Native Americans in Arizona Vow to Deport All Non-Native Americans

Navajo Nation – The Navajo, Hopi, all Apache Nations and all other Native Americans who presently reside in Arizona have joined forces in an effort to show the haughty Arizona residents just exactly who has every right to be in that State.

Said Chief Standing Wolf, “it is not those of European decent who should be making the laws of this state, but we, the tribal people, who have been suppressed for too long. Our ancestors have been here for thousands of years, while the white man only came a few hundred years ago. Yet, it is the white man who wants to make ridiculous laws and keep everything lily white. We can no longer stand by and let this happen.”

Short of declaring war on the Arizona government, Chief Standing Wolf instead issued a warning “reverse your laws entitling only English-speaking people to inhabit Arizona. Only then will we back down and allow peace to again grace Arizona, but if you deny our fellow red and brown men their rightful place in this state, there will be bloodshed.”

Of course, Chief Standing Wolf was speaking in his native tongue, so the lawmakers in the State weren’t exactly sure what the message was.

Author: P. Beckert

P. Beckert's is one voice vying for frequency room at the top of the opinion dial. Angered and bewildered by many of today’s events, P. Beckert uses humor as a tool to fight against an onslaught of stupidity and ignorance that seems to permeate the airwaves and pollute the sensitivities of a once brilliant nation. You can find more at

397 thoughts on “Native Americans in Arizona Vow to Deport All Non-Native Americans

  1. whats up with that, i mean now that they have money coming in from our government, own the casinos, have all the technology and now they want to pull this ,even before the white man came there was no Arizona(state) just a bunch of different tribes fighting amongst each other and killing, what happened to there believe that we all should get along and great grandfather spirit who resides over us all, and that no one really owns the land, i don't think passports should even exist, we should be allowed to go any where in the world we want. are we trying to tear this nation apart and go backward to cowboys and indians. just to crazy.

  2. I think it's time for BOTH parties to stop living in the past. White Man was a jerk then, now Natives are the jerks, and I'm tired of hearing them whine about everything. It's time to bury the hatchet, and for Natives to rebuild. The japanese did it 50 years ago. Why not Native Americans?

  3. Most Tribes were peaceful and willing to share the land, it was the "white man" who broke treaties forced innocent people off there ancestral lands and into reservations or just killed them…

    Sometime those who live in mud huts are more civilized than those that live in wooden or brick house…..

    You yourself comes off as uneducated, uncivilized and rashly prejudiced…

    I for one am damn proud to be a decedent and have some tribal blood from a rich and honest people who thrived for 1000's of years coexisting with the land in harmony…

  4. im fairly certain native americans were happy before the white came wanna go somewhere? go by horse if they wanted water they could go to a river bed no need for electricity when u have fire and airports? who are they going to visit their tribe is right there living with them the native americans never asked for anything in fact they fought against it you sir are very stupid

  5. Freakin little cute children of Jesus Christ, I say Yes I must agree that those Mexican Criminals are too dangerous for our Country, they are just going to bomb and savagely murder Iraq & Afghans instead of having a good time and partying with a little bit of coke & WEED.

  6. Yeah and we can all live in mud huts, smoke dope, and slaughter each other in tribal wars. Also forget using cars, water systems, electricity, and airports. It was the white man, not the barbarians who built everything. If they want to control the land give them back EMPTY land and let them build it themselves.

  7. Although I readily agree that there should be equality in the world, I keep getting annoyed with the natives of America because in truth they immigrated over here. No one is native to American soil. Everyone is an immigrant so just get over it. I just don’t understand why people can’t get along. It shouldn’t matter who got to a specific place first. I just hate that everyone has to have something bad to say about everyone else. Everyone screwed everyone else over. Let’s just bond over life and try to enjoy it!!

  8. i love my native american people and will support them all the way
    chief joseph said it might take several hundred years but the brown red skin will be back.

