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When it comes to online gaming, so namely casino bonuses are those temptations that keep players interested and bring them back to their favorite site again and again. So where you can find these exclusive casino bonus offers? How much you can receive as a new player and as an existing player? So where is it possible to find an online casino bonus? If players are interested in visiting online betting sites, they are sure to find several tempting bonus offers. Betting sites ensure that when you arrive at their site you will be interested in the bonuses they offer and interest rates.

It’s no secret that everyone wants to get something with minimum expenditures, in other words something for nothing! However, despite the easy gaming sites offer special bonuses there could be also some wagering requirements the players must meet before getting their bonuses. In most cases, there is a minimum amount of deposit and wager limits and guidelines for players to receive bonus offered. For more details about the bonus regulations you should visit a particular casino website. Here no deposit casinos are real money online casinos that are free to play. It might sound like a joke but it is absolutely possible to play online without making one single deposit.

Casino bonus is really popular phenomenon for the Scandinavian countries and if you are from Sweden or Denmark you can easily find a number of casino sites with license offering bonuses. Do not hesitate to search for them now at the best casino guides.

There are myriads of casino bonuses available to players of all types and we are going to  cover the most popular of them. It is important to remember about terms and conditions of each respective casino regarding bonuses.

Sign-Up or No Deposit Casino Bonus

The first bonus in our list is No Deposit Bonus, you can get for free without payment requirements at the registration of your casino account. We consider this bonus to be the most attractive and the most eye-catching for the players. This is called the Sign-Up or Free No Deposit Casino Bonus. Nevertheless, most online casinos offer new registered players a bonus for depositing funds at their casino. The amount of the deposits varies at different casinos, but the main principle is the same. Casinos want you to stay! Anyway, if a player registers and deposits the amount according to the deposit requirements of the casino, online casinos usually will deposit the same amount to the player’s account, matching and doubling the total sum.

Customer Loyalty Casino Bonus

Another bonus offered by online casinos is Customer Loyalty Bonus. Customer loyalty bonus comes in the form of cash. Players receive this bonus after making a deposit into their account. The bonus allocation is often a percentage of the amount of the initial deposit. This bonus form is designed for existing players, which show their loyalty to the casino by their staying and playing at the casino for a certain period.

High Roller Bonus

Bonuses are the building blocks for a good gamer. The high rollers or big stake players spend much time and money for playing at the casino. So the Player spending large funds is called a High Roller or a VIP player.

Casinos create special offers and programmes for high rollers. This bonus is designed for the players willing to deposit large funds. This bonus will vary at different casino websites. This type of the bonus is usually a percentage based on the amount of the deposit. Bonus range is often around 40-50% of large deposits made by the high roller players. For that reason only few online gaming sites are willing to match the high roller deposits.

Friends Referral Bonus Casino

In many different industries customer retention, interaction, and the network has become the normal phenomenon for the business model. For that reason, it should not be surprising that the online gaming industry uses the same model as well.. All businesses want to show that they are open for the customers.

In addition, when the voice of the company is not high, the company wants their loyal customers to tell their stories. This is where the Friend Referral bonus arises. The more players visiting an online casino is better, and that’s why online casinos have instituted a referral program. Casino customers can share their online gaming experience with a friend and get a bonus for that, if the friend registers an account at the casino. It is simple, players tell friends, friends join the site, and the player who referred his/her friend receives a bonus.

Matching Casino Bonus

The Matching Bonus is a favorite. This bonus attracts many players. It is important to know, that according to the rules of casino sites it is usually prohibited to withdraw these bonuses, so in such a way the casino keeps gamers playing further.

There are several matching bonuses to choose from, they include a 50 % match bonus, 100% bonus and 200% matching bonus.

Thus, for every next deposit players receive 50% of their deposits to play with, or an additional 100%, or 200% or in other words double of their deposit.

Keep in mind, that the player must make sure to read the betting limitations and requirements at each particular casino site. Players should always check the content in the paragraph “Conditions and Terms” and be careful if bonus seems too good to be true. Some restrictions require playing for a while through the amount they deposit and incentive bonuses, and sometimes it also requires repeating the process before getting winnings paid out. Players must remember that the bonus doesn’t spread on all games.

Once-a-Week Bonus / once-a-month

The regular players enjoy also once-a-Week or Once-a-month bonus. It functions the same way as a match bonus, it is in fact a percentage based on weekly or monthly deposits of the player. Once again, we remind the players that there are requirements and certain limits that apply to all kinds of bonuses.



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