Archbishop of Canterbury No-Platformed for ‘Nazi Speech’

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Canon Justin Welby, has been no-platformed by the National Union of Students for a ‘Nazi Speech’ said to be reminiscent of fascist rants from the official State Church in Hitler’s Germany.

Welby recently stated:

The Christian leaders appealing to a one-sided dictatorship of virtue are on the verge of apostasy.
Love and tolerance and inclusion and celebrating diversity didn’t work for Jews and trade unionists and gay folk in 1930s Germany, or the Yazidi brides of today.
Christianity is not a dictatorship, where one virtue reigns supreme over all. Christianity is not sentimentalism and humanitarianism.
Christianity is not a dictatorship of a single overweening virtue, but a constitutional republic of virtues. Checks & balances!
There. I said it..
Now let the 15 seconds of hate begin!

The inflammatory speech has not been well received.

Flamboyant continental postmodernist intellectual and Nu Islam Bro Tariq Ramadan notes:

Why does he talk about ISIS and the Nazis? Why doesn’t he talk about the persecution of Muslims by the pure evil Assad regime, the Bosnian Serbs, and the Chinese Communists?

Establishment media doorstops the BBC patronizingly note:

Now, you might think the job of an Archbishop of the Church of England is to talk about love.

But by advocating a case-by-case approach to differences, instead of embracing diversity and celebrating everything that makes us different, this Archbishop seems to be teaching a very different kind of Christianity than the one we all believe in.

After all, doesn’t the Bible say: “Just as I am, without one plea?”

The Islamic State are said to be delighted at the BBC’s statement of uncritical solidarity and support.




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