NBA Hard Pressed To Find Player To Hawk New Condom Line

The National Basketball Association has just introduced its latest merchandising scam, …er…, product line – assorted condoms denoting all the professional American basketball teams. Each condom is colored with a team logo.

“With these babies you can really tell if the wearer has team spirit or not!” states NBA Merchandising Agent Hard Forsports. “There’s no mistaking your loyalties here!”

Product Developer Puling Oneover commented to the press, “We thought that in using this product, if the person you are sharing it with is not that exciting, then just thinking about your favorite team will produce the needed results in most men.”

“Now if you say a team is getting screwed this year it can be in more ways than one!” said a disgusting person standing in front of the stadium who we interviewed because it was late and we couldn’t find anyone else and the wife was already calling up fuming about me being out chasing tail when I wasn’t. At least not this time.

An unfortunate development for the project is that they can’t find an NBA player who uses condoms and therefore have no one they can hire for endorsing the product. Their only hope is that one day one of the illegitimate children from them can fill in the role.

Author: rfreed

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