  9. To the individual who say only 50% of us pay taxes, I say that is bull.

    Everyone here pays one kind of taxes or another. And in families, it is common for the whole family to live on the income of only one or two family members so only those my be the only ones that pay income taxes but there are dozens of other taxes that we all end up paying.

    On another topic, the American Indians did not maintain a lot of written records about who owned what part of the land. If they had, the white men who came later would still be defending from the lawsuits. With no written records they have no claim under the white man’s rules.

  10. Maybe all those europeans should go to the casinos in Vegas instead of the ones on the Arizona reservation since they are so disliked or is it ok to hate someone but smile to thier face as you take thier money

  11. hmmm… wonder what crawled up Mr. Bob & died. I guess he’s objecting to the romanticizing of native Americans, and disputes whether they’re owed any special consideration over past events.

    I ALSO hate when entire cultures are romanticized or demonized. Stereotyping is a logical function of ignorance though. Ignorance about other cultures is common, and can be discerned in certain website commenters, though I’m not naming names.

    As to whether they’re owed any special consideration over past events? Well look? Sioux are as different from Cherokee as Pakistanis are from Japanese. It’s a very complex topic. The White River Apache Res is the prettiest land in AZ. There are Pima reservations unfit for human habitation.

    Each tribe has different history with the US gov’t. This stuff is pretty easy to learn. I’ve heard there are places called libraries with dozens of books for free loan.

    My advice to ignorant people is to stay that way. No use in working up a sweat just so you can actually know what you’re talking about.

  12. Actually, the most salient aspects of the Constitution came from the Greeks. And no, I haven’t hugged ANY men today….according to some political pundits that’s not guaranteed as a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  13. Oh, damn! The comments are hilarious. There is no “native race”. hahaha. There was a bunch of Asian retards that migrated over a narrow land bridge, and through a couple centuries of devolution, appeared as the indian savages noted by Europeans who found this an otherwise vacant land full of arable land and predictable climate. The people who came here from Europe might have taken a while to adjust, but were farmers and woodsmen, not TV watching fatasses who think injuns are magical beings who wrote the Constitution and drafted the founding documents of this country. If the AIM types really had their way and there were no whites here to coddle them, they’d be swamped and killed off by the Mexican turds. Have you hugged a white man today?

  14. To be honest a majority of the white race is ignorant. They act as if they are supreme ruler of the world. But I all honesty they are no different for anyone else we all the same color inside and we all bleed the same color. Who are they to catagorize and individual because of their intelligence, color of skin, disabilities, language, ect. They are just plain IGNORANT! Take it back to the old days. When it was just the Americas there were NO white people all that was here was the natives and the surrounding race. Which were NATIVES. If it weren’t for the natives American caring and giving ways THERE WOULD BE NO WHITE PEOPLE. But because the they are peaceful natured people they help them Survive in the Americas. But if you think about it the NATIVES had one thing right the Were VERY INDEPENDANT people from the begining. Where the WHITE RACE was VERY DEPENDANT upon them to be able to survive. But the white race took advantage of the natives. They took what was not theirs. Which seems to be the only thing they know how to do very well. Like they like to blame other people ( other races) for the problems they have created. WHITE RACE IS VERY UNINTELLIGANT RACE. They teach us that Thanksgiving is to celebrate the gathering of giving of thanks. But the sad truth be told it was the great massacre of the native race. They force us to learn the history that was write to hide the truth of what they did. To make themselves feel better as a human beings. Reality is they are the animals the savage. They are just jealous that natives were the more intelligent than them. They took credit for what we did but can’t take credit for the problems they cause the natives. Me personally I have Yaqui blood running strong in my veins. So I come from the U.S. and Mexico. My family came from mexico to survive from being killed off. Its the white man whose tries to destroy us by putting us on reservation. Forcing us into forget who we are and where we come from. Lol. But they try to break our pride. But at least we will always know where we came from. But the White race should have no say who stays and who goes because me Mexicans are of native decent also. Remember spanish and native make a Mexican. So the one that should go are the one that forced there way here it the white race. I have meet a lot of people in the time I have been alive. And I have seen their true colors I’m not say all white should go. Cause there are some that are willing to stand with us and other minority race. Those are the ones that are our brothers and sisters. I went to an all native boarding school. I saw and heard so much. The white don’t give us money we the native people make our money we obey the white mans laws, we pretend to acknowledge your existence. So go ahead take the money take the reservations take what u want. That all you will ever be good for! NOTHING BUT WORTHLESS UNINTELLIGANT USELESS IGNORANT RACE! You can call me stupid lazy dependent whatever u want but I know I will always be better. Due to the fact that I will accept the people that you deny socially acceptable to your criterias! Because we my be the minority race now but we were the the true superior race.

