World’s First Pregnant Man Opts for Abortion

Berlin (GlossyNews) — The first man to be able to successfully conceive, carry and naturally deliver a child, announced today that he will have an abortion, four months in to his pregnancy. Abel Boustard, 27, from the small town of Arad in western Romania said he realized that he was not prepared for the demands of fatherhood.

“It all seemed so cool in the beginning,” Boustard told the Glossy News, “I was excited to have a child I could dress up and take care of. Someone who would love me, for me and this gift I gave them.” “I thought it would be fun to hang out with the pregnant mommies and share our stories.”

Boustard woke up to fame and criticism four months ago when doctors announced he was pregnant, that he could carry the child to term, and have a natural delivery. Scientists from the former Soviet Union were able to help him conceive after a series of tissue transplants and an insemination process. The procedure was first outlined in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1987, but it took over 10 years to properly develop the concept.

“It was very exciting,” smiled Boustard, “I thought, wow, this is going to be a great year.”

But, Boustard began to realize that there was more to it than a few weeks of pregnancy. “I started thinking, ‘man, this isn’t about changing my year, it’s about changing my whole life’.” Boustard admitted that his motives may have been wrong as well. “I knew there would be some money in it, and I would get the atttention from my family and friends that I truly deserved, but then I realized, this is a baby… this is a life… I have to honor and care for that. Honestly, I’m just not ready.”

“Also,” Boustard added, “There has been a lot of teasing and threats. The Austrians who live in my building have started calling me a ‘Girly-Man’. I’m not sure what that means, but I think it is intended as an insult. I don’t trust Austrians anyway.”

Boustard, of course, is not actually the first pregnant man. He is the seventh man to carry a child since 1997. Five of the previous pregnancies were procedures conducted by the same team of doctors. Those procedures laid the groundwork for Boustard’s full pregnancy experience.

However, the first man to become pregnant was the infamous Wonce Flannigan in 1997. Flannigan, who was 25 at the time, became pregnant, accidentally, after a drunken weekend with 5 British sailors in Plymouth. Flannigan sought to cash in on his pregnancy but was later killed in a suspicious motorcycle accident five months after learning he was pregnant. The unborn child also died in the accident. Although British officials suspected foul play, no charges were ever filed.

Boustard, prior to gaining notoriety as the first pregnant man, was a budding semi-pro water skier. Sources close to Boustard said that he was becoming concerned that the pregnancy might affect his training and his career. They said he was becoming despondent about the possibility of missing the water ski season as he blossomed into full pregnancy.

Boustard, who did not comment on his career, closed out the interview by saying, “I didn’t really think this through. It just seemed like fun and a good idea at the time. Maybe I didn’t fully consider the consequences. But, this is just the wrong time for me to bring a baby into the world, so the best thing for all of us is termination.”

Professor Doktor Herr Mannheim Steim Von Rholer told Glossy News that the experiment will continue and they will seek out another candidate for the procedure. Information is available on their public website –

Author: Reverend Mike

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