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Even casual PayPal users vexed by PayPal’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad customer service

I’ve been a PayPal user for ages. If you mistake them for a bank, you do so at your peril, because they charge the highest fees, offer the lowest interest of all (zero, for the curious), and getting customer service is like trying to explain a card trick to Comcast over the phone.

Did I mention they are awful? Well, they are, and I’ll tell you why: Read the full story


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4K Glossy News Podcast 047 (6-13-16)

The 4K/UHD podcast is back again this week with more great joking around and fun stuff.

All of this is available in UHD on YouTube by searching “Glossy Podcast” or as an MP3 on iTunes by searching “Glossy News”.

Here are the topics covered in the the June 13th, 2016 edition.

* CD & Game store clerked asked “Can I help you find something?” And the answer was clearly no because the question was impossible… but he still somehow knew the answer. Amazing how good customer service can be. Read the full story


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Business Lesson #83: What to do when your customers complain

Corporations do a lot of things well, but one thing that some of them could use a little help with is how to say I’m sorry when they screw up. Historically, like George Bush, most companies are not very good at saying “I’m sorry. I screwed up.”

Recently some very familiar names have been getting a lot of practice in the fine art of the apology: Toyota, BP, Goldman Sachs, Apple Computers, anyone who has ever held public office in the state of Louisiana, and for anyone in Seattle who follows baseball, the 2013 Seattle Mariners. You see, corporations aren’t perfect. They’re human, just like you and me (at least according to the U.S. Supreme Court). Read the full story


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In Strange Way, Man Sort of Going to Miss Call Center Environment

INDIANAPOLIS – Starting his new job at Herzler-Bryant Accounting Firm this past Monday, Indianapolis man Bret Carbone insists that, in an odd sort of way, he is actually kind of going to miss the whole call center environment.

Though he leaves behind an 8-hour job in which his sole responsibility was to accept and log calls from upward of 60 irate callers a day, the 34-year-old insists that some aspects of the job were “not all that bad.” Read the full story


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Most of Local Man’s Afternoon Spent Pressing 9 for More Options

INDIANAPOLIS – Attempting to pay a past due balance on his cell phone bill Monday, Indianapolis resident Patrick Overton spent the better part of this afternoon, which could otherwise have been devoted to finally getting around to fixing that shed door or chilling with his best friend Michael, pressing 9 for more options.

In what he imagined would be nothing more than a two-minute phone conversation, the 36-year-old, who ordinarily makes his payments online, found himself making multiple calls to his phone provider WirelessPlus before he even advanced to the secondary menu options. Read the full story


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American Airlines + US Airways = Oh Crap

A merger was announced this morning between American Airlines and US Airways. This has been a long expected outcome for both corporations. Many are surprised that the merger has taken so long, but then again, delays in the airline industry are more than common place.

Analyst have had mixed reaction to the final announcement of the deal. Some are speculating that taking one airline that has deep financial troubles and merging it with one with that has a history of poor customer service will only result in a non-profitable airline that nobody wants to fly.

More information is expected shortly from both companies as the lunacy of what they have accomplished sets in.


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Study Finds Courier Pigeon Out-Performs BT Broadband

BT’s wholly exaggerated 8 Mb/s broadband service promised to unite the world with super-fast data delivery – but across Britain it seems their web connection speed is markedly slower than a humble carrier pigeon. Read the full story


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NHS E-Mail Reply Three Years Late

The National Health Service has apologised after writing to a man to address various concerns over his hospital medical treatment – three-and-half years after he kicked the bucket and went aloft to join the Choir Invisible. Read the full story


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