Paul Ryan Attacked by Pack of Angry Lemurs

Paul Ryan is back home in Wisconsin and resting comfortably after suffering an attack by a pack of angry lemurs at a Southwest Florida elementary school where Ryan was speaking last Friday. “He’s got a few nasty scratches,” said Ryan’s wife, Janna, “but doctors expect him to make a full recovery within a few weeks.”

The lemurs were being shown to a classroom of children at the same elementary school where Representative Ryan was asked to come speak to a noon assembly in the school’s cafetorium. Handlers at a nearby lemur research reserve, which houses roughly 40 lemurs, say they aren’t quite certain what got into the usually docile creatures; however, they have a theory.

“We have pretty much narrowed it down to a case of hungry lemurs that smelled some ripening bananas in the school’s lunch line,” said Kathy Mahnky, chief research assistant at the lemur facility.

“One minute all was going well,” she said. “The children were being allowed to get near the lemurs for a closer look, but then all of a sudden, without warning, they (the lemurs) took off down the hallway toward the cafetorium.” Eyewitnesses claim that at the same time the lemurs entered the cafetorium, Ryan was reaching for a bunch of ripened bananas to use in explaining his economic plan. Mahnky says that’s when the lemurs attacked.

One eyewitness, after finding out Ryan was not severely injured in the attack, remarked jokingly about what had recently occurred. “We’re taking bets that those lemurs weren’t necessarily after the fruit so much as they were most likely angry reincarnated senior citizens not happy with Ryan’s plan to do away with Social Security.”

Meanwhile, Ryan’s close advisers have advised him against using ripened fruit in any future presentations just to be on the safe side.

Author: P. Beckert

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