indicating employed persons with Asperger’s may work differently, but that the difference is not necessarily a disadvantage, citing focus on detail as well as the ability to spot imperfections and enjoy highly repetitive work as positive strengths.

Gov. Scott has come under fire for targeting the middle class: slashing public-sector jobs, slashing taxes that fund Florida public education and cutting the prison budget in a state that already has the lowest state employee to resident ratio in the country.

Most recently, the governor finds himself a key player regarding a decision to close A.G. Holley State Hospital, a Florida tuberculosis care facility in spite of information received by the Center for Disease Control reporting an outbreak of the disease among the city of Jacksonville homeless.

An investigation is underway regarding the circumstances leading to the unauthorized release of Scott’s medical records.


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11 Responses to “Florida Gov. Rick Scott Steps Down Citing Medical Reasons”

  1. Shayne says:

    this is a great quality to have.
    Aspergers didnt stop Albert Einstein, Mozart or Newton. George Washington, Lincoln and Al Core also are suspected of having it.

  2. Diane Dennis says:


    Because he withheld a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome?

    Do these guys realize that eventually if they don’t get this figured out there will be plenty of people in office who have Autism/Asperger’s (in Utah it’s currently 1 in 47 people or 1 in 32; CDC recently said 1 in 88 people has it).

    I read some of the stuff the guy has done while in office, and I don’t live in that state, and I don’t agree with some of the things it says he did if he did them, but I am VERY familiar with Asperger’s Syndrome as my own son, and myself, have it.

    If that’s the reason he stepped down, because his diagnosis came to light, what’s next for Aspie’s (a way some of us describe ourselves)?

    Figure it out government big wigs or soon, if this Governor’s example is followed, we’ll have more and more and more people on SSI and cash assistance and food stamps, because they apparently aren’t allowed to work a job/position/appointment. The ADA says put things in place to accommodate developmentally disabled citizens in the work force. That goes for those with Asperger’s as well. I’d love to see this guy stand up and speak out. He could be a voice for Autism/Asperger’s.

    And this part of the story (if she was quoted correctly):

    Sally Brown remembers her interaction with the governor as rigid and bizarre. The mother of two approached Scott during an Orlando trip to promote the state’s back-to-school sales tax holiday. “I asked the governor if he had ever visited a public school. He just looked at me blankly and said, “Thank you for shopping Walmart. Have a nice day.” She shook her head. “I knew right then and there something was very wrong with Rick Scott. Now we know. Thank God he’s gone.”

    Get a GRIP lady! Where is your tolerance??

    The way he responded to your question is EXACTLY what many of those with Autism/Asperger’s do. They say things that might not be appropriate to the situation such as what he said to you in response to your question. They think they’re telling a joke or being appropriately funny but they aren’t, they actually end up coming across as rude even though they had no intention of doing so. They’re heartbroken because they can’t figure out how to connect with others because of those communication and socializing inabilities.

    I am heartbroken because my son, now 18 and on SSI and Medicaid because of his Asperger’s and co-morbid diagnosis, can’t figure out how to connect with others.

    Ms. Brown, if you were quoted correctly then here’s hoping that you NEVER have a child with Autism/Asperger’s, or any other disability, and that none of your family members and friends are touched by it because with your attitude (again if you were quoted correctly) will make their lives that much more difficult.

    Or I hope you learn tolerance and educate yourself on Asperger’s before you make any more absolutely inappropriate statements like what you’ve already made. You said that you knew something was wrong and “Thank God he’s gone”. What’s your excuse for inappropriate comments and remarks if you yourself do not have Asperger’s?

    And “Thank God he’s gone”? Who is your God?? Surely He has tolerance for His less fortunate disabled children. Or maybe not and that’s why you don’t have tolerance yourself?

    This whole thing disgusts me because it shows what the future may hold if more people don’t take this epidemic seriously.

    In my book Ms. Brown is a representative of intolerance, pettiness, rudeness, and all else negative in people. Keep your disabled children away from her if she truly said that because she will be nothing but trouble for those kids.

    Thank you (I’ve not proofed, I apologize for any typos, missing words, etc.)

  3. Lori Mittleman says:

    This is not funny. I hate Rick Scott as much as the next Floridian, but making fun of people on the spectrum is not called for. Shame on you!

  4. Brian K. White says:

    But it would explain sooooo much about him… zat not count fer nuthin?

  5. Kilroy says:

    Asperger’s is a BAD thing? I’ve got a few things to say about that…naw, nevermind.

  6. Brian K. White says:

    No, say them… say them about 100 times.

  7. Sheree says:


    And I thought the article was quite fair and balanced.

  8. Sheree says:

    Rumor of Governor Scott’s resignation sets Tallahassee atwitter
    By: Michele Kirk
    Source: BIZPAC Review
    Date: July 18, 2012

    “Did you hear? Florida Gov. Rick Scott resigned due to medical illness!

    Well, actually he didn’t, but a rumor generated by a satirical post caused a frantic buzz in Tallahassee this morning.”

    More here.

  9. P. Beckert says:

    It’s a great feat to get someone to believe our stories. Way to go shereeshatsky. You may want to let them know at bizpacreview that the link they provided takes you to the editor’s page and not directly to your article.

  10. Blondeone says:

    Too bad it’s not true! The stepping down part I mean!

  11. Kilroy says:

    Wait, What? This isn’t true? Oh, hamburgers!
    No seriously, great job with the subtlety.
    Always leave ’em guessing.


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