  15. I don’t care who immigrates here. As long as they can prove that they are paying taxes (Fed, State, Local) they should be allowed to immigrate here as far as I’m concerned.

    That’s the problem. Most immigrants aren’t paying taxes because they are getting paid under-the-table because they are afraid of getting deported as a result of paying taxes and “getting put under the microscope”.

    Why make them afraid of that. Let them pay taxes. If they get stopped, show a federal or state tax return and green card and let them go live their life free of fear (at least from deportation). It will help our economy and nation in the long run.

  16. Well,Hah yes its good to remember History!The truth is the truth !
    Thank You,Chief standingwolf ! I stand in Solidarity ! with Navajo Nation !

  17. From a Cowboy to the Indians, in the words of Obama to John McCain “I won, you lost….na nana na na…..”

  18. Whether you’ve been her for 100s of years or 1000s of years doesn’t matter. This land is everyone’s. Sorry native american’s, I know you hate other races, but no one is going anywhere so whats the point of being hostile to everyone? Native Americans need to stop living in the past and join the rest of the world in the 21st century. The US isn’t just European anymore and the only reason the native Americans have it so bad is because they refuse to join the rest of the world. Perhaps native americans could benefit from watching the video “Who moved my Cheese” and accept the way of life their ancestors lived has no place in the modern world. Move out of the reservation and find a job!

  19. It to bad the native americans are still using bows and arrows. They need to get with the picture. White man with a gun > Every Native American with a bow and arrow.

  20. lol, man native americans suck at life. Its almost kind of funny how native americans have been so hopeless oppressed and ignored. The world should have a race award show and award native americans the golden turkey for being so easily oppressed. Native Americans! This is life speaking! You’re doing it wrong!

  21. some clown mentioned the low crime rate here in az., but we also have the lowest per capita police forces of all other police forces in the u.s. meaning more crimes not being registered with local p.d.’s, instead being issued as warnings and not offenses. i personally like to see the indians kick some ass, because our laws don’t apply to them. they can enforce their laws as they see fit. so stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

  22. Is this a case of there being too many chiefs?
    (Just making an already bad comments section even worse. I have nothing better to do at the moment.)

  23. PB, I wrote that you are editor chief, not chief editor. My title was meant to be titular, as the story here is about Indians and such. Trying to be topical as well.
    I know that Brian is the chief editor, I am sure that he knows that too! I didn’t intend to twist the feathers in his headdress.

  24. Thanks Bob. I’ll do my best to get back in the swing of things. Just got back from a few hours standing in solidarity. Felt great, even in a downpour.
    SM: There’s a way to participate through the internet (virtual occupation) if you can’t find a group near where you live. Get involved people. This is our chance to get the message out that we’ve had enough and we’re not gonna take it anymore.

  25. I agree with Freed on all counts. Apparently there was an Occupy Cleveland, but that’s not my side of Ohio.

  26. PB, Love the thought of Occupy Austin…something Bush could never do and Perry hasn’t even tried in 10 years.

    We have missed you as the editor chief here in Glossy.

    Freed is looking for Arib Springs, Ohio…should be right by Jello Springs on the map.

