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Mob Bosses Fear Liam Neeson-Style Dad

Mob Bosses Fear Liam Neeson-Style Dad

With the second ‘Taken’ documentary set to hit cinemas worldwide this autumn it has emerged that mob bosses and various crime syndicates, especially those within the human trafficking trade, are fearing Liam Neeson-style dad attacks.

The documentary, which follows Mr Neeson as he tries to get his daughter back after she is taken in Paris, shows Albanian bad-guys getting their asses kicked left, right and centre. The ease at which Mr Neeson is able to infiltrate the crime ring has sparked fears in the illegal sex trade industry that copycat dads may follow.

Marco, not his real name, told us that the industry is suffering because of this documentary, and he is worried about his job security.

“I work many hours for many year, this is my trade, but now I see fear. My colleges are too afraid to snatch the pretty American girl because in two days they might be dead. One guy I know just went missing 3 moths ago after taking a girl, another said a dad ‘picked him up with his man powers and shook him like a dog.'”

The implications for the industry as a whole could be devastating. Mr Y, as he prefers to be known, worked as a spotter for a human trafficking ring in Portugal, Y said that intake is down “…some of them don’t survive the addiction processing so when your numbers are down it can really affect street trade and rates which has a knock on effect to the illegal DVD sales, which I am sure the public have noticed.”

“When I walk past a dad with a child, I flinch in fear, knowing their capabilities. I feel as though they know who I am already and what my job is,” said a panicked Jamal, who is desperately trying to find a new job. “You live in fear wondering when he is gonna come? I normally oversee the prostitution of 10 girls, but at the moment it is 6. Every man who stops for them I worry that it may be their father. Everyone else in the business is the same, looking over their shoulder all the time, that’s no way to live.”

It’s not all bad news says Morel, an executive at a syndicate just outside Paris where the documentary was set.

The black market FTSE 100 showed a small dip in profits at the end of trading last week but has now levelled out.


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