Do we really know what happened at the battle of The Greasy Grass.

Known as, Custer’s Last Stand. Here is the truth behind the myth.

General Custer learned to dance,

but it did no help his troops to advance.

To defeat the Indians many had tried,

until Custer went in for Genocide.

For wordly acclaim he was in a hurry,

so he took his lessons from Arthur Murray.

His troops were tired they needed a lift,

a new dance he knew, would halt any drift.

So, the Genocide Rock, became the dance that was new,

which he would use to wipe out the Sioux.

Thus it was on a warm June morn’,

He met his foe at the Little Big Horn.

The sound of bugle and sabre rattle,

signaled the start of the 7th’s last battle.

“Now men as I give the sound to advance,

all hold hands and go into your dance”.

But the troops, they all had their hands full,

dealing with the tribe of Sitting Bull.

The Indian hordes were a thousand in number,

 then lonely Custer advanced doing the rhumba.

As his troops tried to resist,

Custer went into the Cavalry Twist.

“Now I’ll go into my Genocide”

and these were the last words Custer cried.

A boogie-woogie arrow caused him to die,

as the 7th Cavalry went into the sky.

It was then a dying Custer stated,

“I’m going to be reincarnated,

so, all of you remember down there,

I’m coming back as…….Fred Astaire

Now you know why, when the legend becomes fact,

we print the legend.

Author: Anthony Irving

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