Obama Drones On About Using US Military Power in Libya

With France and England approving the use of attack helicopters, President Barack Obama rejected the idea but continued his commitment of using Predator Drone unmanned aircraft against forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi. Obama continues to cite his decision to use US military power against Gadhafi as a turning point in his Presidency.

Previously the President had backed down on his claims to close Guantanamo, repeal the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy, and overhaul the US immigration laws, but with the 2012 elections approaching, Obama is sticking to his guns. At the start of the conflict, Obama vowed to not go to Congress for approval of his plans to attack Gadhafi’s ground forces and now is following through.

In addition to the unmanned strikes, the United States has sent $25 million in aid to the Libyan rebels. With the line between al-Qaeda and the rebels remaining murky, weaponry will not be sent to the rebels, but they will receive a non-lethal combat kit including: a pair of boots, a radio, 3 VHS tapes of vintage pornography, an official NASCAR bumper sticker, body armor against light weaponry, a lock of Michelle Obama’s hair, and a cassette tape of a generic band performing the electric slide.

Additionally the CIA will be sent to train certain rebel leaders how to Dougie. The President hopes that a combination of unauthorized military action and sub-par aid will let the conflict draw out for long enough that Gadhafi will die of old age.


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