Donald Sterling Banned For Life From Every Organization With Initials

Chicago – Not only has embattled owner of the LA Clippers basketball team, Donald Sterling, been banned for life from the NBA for his racist remarks, but virtually every other organization in America that is widely known by their initials have banned him as well.

The NFL, MLB, UPS, IBM, NHL, all four of the main television networks, KFC, TCBY, the BBC, ESPN, HBO, BMW, JVC, RCA, QVC, WWE and many others have vowed to never do business with the billionaire asshole ever again.

H&R Block released a statement saying they were ‘close enough’ with initials in part of their name and would never do the dumbasses taxes ever again.

USPS said they would probably still have to deliver mail to the bastard but they didn’t have to like it. Postal employee Newman, from Seinfeld, said he would only deliver Pottery Barn catalogs to Sterling’s house if it was on his route. “I would only deliver crap nobody needs to the old coot!” he said.

AT&T sounded determined to drop any phone calls Sterling tried to make on their cellular network – like they already do for the majority of their customers. So it’s basically business as usual for them.

The only company with initials who was already boycotting Sterling following his comments was CNN. Since they have found no link between his racist remarks and the missing Malaysian airplane, the network is prohibited from talking about the bigot on the air.


10 comments on “Donald Sterling Banned For Life From Every Organization With Initials

  1. I hate when people do this. I am a Democrat but I have lots of Republican friends and they are every bit as offended by Sterling aI am. This is why they cannot get anything accomplished in Washington, The demonizing of opponents creates too strong an animus..

  2. Jay Asher, the reason nothing can be accomplished in Washington is GOP obstruction and NOTHING ELSE. No one is demonizing Republicans except Republican politicians and pundits. We merely report the truth about 95% of Republicans. The Republican Party should not be cut ANY slackover the 5% of them who are good, and the good should have left the Party a very long time ago.

  3. Jay Asher On the contrary, I and all Americans who are raising money, campaigning, and voting every last Republican out of Congress and local office right down to school boards and insuring there will never again be another Republican President, ARE THE solution. Amerifascism will never again rise its head.

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