  27. Good for you, PB.
    If they organize another protest here in Ohio I will join in.
    I am tired of all this economic crap.
    We need our own version of the Arab Spring here in the U.S.
    Corporations have gotten to be cold blooded reptilian man-eaters.

  28. Well, today I spent at City Hall at the Occupy America protest in Austin. So, hopefully, tomorrow, I’ll get around to editing at least a couple stories. See? I put my money where my mouth is.

  29. Ha! You think I am the only one who reads these comments??

    I am happy that you are coming back to edit. It’s lonely around here without you.

    pacé, bobz

  30. That’s probably a pretty true statement BZ.

    While I have everyone’s attention, or at least Bob’s attention, I’d like to tell you all that I’ve had some stuff come up that prevents me from helping with the editing lately. Hopefully, after tomorrow’s full plate, I’ll get back into the groove. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to keep each other entertained through the comments section until things return to a more normal pace.

    Peace, PB

  31. Pat: “The satirical angle lost on yet another otherwise seemingly intelligent human being.”

    Intelligence isn’t a be-all end-all. bz

  32. Tim: “I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my post, I am not in any way prejudice, I believe in equality of all people.”

    Yes you do. This alone, is proof of your ability to offend…

    “The problem is ignorance in man through out the world. The solution to the problem is not to imagine up some sort of ownership to this land that we have all been so blessed to be able to live on, but to welcome all races, and open up the opportunity for illegal immigrants to become legal citizens, there by requiring them to pay taxes, instead of enjoying all of the benefits of tax payers, without contributing. For the natives who think that this is their land, you are all hypocrites. If you think we stole it from you, take it back.To say that this land was stolen from you is to say that any country that ever beat another country in a war, stole it from them.”

    You forget that you as a white European don’t own the new America…You are just an immigrant. So your solution isn’t yours to make…

    “The solution to the problem is to welcome all races, and open up the opportunity for illegal immigrants to become legal citizens.”

    You have to go back and get this welcome for yourself. You see?

  33. lol this awesome jk, i am mexican american and me like many other chicanos ahve native american heritage and i am really proud of it, my grandpa is taraumara, my grandpa on my mom’s side is huichol and my grandma was part half navajo half spanish, but i love the USA come on is fucking awesome and i am proud of being an American, i dont hate hite people they have done great and bad things but i have to agree who are they to tell indians where and not to live but if you want to come here follow the ruls like my parents did and come here legally and to all you racists in here FUCK YOU,and yeah a sioux indian told me America is becoming brown once again LOL!

  34. And for the natives who think that this is their land, you are all hypocrites. You guys were fighting each other for this land before europeans came. To say that this land was stolen from you is to say that any country that ever beat another country in a war, stole it from them. If you think we stole it from you, take it back.

  35. The problem is not racism, the problem isn’t white people. The problem is ignorance in man through out the world. Natives didn’t want white people here, and are the most racist people I know. Most natives are disowned from their families and kicked off their reservations if they have a child with a white man. The solution to the problem is not to imagine up some sort of ownership to this land that we have all been so blessed to be able to live on, but to welcome all races, and open up the opportunity for illegal immigrants to become legal citizens, there by requiring them to pay taxes, instead of enjoying all of the benefits of tax payers, without contributing.

  36. they arent the immigrants… and imagine being in their position and how frustrating it is to be treated like they do not belong, which is wrong because they are here today like every american is. they are human too and can only put up with this bull as much as a non-native person could. educate yourselves with current issues they have to deal with too before thinking that native people are still stuck in the past when there are many problems today they have to deal with too. we are all inhabiting the same place so be courtious to others because life is too short.

  37. my fatther is related to three of the four founding fathers{natives} and i believe we should have our land. we been ran all over the us and we keep getting our land took. and now i think we should have it back!!!!! its bull crap.

