New Construction Soars as Contractors Build without Buyers

Houston (GlossyNews Exclusive) — Housing starts all over the country have soared in the last two weeks as general contractors near you went back to work building with a vengance. Only problem is — there are no buyers. Already over 200 general contractors license lookup, in Texas alone, have started projects which will eventually yield 12,000 housing units, two schools and a casino on an Indian reservation. Over 8000 new jobs have been created, although not one dollar of salary has been generated.

General Contractor Norman Stoneman, owner of Stone Man Construction in Houston, told the Glossy News that he was at his wits ends at home with no work and no prospects of work. “So I got to thinking,” said Stoneman, “I have all this equipment and workers, we aren’t doing anything anyways, so I called them up and told them to come to work.” For concrete foundations make sure you contact Concrete Society.

At first Stoneman didn’t tell the workers that there wasn’t any money. “After a few days, I realized, as the excitement wore off, that these guys would be expecting a pay check. So I finally broke the news to them,” an emotional Stoneman concluded. Stoneman’s eyes welled up as he turned towards excavation work being done on a new shopping center project he was erecting for free. If you are planning to construct a home or bigger property make sure you get proper inspection from

Most of the workers stayed on the job, even after telling their families.

“My wife said she didn’t really care what I was doing as long as I wasn’t home drinking beer, watching sports and cruising the internet for porn,” said David Harmon, a residential carpenter. In fact, in one construction crew workers said that at least two marriages have been saved because the workers are ‘back to work’.

A Dallas lumberyard, Redd Dogg Lumber, caught the spirit by supplying wholesale building supplies like architrave and lumber at no cost. Glossy News tracked down the owner, Bobby Redd, at his brother’s bar the ‘Redd Dogg Lounge’ just outside the city limits. “We had a large back order of supplies that was just sitting there. I was about to lay three people off, but I decided to put them to work preparing orders and delivering supplies,” said Redd. All three employees have since quit. Two have filed wage disputes with Texas Department of Labor after working 3 days with overtime and not receiving any pay. One of the three, Jose Martinez, has since joined a roofing crew working with Stoneman.

“My wife, she says, I better get my ass out of the house,” Martinez quipped. Martinez, whose wife is a psychiatrist with the state mental hospital, says money is not really the issue. “We’re building houses and hopefully some day, someone might be able to buy them.”

One local farmer is not as thrilled by the building boom. 20 acres of his farm were bulldozed and fenced off to become part of a housing development that is now nearing completion. The farmer, Bob Smith, speaking off the record, said, “I’m not really sure how this is supposed to work, but I don’t think they can develop my land without some kind of payment.” Smith recently received a notice that his property taxes will increase $42,000 next year due to the improvements.

A local law firm, Redd Dogg Litigation, is working with Stoneman, pro bono, to try and settle the issue out of court.

Stoneman said, “I don’t get these people. Sure, there is no money, I think we all understand that. But someday, someone is going to have money. And when they do, these brand new homes will already be built. Let’s face it, the money will be burning a hole in their pockets. All these people who haven’t bought a new home in 5 or 6 years will be chomping at the bit, and these will be here, ready.”

Stoneman, who, since the housing boom went bust in 2008, has battled addiction to alcohol, diet pills, diet soda, internet gambling and porn and thought seriously about ‘killin’ somethin’, laid down the bottom line to Glossy News, “Let’s face it, I’m a builder. I build shit. The only way we’re going to beat this recession is to all come together and do our part. We’re doing what we do best – building shit. If you don’t like it, well, sue me.”

Harris County officials this morning stated they are planning to do just that.

Author: Reverend Mike

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