State Mottos Change in Several States This Year to Attract Tourism

States are constantly re-inventing themselves this time of year, vying for tourist dollars. The better the state motto on license plates and brochures, the more interest they can garner, which translates into more visitors come spring and summer.

Still, some states never get it. Try as they might, their states just aren’t so great, and they ultimately end up with mediocre mottos. Here are some of our favorites of the new batch.

  1. Alaska – It may be cold, but it’s cold
  2. Iowa – We grow corn
  3. Alabama – We have beaches too, you know!
  4. Arkansas – Downwind from Missouri
  5. Kansas – Because God said so!
  6. New Jersey – Whatchu Lookin’ At?
  7. Wisconsin – Lactose Tolerant For the Most Part
  8. Mississippi – What do you mean slavery is illegal?
  9. Minnesota – Home of the Bundt Pan
  10. District of Columbia – No We CAN’T Get Along
  11. Florida – Spend endless hours in the everglades, our beaches, or voting lines
  12. Wyoming – Come see the world’s largest pile of Homeland Security money
  13. Ohio – Making the Most out of Three Syllables
  14. New York – Where the weak are killed and eaten (in new 15 oz. containers)
  15. New Hampshire – New York’s Other Long Island
  16. Colorado – Got Pot?
  17. Oregon – Got Pot!
  18. Arizona – Papers please! Just kidding, but seriously, papers please.
  19. Tennessee – The mockingbird is our state bird simply because we’re too immature to say titmouse without giggling.
  20. Pennsylvania – We’re a fracking mess.
  21. New (and Improved) Mexico
  22. Hawaii – Never mind, you can’t afford to come here anyways.

As a side note, Georgia was to have changed its motto to Redneck and proud of it, but come time for the vote, most of the legislators were out hunting.


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