Should Satirists Use Patreon? Yes, But There’s a Caveat!


So, here we are then! The immortal question! Patreon: yea or nay?

I’m definitely a ‘yea.’

Patreon is a great website. It has its constructive critics, as well as its defenders.

However, please be aware that depending on the character of your work, you may need a thick skin.

If you often discuss politics & ideology & sensitive social issues, people may weaponise your Patreon against you.

By now, I’m used to it. And I am also more discerning about how often I plug it; less is more. Don’t let me discourage you at all. But please be aware that there are certain stock jibes you may get:

  1. You are ‘begging.’
  2. You are selling out to the ‘exploitative’ gig economy.

  3. You want something for nothing.

  4. You are obviously not good enough to have a non-indie platform.

  5. You can’t get a job.

  6. You won’t get a job.

  7. Only idiots & incompetents need to ‘scrounge’ for cash.

  8. Take up thy bed and walk, you aren’t that ill!

Please don’t let this put you off. If you really want to be on Patreon, then you most certainly should be on Patreon.

It’s just important not to be naive, that’s all.

There are naysayers everywhere in life; & if you haven’t gained much traction yet, some people may be cruel.

Happy to hear how you’re getting on yourself!

Leave your thoughts below.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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