Selective Moral Absolutism is Always OK… Or is it? (Meme)

“Selective absolutism” is a great term. I must use it more!
Intolerance is always wrong. Zero exceptions!
(Except when I say so).

Moral universalism is always wrong. Zero exceptions!
(Except for, y’know, whenever it’s not expedient to not have any unquestionable moral absolutes.
Intellectual diversity is always good. Zero exceptions!
(Except for Austrian economists and social conservatives).
I will just add here that I have strong disagreements with Austrian economists and social conservatives; but there shouldn’t be any reason why they can’t teach or do research.
What the hell are fauxlibs actually afraid of?
Having people on university who oppose gay marriage or welfare is an opportunity for firming up one’s convictions, not an act of ‘literal violence!’
Grow up kiddiewinkles!

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