Clinton vs Weiner: The Democrats Are Screwed?

Where are we and how did we get here?

I am paraphrasing the words of Jim Stockdale in the 1992 US Vice Presidential debate. Those are also the words much of the American electorate asks near Election Day.

A sure vote for corruption and expansionary political and military intervention lies on the Clinton side. We have spent two weeks learning via Wikileaks and the Veritas Project things no one wants for any candidacy.

In Mr Trump, we have a trailing opponent candidate standing strong in the face of some dreary personal failures. We had an October 1st kickoff to the insanity with NY Times release of Trump’s 1995 tax return featuring a $916 million tax loss. Trump’s grandest failure was just six days later with the Billy Bush tapes. Like this past week’s Clinton revelations, the daggers were secured by clandestine means. In this brave new world of ours, it seems few things of import remain permanently hidden even for the shadiest of operators.

After an avalanche of her own negative headlines, Hillary Clinton suddenly faces the real prospect of losing to Mr Donald Trump thanks to the FBI bombshell. Indeed, Anthony Weiner just screwed Hillary Clinton.

It’s my belief that a President Trump would be so shocked by the extent of American meddling and use of the military. He would naturally seek a fresh perspective or perhaps a pause. Le Grand Orange has made allusions to reviewing global troop commitments and to co-existing with Russia rather than adding them to the growing list of direct and indirect enemies of the United States. Hey, at least it’s possible. With Hillary, it’s certain death.

The current road the US has been on is one of lawless drone strikes, espionage, wars by proxy, hospital bombings, drone killings of 150+ “terrorists” in Somalia…seriously. And that’s just 2016. The road to all this trouble was paved in President Obama’s first term under his Secretary of State’s direction. So we have a 100% chance of continuation of these problems under a Clinton administration supported by the ‘Vast Neocon Conspiracy,’ be it ‘Right Wing’ or otherwise. She has the chance to manipulate with glee the Frankenstein she helped to build.

That 1992 Presidential Campaign was won by a Clinton over a Bush. It also yielded the most successful third party run in American Presidential history. A man named Ross Perot garnered almost 19% of the popular vote, partly relying upon his anti-“outsourcing ” stance, as well as the imminent NAFTA deal. “Perot got some mileage from the bit about “that giant sucking sound” in reference to the future outsourcing of jobs. I’m grateful neither Clinton nor Trump used that phrase. He was a billionaire businessman and caught the attention of a significant chunk of the electorate. I am sure that 1992 campaign caught the attention of businessman Trump. But it is Perot’s Navy man, his out-of-his-element VP candidate, that gives us today’s thought. “Who am I? Why am I here?”

Author: Chris Vila

Decades migrating from NYC to CHI to LA, I only want to be free as a bird. And that's my hope for you, before we have to head to the gulch for our freedom. Reach for the stars, and be grateful for the orbit you achieve. This modest grad from the school of hard knocks, & U of Illinois. Spent many a month in the Chicago financial sector. Twitter vlah@vilachumley