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4K Glossy News Podcast 065 (10-17-16)

The 4K/UHD podcast is back again with a whole podcast dedicated just to Remlinger Farms. They’re not our sponsors, much as that would be awesome, but we just really like what they do.

Here are just some of the topics covered in the the October 17th, 2016 edition.

* New features around the park. Read the full story


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Plantation History is Black & White (comic)

I took a plantation tour, and my co-worker gave me hell about it. Never mind that it was a plantation owned by a free man of color, that it was hundreds of years ago, and that my white ancestors weren’t even in the country at the time… still history, honey.

So if you get a chance, take a plantation tour. It doesn’t matter if it was owned by a white man or a free man of color, it’s still an important part of our history, and knowing it is the key to not repeating it. Read the full story


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State Mottos Change in Several States This Year to Attract Tourism

States are constantly re-inventing themselves this time of year, vying for tourist dollars. The better the state motto on license plates and brochures, the more interest they can garner, which translates into more visitors come spring and summer.

Still, some states never get it. Try as they might, their states just aren’t so great, and they ultimately end up with mediocre mottos. Here are some of our favorites of the new batch. Read the full story


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Narco-Terrorism Tour for Fearless Gringos Announced

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico – GlossyNews.com – The Nuevo Laredo Tourist Department (NLTD) has announced its newest tourist attraction, the Narco-Terrorism Tour for Gringos, which is to be launched August 10 from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

“This exciting adventure will appeal to many rich gringos, we think,” enthuses Alberto X. Rodriguez, deputy chief of the NLTD. “For just ten thousand American dollars you can visit Mexico’s border regions and towns where even la policia won’t go. And we’re sure Americans will be safe the whole time and not be shot or kidnapped.” Read the full story


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In True American Form, Hawaii Renamed “Bob Islands”

In a tradition that dates back to the time of the first white European navigators, the federal government, composed mostly of old white men, will change the name of the Hawaiian islands to something more Aryan- they will be renamed the ‘Bob Islands’.

With the dumbing down of Americans in the latest generations (think George Bush) educators are finding that students have trouble pronouncing and spelling even such common, but foreign names as Hawaii, Honolulu, Waikiki and karaoke. Read the full story


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