“Diversity” is as “Diversity” Does

Gotta love diversity!
You can be a hater in pretty much any way you want, and that’s OK, because ‘diversity’ is meritorious in itself.
If ‘diversity’ means cultural enrichment from Salafi Jihadists, Neo-Nazis, Alt-Right bigots, Holocaust deniers, Humanitarian Interventionists, Anti-Vaxxers, Anti-Semites, Muslimophobes, the anti-Islamophobia industry & regressive leftist community, Marxist hatemongers, Fascist fools, Kippers, Trots, Sparts, Christian Scientists, Scientologists, and God knows what else, then you might need to check your premises.
The notion of ‘celebrating diversity’ is really a rather peculiar one. The relative absence or presence of ‘difference’ is hardly meritorious or demeritorious in itself.
It all depends on the value and worth of the sogenannte ‘diversity’ in question.
Do rapists and pimps enhance our sexual diversity?
Do Scientologists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Aum Shinrikyo kooks enhance our religious diversity?
Should we have Salafi Pride marches, or Neo-Nazi Coming Out days?
Get a clue, would ya!


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