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HIV Cured in Monkeys, People Who Have Sex Exclusively With Monkeys

PORTLAND, Ore. — Researchers at Oregon Health and Science University have developed a vaccine capable of clearing an HIV-like virus from primate test subjects and which is being hailed as a breakthrough discovery for people who have sex exclusively with monkeys. Read the full story


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NRA Slams Birth Control: “We Must Fight Semen With Semen”

WASHINGTON — In a prepared statement, the Neonatal Responsibility Association (NRA) announced their official stance on the highly contested birth control debate.

According to the statement, the NRA argues that “any attempt to infringe on a woman’s right to bear arms – or legs or little teeny tiny torsos or any other fetal parts – in her womb is unconstitutional. Whether it’s the government, the woman’s partner or the woman herself, birth control is just not the American way.” Read the full story


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Health Alert: Defective, Dangerous, “Suspiciously Snug” Chinese Condoms Recalled

After reading this story, there will be true dilemmas playing out all over America–in bedrooms, on living room couches, in the back seat of daddy’s sedan or Tiger Woods’ Escalade—do I or don’t I take a chance with that pack of rubbers I just bought in bulk at Sam’s Club and the Dollar Store?

That’s right, yet another “Made in China” product has copulators all over America scrambling to their nearest Rx Center for more expensive Read the full story


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Embrace it and Celebrate it: AIDS in Shelby County TN

In the city of Memphis, it is not a rare thing to walk through the streets and be completely blown away at the filth found lurking around every grotesque corner.  Men, women, and teenagers alike are using their bodies as a breeding ground for a devastating disease known as HIV/AIDS.  Sexual encounters are being witnessed between two women, two men, and men and women.  Young adults and older adults alike roll up their sleeves, tie a piece of cloth as a tourniquet above their elbow, and grit their teeth as they shoot up their drug of choice. Read the full story


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