House Gym Gets Thorough Scrubbing as More Weiner Photos Surface

Washington, DC – The cleaning staff at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, D.C. has been asked to give a thorough scrubbing to the entire members’ gym area after more illicit photos surfaced showing half-naked NY Rep. Anthony Weiner. Weiner admits taking the photos of himself in various stages of undress using his Blackberry and a mirror.

Members began voicing concerns about the cleanliness of the gym, and, in fact, many members refused to use the gym until it was scrubbed from floor to ceiling to remove any and all ‘unsanitary’ substances from the tiled interior. Weiner denies he did nothing more than take photos, however, members are not taking any chances.

Rep. Herman Barnsfield, a 72-year old Independent from Averill, Vermont claims he hasn’t been able to use the gym since, in his words ‘that Weiner guy sullied its hallowed space,’ referring to the sauna that Barnsfield has frequented daily since 1986. While no photos were actually found depicting Weiner in the sauna, many members believe there isn’t one area that his Blackberry and he [Weiner] hasn’t had their way with.

Meanwhile, many are calling it a supreme irony that Weiner has hired a law firm to try and get the courts to issue a restraining order against anyone posting the very photos he so willingly displayed on the internet just weeks ago. So far there hasn’t been a ruling, but one court official who has seen the photos says they’re pretty sure the Judge won’t grant the request due to the fact that “you can see way more than that on the internet just by Googling the word ‘weiner.’”

Author: P. Beckert

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