Prince Elected as New Chairman of Republican National Committee

Reince Priebus, or Prince Rebus as he his known to friends and family, was elected today as Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC). The Prince replaces outgoing Chairman, Michael Steele, whose leadership of the RNC has been fraught with controversy and accusations of everything from mishandling of funds to creating divisiveness among the RNC members.

Prince Rebus, who hails from Wisconsin, beat out three other contenders and Steele during seven rounds of ballots. Steele conceded defeat after the fourth ballot clearly indicated that there wasn’t a chance in hell of him being re-elected.

While another contender, Maria Cino, had the backing of House Majority Speaker, John Boehner, it was former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour who backed the Prince and eventually saw his candidate sail to the top of the leadership charts.

“I’ve known the Prince since he was only a symbol,” claims Barbour, “and I can tell you that if anyone can bring this party together, it is Prince Rebus,” and then Barbour asked his fellow Republicans to put their hands together while he sang a parody of “Party Like it’s 1999” using the date 1981 instead, referring to the illustrious date when Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the 40th President of the United States.


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