Horrendous Trump 9/11 Gaffe: “If the World Trade Center Were Trump Tower, It Would’ve Been Fine!”

President Trump has recently made an uncharacteristic gaffe about the 9/11 terrorist atrocities.

Addressing a baying mob in Winconsin, the Donald got a little carried away and ranted:

You know, there are a lot of people in this country, and they aren’t giving their best.

Our infrastructure… has lain neglected… and abandoned… for millions of years already.

Millions! You can trust me on that one. I guarantee it.

As the crowd reached the dizzy heights of deranged Messianic ecstacy, the Donald continued:

The World Trade Center.

Who built it?


People don’t know how to build for the American people.

We’ve got all kinds of…

You know, we’ve got all foreign businesses coming all over the world, coming to our country, making these foreign buildings for our brightest and our best to live in.


Will we tolerate it, ladies and gentleman? Will we tolerate it?


How dare they, ladies and gentlemen? How dare they.

Pausing, smirking, and occasionally tapping his feet, Trump let the oceans roar.

He finally finished off by bellowing:

I can guarantee, that if Donald J. Trump had built the World Trade Center, not even a nuclear bomb could have detonated it!

Haaaaave you seeeeeen Trump Tower?

My tower is tremendous.

My towers are indestructible

You ain’t nothing seen like it.


Kim Jong Un is said to be studying this speech carefully. Our confidential anonymous source from the intelligent community tells us Kim is privately expressing skepticism about one or two specific elements in this speech.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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