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How Sausages are Really Made: Shocking

Brian K. White, this poor lil city-dwellin’ Seattle Washing ‘un type, has been sayin’ on the Youtube:

Everyone loves sausage, but few of us know how it’s REALLY made.
The answer is not merely shocking, but equal parts disgusting and delicious.

Sausages, now them yokes all git gonna be newwwwwtricious and auspicious!
Before, Bobby Joe done git y’all these there purty lil videos on…
The Youtube!
Videos are them things what makes the entersplainment real funny, and a damn good thing to us all we be doin’ with!
When y’all sittin’ in the shack on your one-man lonesome, ain’t nuffing better than a good wholesome, heartsome, MOCK-YOU-MEANT-AREE to chase away the cobwebs, and make your heart sing up and float to skies like a goddarn goose-varmint. Read the full story


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Cheetos Deadly? Widow Suggests ‘Yes’

A post-mortem has revealed that 55-year-old banker, George Wellford, from New York choked to death on a Cheeto.

The results come after 3 days of debate as to whether it was in fact a Cheeto or, as his wife insisted, a piece of shell from a lobster.

Mrs. Wellford had announced immediately after his death that he had choked on a piece of lobster, which he had freshly cooked by their home chef, for lunch. Read the full story


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A Gastronomical Guide To Ghastly American Foods

There are many who come to our American shores think they are arriving at a Shangri-La where everyone dines off a silver spoon and delicious, filling, nutritious meals are only a refrigerator away from their satin bedecked table.

Many possessing these TV Land illusions come from places where food is still picked directly from trees or fields and are surprised to find that here it comes in colorful boxes or wrapped in plastic. Boy, are they in for a wake up call! Read the full story


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