Nations Husbands “Only Watch Women’s Sports for Skimpy Outfits”

In a stunning turn around, a spokesman finally admitted that the nation’s husbands watch women’s sports “only for the skimpy outfits.”

The statement comes as a shock from the group who has maintained a hardline “for the love of sport” stance for decades. The list of sports men watch only to ogle its participants included tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, and a surprising late addition, basketball.

“The only notable exception was collegiate softball, which husbands agreed, “is actually more entertaining than major league baseball.”

While the admission itself was unexpected, the nation’s wives found the content anything but shocking. “We knew it all along. They think they’re so smart but they’re not.”

Shortly after the announcement, the nation’s unmarried men released a statement distancing themselves from their embattled brothers. “We find the husband’s position entirely unacceptable and we pledge to continue to enjoy the solid fundamentals and competitive spirit of women’s athletics.”


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