Refuting the ‘Empathy Libel’ of Autism: Too Little, Too Late?

Just look at this recent quote on autism:

Our work is showing that in Asperger Syndrome it is primarily cognitive empathy that is impaired, whilst affective empathy is intact.


Mildly encouraging, although no doubt too little, too late for those who were liquidated like rats in Auschwitz and Treblinka.

It does seem that more and more chips are being made in the edifice of the empathy libel, regarding autism.

Interestingly that who who perpetuate the empathy libel are themselves the ones who cannot enter the mind of another, and understand, and identify.

People who perpetrate the empathy libel are stubbornly set on dwelling on the superficial external surfaces of things, rather than truly identifying with and having a true encounter of others.

They see “The Dysgenic” as an object of intellectual ratiocionation.

Nothing more.

They have not looked at the reams of poems, spoken and unspoken.

The symphonies written, raised, conducted, dropped, freely oscillated and wavered, gusted.

The sculptures of matter and of spirit, the paintings of body and soul alike.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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