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4K Glossy News Podcast 063 (10-3-16)

The 4K/UHD podcast is back again with special guest Ty Anderson, AKA Ty The Voice guy . All of this is available in UHD on YouTube by searching “Glossy Podcast” or as an MP3 on iTunes by searching “Glossy News”.

Here are just some of the topics covered in the the October 3rd, 2016 edition.

* REACT video to Post Modern Jukebox performing “Dream On”.

* Exclusive, never-before-seen interview with Alan Rickman from before his passing, back when I wore the same shirt I do now, but when my face was still distorted.

* Posted this story to Reddit a while back and it blew up, so by popular request, my story of how I ALMOST got ripped off by a known-scammer apartment complex… but how I got back at them.

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Twitter – @4KPodcast

Check out Ty “The Voice Guy” Anderson at www.tythevoiceguy.webs.com or his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAD-bZYukrAef732gxP84NA

Segment bumpers and background music by Greg the Hero Facebook.com/gregtheheromusic. Royalty Free Music “Your Call” and “Funkorama” by Kevin MacLeod — Incompetech.com.

Listen to it

Or you can download it by right-clicking and selecting “save as” right here. It’s also available on iTunes.

Watch it on YouTube


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Established, High-Karma Reddit Accounts Being Sold

Apparently your karma is worth more than you know. All those years of clicking and commenting on stories, maybe they’re actually worth something. One site has Reddit accounts for sale, and they’re not shy about it.

ThePublicityFirm.com says “We have a few Reddit accounts for sale. Yes, you can buy an existing Reddit account from us. They range in age from 1-4 years with total karma between 15,000 and 40,000.” Read the full story


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I Met a Hotty on Reddit (comic)

Oh man, this “girl” I met is just so awesome. We have the same interests and everything. I tell her what I like, then about 5-hours later she writes back with remarkably specific things about my interest. Like as if she’d just Googled it and fed me back a bunch of random lines.

But this is Reddit, and liars are simply not permitted. I can’t say definitively that we’re going to be together forever, but I have a pretty strong suspicion. Read the full story


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Easy-Breezy Key to Instant Reddit Karma (comic)

It’s easy to get karma on Reddit. First thing you have to do is be a Redditor, second thing is that you have to submit some interesting content, and the third thing you have to do is face months and months of downvote wrath from your fellow Redditors.

Perhaps I make it sound bad. It isn’t. You just need to submit things that are interesting, relevant, time-sensitive, aaaaand now you’re an idiot for “how dare you!” within milliseconds of submitting.

Click on the image to see it full-size or scroll down.

No, it’s not honestly so hard, you just find things that are interesting to you, submit them to the relevant sub-reddits, and now you are a fool, how dare you even think to submit to Reddit!

Hope this helps.


To see all of my comics, including the many that have yet to be published, go to GlossyNews.com/c. It also includes details and commentary you won’t find anywhere else.


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Reddit to Open Real World Chat-Houses (x-post from reality)

Infamous web community Reddit is taking a big step. They’re going “meat space” and opening of real world “chat houses” in the US this fall, and they’re hoping it will bring all the same successes.

Jaskon Rosrath, the new VP of Ground Development, explained, “Reddit is great because it takes over your life life a wicked smack addiction, but it’s it’s not all good… We’re trying to bring the humanity back to it, cats and all.” Read the full story


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Apple/Reddit Lawsuit: Biden Too Good for Kitty PrAwN$?

Apple today filed suit against the popular user community site Reddit over the use of a picture of Joe Biden during the vice-presidential debate.

Apple believes that they were first to claim use of the image as the logo for their Facetime application.

Reddit on the other hand, believes they were first to claim it for use as the avatar for their thread of, how shall we put this delicately, “pictures of teenage girls”. Read the full story


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