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Sarah Palin’s Heritage Linked Back to Salem Witch Trial Era

A reading of parts of a manuscript dated to 1692, has been found to contain the surname Ward. This name, when researched, may suggest that Henrietta McAutrey, nee Ward, is a thrice-removed cousin of our own Sarah Palin.

You may think that Henrietta Ward was one of the accused witches prosecuted during the Salem Witch Trials, given who she may be related to. However, Ms. Ward was actually a cousin herself of Cotton Mather, one of the foremost proponents of evil spirits Read the full story


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Christian Group to Boycott Deviled Eggs

Sao Paulo, Brasil (GlossyNewsSA)

Posted by your South America correspondents, Maria and Consuela Lopez.

Patrons at “Betty’s Eat-n-Greet” in Bon Temps, Louisiana voiced mixed reactions today on learning controversial religious leader Fred Phelps is at it again in their neighborhood.

Said shrimp fisherman and free lance alligator poacher John Rambo, “It’s a free country or it used to be. If they don’t like deviled eggs, don’t eat ‘em. I came back from Nam, people spit on me, called me baby killer.”

At least that’s what it sounded like the Medal of Honor winner was saying; he mumbles a lot. Local barmaid Sookie Stackhouse was more articulate when she said, “Phelps? I bet that guy’s banged too many relatives to list. It’s good he’s going after deviled eggs now. Read the full story


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