How Games Can Improve Your Memory in College

Are you one of those people that just love playing games? Have you ever come across people who try to discourage you from playing? Most people think that playing games is not beneficial in any way. In fact, some of us, if not most, view it as a way to have fun and pass time. Other people discourage those who play games telling them it is a waste of time. However, this is not the case because of scientific research states otherwise. Take your time and read this article and see why playing games is important to your brain.

How to play games in college and get good marks

Research by Scientists from the University of California Irvine indicates that playing virtual 3D games is important for students. The games help to improve the hippocampus, which is the region of the brain that deals with complex learning and the formation of memories. Through the research, scientist proves that the memory of non-gamers who start playing 3D games improve by about 12 percent. Therefore, you need to spare at least 30 minutes a day to play. It is not a waste of time, your memory will benefit in an immense way from it. You need to find time to play games and if assignments are making it difficult for you to get that time, feel free to seek help. You can ask for help from Customessayorder to do the work for you and you will get a lot of free time to dedicate to playing 3D games.

Which games can boost your memory

Studying for a long period of time without taking breaks is not good for you. As a student, you should be taking breaks between your studies. You can refresh your brain by playing games. The following games can help to improve your brainpower:

● Crosswords – This is a game that most of us love playing. Apart from keeping your brain active, crosswords help to stimulate your brain’s thinking muscles. Most people lose interest after playing crosswords for a while. To avoid this happening, try to play different types of puzzles that will challenge you more and keep your interest going.
● Chess – People think that chess is a game of people with high IQ’s. They are right because research shows that this is a game that improves your IQ. Chess helps to prevent some diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia in old people. Playing chess helps in improving your problem-solving skills and grow your analytical abilities. Another advantage of playing chess is your foresight improves and it helps learn how to plan your strategies. This is because both sides of your brain are exercising in a bid to get the better off your opponent.
● Sudoku – This is one of the common puzzle games that you can find in newspapers and magazines. It is a game that involves organizing numbers in a particular way. Sudoku will enable you to learn how to approach a problem, and organize your plan and tactics well. Your brain benefits by learning to process information faster. Some research show that Sudoku helps in building and reinforcing your neural connections.

● Rubik’s Cube – This is a creation of Erno Rubik. It took him about a month to solve the cube for the first time. It is different from most puzzles due to the fact that it is an open-end type of puzzle. The cube has 43 quintillion possible combinations. Solving this game is a brilliant way to keep your brain active, increase your perception and improve your mental reflexes. Your problem-solving skills will improve from solving the cube.

How much time you can play every day to boost your memory

Scientist suggests that you need to play games for at least 30 minutes every day to boost your memory. Research by the University Of California Irvine, on 30 non-gamer students proves that 30 minutes a day will help you a lot. But remember, not all games will improve your memory, they have to be 3D virtual games.

How to write an essay while playing games

Are you wondering how you can get time to play games while you have an essay assignment to write? Are you running late on the essay? Do not worry about all this. Get on your laptop and get help from professional writers. All you need to do is place a write my essay for me order with professional writing service and continue playing games. By doing this, you will be able to get time to enjoy your games.

How games can improve your writing skills

One of the benefits of playing video games is that your brain’s hippocampus improves. This region of the brain deals with complex learning and memory. When this part improves, you will be able to remember many things that you read. This will enable you to remember most of the articles or essays you read online or in books. As you write your essays, you can apply these words in your writing. When you contact professional essay writing services to write your essay for you, the essay you get will be of high quality. When you read this essay and other sample papers online, your writing skills will improve.

You need to play 3D games

Do not waste your time playing any game you come across because not all games are beneficial to you. Research shows that 3D virtual games have some advantages. These games will help to improve your brainpower and memory. As a student, if you want to play games and forget about your paper, ask for help from Perfectessay writing service. By doing this, you are sure of receiving a good essay and getting time to enjoy playing games.

Play in different games

Do not concentrate on playing one game, it will become boring over time and the challenge will not be interesting anymore. Try your hand on different games every time. You can come up with a schedule of changing games every week. This will make it possible for you to engage in a different challenge that will be exciting. Try different games to help keep your brain active and avoid the possibility of losing interest in a game.


From this article, you have seen that contrary to common opinion, gaming has a lot of benefits to a student. Playing games helps to improve your brain activity by up to 12%. Today, there are many games that are available to you. Pick up a newspaper or a magazine and start playing Sudoku or fill in the crossword puzzle. Install games on your laptop or desktop and play whenever you can. Come up with a schedule that ensures that you dedicate at least 30 minutes each day to play games. Discipline yourself and follow this schedule well and in a short time, you will start to see the benefits of playing games.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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