How Scientists Weigh Stars

Weighing stars

Stars appear from earth as tiny shining dots. According to scientists, stars are huge balls of hot gas. The latest technology is allowing scientists and astronomers to measure the mass of stars. Recently, astronomers made a precise measurement of star called a “white dwarf.” From the measurements taken, they concluded that the star had reached the end of its life circle. Most people would really like to know how exactly they manage to measure the mass of gaseous spheres light years away.

The technology behind going into space and measuring the stars is really quite amazing. Online casino gaming has been made easier with the help of technology too but the tech is not as amazing. Even though you can now enjoy your favourite online casino games everywhere and whenever you feel like. Smart mobile devices and PCs have made this possible visit for casino games. A professor of engineering physics explained that the measuring of stars is being done with the use of gravitational forces.

The professor explained that you can measure the mass of Jupiter if a satellite is in orbit around Jupiter. This is done by measuring the effects of the plant’s gravity on the satellite’s orbit. He pointed out that such estimates can also be used for stars. Astronomers detect planets orbiting stars on the other side of the Milky Way. This is done by measuring tiny changes in the velocity of the stars.

Instruments such as NASA’s Kepler space telescope can detect orbiting stars. These measurements provide the astronomers with helpful information on the stars masses.

There are other methods to measure the masses of stars. These include using its light spectrum. Oswalt, the professor, said that this method depends on the model of its atmosphere; you you can never know if it’s entirely correct. There is a new technique that has been discovered for measuring the masses of stars. The recently discovered technique has been put in the online June 7 journal for scientists.  This technique does not only allow the measurement of all stars, but also of most celestial objects: inherently dim white dwarfs, black holes and rogue planets. The technique used depends on what kind of influence gravity exerts on the light.

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