Dynasty’s End? The ‘Annus Horribilis’ of Hill & Bill Clinton

One of the many unfortunate outcomes of 2016 is the denial of influence rendered to one Bill Clinton.

Riding #IMWITHHER were many odd bedfellows.

The Clinton Foundation, and her sister Clinton Global Initiative, had raised untold millions, right up until Election Day, from the Gulf States and military contractors like Lockheed Martin Marrieta.

With the election upset, lawsuits are coming from some strange places.

While Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation took between $10-25 million from Saudi Arabia.

Now Saudi Arabia is suing the Clinton Foundation for their money back, without interest of course.

Bill Clinton wagged his bony erection of a finger towards all the condoms and vaccines the foundation would be providing Third World nations. The Saudis consider both examples of Western perversions.

The sound defeat of Democrats insures a loss of influence, something implied years earlier.

Word is the Saudis would settle for $786,000, a new Saudi-built mosque in Chappaqua, and a promise to wear a purple hijab in public to advance the cause of tolerance in the Era of Trump.


Chris Vila


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Author: Chris Vila

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