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Fox News Forge Anti-Labour Party Screed (1/2)

Fox News has recently directed an audacious and highly compassionate act of humanitarian interventionism towards the UK.

Yes; they have tried to (further?) discredit the Labour Party by concocting a document by Harold Wilson that appears to demonize his own party.

At first I thought they were attempting to deal the final coup-de-grace to an ailing social-democratic party that was not sufficiently politically correct for the Fox party line.

But then I realise that I had merely ended inadvertently concocting yet another far-left liberal media conspiracy theory. Actually, they were just being “fair and balanced.” Read the full story


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London Riots: Who are the Real Orwellians?

I offer my solidarity, support and comradeship to everyone who, like me, is pissed off at the Orwellian banner-waving moral crusaders who want to overturn a democratic vote.

(Disclaimer: I voted for the TUSC, so I hope a hundred and 68 radical trolls I’ve never had the good fortune of meeting don’t all pile on me at once).

To speak soberly (and with all due contempt for the Equivalence Police), looking at the public FB feed, some of it is like early 20th Century Russia or the Nuremberg rallies. Read the full story


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Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Protest Itself

Westboro Baptist Church members will be staying in Topeka, Kansas this Sunday to stage what they are calling their most important protest to date. They are going to be protesting themselves.

A statement issued by Westboro leader, Fred Phelps claims that the congregation is running out of funds to protest funerals across America, and the church is therefore re-thinking their strategy. In addition, he claims they came to the conclusion that “the gay thing” might be hitting a little too close to home, but would not elaborate. Read the full story


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Protesting Pakistani Street Mob ‘Pranked’ by CIA Trick

Islamisbad, Pakistan – (SatireWorld.com)

Sometimes the CIA wins and it’s usually done by a smooth trick played upon our adversaries without them knowing.

In Islamisbad, Pakistan, hundreds of protestors are feeling really stupid after a CIA infiltrator set them up in front of the world’s cameras.

PHOTO INSERT: Holding signs and banners supplied by the CIA, thousands of protestors showed their message to the international audience. Later after arriving home many protestors had a palms-to-forehead when their English speaking children told them what the printed signs really meant. Read the full story


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Republicans Vote to Repeal Libya

Washington D.C. – Republican lawmakers today voted to repeal the country of Libya from the world for “causing too much trouble.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor held up a map, pointed to what he thought was Libya and proposed legislation to repeal the nation.

Democratic members of the House quickly explained to Cantor that he was actually pointing to the North Pole and that the map was actually a Macy’s Christmas catalog from 1998. Read the full story


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Governor Scott Walker Declares State-Wide Burn Ban Leading Up to Recall Election

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has officially declared a state-wide emergency burn ban in response to reports that dozens of campaign signs on behalf of the embattled governor are going up in flames.

The move, while politically necessary according to sources close to Walker, may totally backfire as more and more Cheeseheads realize their backyard bratwurst grilling will be severely curtailed.

“I have the entire clan coming for Memorial Day,” said Lester “Les” Wlkjkewsowski, a life-long resident of Fox Point, Wisconsin. “We were planning our annual three-day wurst fest when news of the burn ban hit.” Read the full story


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Local Man Finally Figures Out Where Libya Is

De Moines, IA – GlossyNews.com – Charles Pulowski was finally able to join co-workers in conversations about the political unrest in the middle east after examining a toy globe, belonging to his son, that was located in his living room earlier this week. Read the full story


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Cairo Chaos Bad for Business

Egypt has long been considered the least interesting of Middle East nations. Although respected as the originator of massively silly public works projects, its modern political system has been as constant as the Sphinx. All that changed this week as thousands took to the streets in a defiant bid for something more relevant than ‘everybody gets to vote but not everybody gets to run for office.’ Read the full story


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Kim Jong Il Punishes North Koreans with Live Broadcast of World Cup Match with Portugal

Pyongyang, North Korea (GlossyNews) -– The North Korean government struck an agreement with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union to beam a live broadcast of the soccer game on Monday of the match between North Korea and Portugal. But instead of this being a time to rejoice that North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong Il is finally doing something to counteract the many human rights he has leveled against his people, the North Koreans believe he just did it to make their lives more miserable. Read the full story


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Feds Arrest Christian Horse Militia for July 4th Plans

Abercrombie, MI (GlossyNews) — Breaking News: A Christian militia, made up entirely of horses, was arrested today for planning a stampede through the middle of Main Street, USA on July 4th.

The leader of the herd, known only as Star, a wild Mustang from Utah, has confessed his organization was intent on creating anarchy Read the full story


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