You Say ‘Fuck 2016,’ 2016 Says ‘Fuck The Haters’

Does anyone else think the whole ‘Fuck you, 2016?’ thing has a bit of a class bias?

I don’t think 2016 is objectively worse than other recent years.

In the past few years alone, our species has had to contend with natural disasters (a common feature of human history), the rise of ISIS, ongoing abuse and repression in authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, terrifying surveillance and torture in relatively free countries, censorious anti-speechers facing off against hatemongering rabble-rousers, Hamas terrorists and extreme Israeli nationalists, Putin’s homophobia and the moral relativism and nihilism of Social Justice Tumblr, neoconservative warmongers and anti-Muslim bigots, SWP rape scandals and fascist intimidation…

I could go on, but I won’t.

Could it be that there are more stereotypically ‘middle class’ oxes being gored this year?

Is that what makes 2016 worse?

Surely not!

Oh, and…

Obviously I don’t think being middle class is bad in itself, but I think you all know the ‘particular kind of middle class person’ I’m talking.

Militant anti-capitalist vegans who shop at Waitrose while moralising about pleb scum and bog trash with our turkey twizzlers…

If you’re going to say ‘Fuck You, 2016!’ you might want to get perspective and name a few other ones too.

Put your suggestions below!


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