Are Moral Relativists More Humble than Everyone Else?

Moral relativism is not humility, but arrogance.
Have you noticed that moral relativists themselves have their own unforgivable sins, unspeakable crimes and inviolable taboos?


It’s a way of saying you are more woke than the ‘backward, ignorant plebs.’ They are a Gnostic elite of Know-Nothings.
A school of omniscients, who think there is nothing left to know. Everything is equally true, so everything is equally false & vacuous.
This foolish worldview of theirs certainly places moral relativists on a ‘higher moral footing’ than everyone else.
Moral relativism says there is no objective right and wrong. But what are the unforgivable sins relativists condemn?
Please stay UNWOKE in future, folks!

Are Moral Relativists More Humble than Everyone Else?

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