  38. The Native Americans really need to just let it go… They lost, we won. Get over it already! Being a sore loser proves nothing, except an inability to move on.

  39. We are all of us human. Stop hurting others. We own nothing other than our spirit. Share all that we have and give your love to each and every soul along your path of this life, be it Hitler or the Dalai Lama. Love conquers all.

  40. From alaska to tierra del fuego in argentina Indigenous people were here and yes they had there own internal fueds, but never did they massacre millions of people on two continents, destroy a cultures traditions or take part in a genocide. you obviously need a better understanding of history to understand the complexities of the situation regarding indigenous people in the americas a little better. I go to university to study aboriginal history, identity and culture, because as a colombian i am a mestizo and feel a duty to recconect with my families roots that were literally ripped from us. Through my studies i know now the truth about colonization, and the countless horrendous actions done by the white European invaders in south america and in north america. Many years ago we did have tribal feuds over territory BUT this is our land, we had feuds the same way the english and french had feuds, but at least we didn’t bring our problems to your continent. Now were forced to live on tiny reservations all around the continent in poverty, with a lack of understanding of our culture and generally alot of shame, when in reality we should be extremely proud of who we are, because we were the most peacefull nation in tune with the earth the sun the stars and the moon and most importantly ourselves.

  41. I did it. Read them all. Some really great posts. Even learned a few things too. The immigration (illegal alien) problem is complicated … but the Arizona law is not the answer. In fact, laws do not solve problems … just ask Moses. Like any ailment, you can either treat the symptoms (as this law does) or you can go after the cause. In this case, that would be big business. Not just because they do the majority of hiring illegals, but because they are the ones who helped create the situation in the first place. They are the ones who sold the Mexicans the GMO crops whose failure created their economic woes. But all they ever get is a slap on the wrist. Is this law racist? Not sure but it does seem to be targeting the poor as opposed to the rich and influential.

    One tidbit for a couple of posters…another reason why the ‘Natives’ might still have ‘anger issues’… (this might be a cut-and-paste link … sorry)

  42. well shooooot end of the happyness is near now we half to have fun cleaning up or lands and start for giveing or past of helping makeing a mess in this world cuz we all take part of these wrong doings haha so sad to say , i share my thoughts when im angery so im going to treatment to get right so i can contral my issues about what not, i under stand that im just saying what i love about this place of birth rights and Treteis ,for me to give back is a blessing to mother earth cuz she been here since the begining of time and she will be here at the end so its up to us to b respectful to her cuz if we dont she will shut out the sun cuz we let her with all of or smog we put out there on our owns but we cant stop it cuz its apart of life and it only gets worse i wish we can just get plastic bottles and fly threw the air and cap that smog and reuse it to make energy to make this place better for all yeah , im just saying facts or Ways to resolve or earth love problems we all share thank you for hearing me out safe travels and travel safe

  43. Actually the native americans can be kicked off the lands being replaced by animals if you want to use that logic. The native americans can move back to Siberia from which its theorize that they came from thousands of years ago. History cannot dictate our past anymore cause we have defined national boundaries to make our nation stable on judo-christian laws of the greek-roman variety on english common law for the benefit of al. Immigration needs to be curtailed on abuse and it needs to be doen ethially. I lieved in Texas, New Mexico (Alamogordo and Tmberon), Las Vegas, Nevada and now in alabama just saying that Mexico needs to do much more to control the border. They have enough money to control this troff from spewing over into our streets without resorting to brutal behavior.

  44. only thing that matters is or mouther earth u dorks ,we never cared about what whitey did, now we want to kill him cuz they fucked up or world what do yall think ,to many investers are messing up or world i think cuz no body thinks about there mother earth any more they just want to bulid ,build,and build for what so they can hide there ded in the walls or n the concret or sumthing ,how do u stop bad people doing good things

  45. And the indigenous peoples of All of America who have inhabited All of America from the birth of life to the present, for All those millions of years, such as George Washington, J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles, Tecumseh, Pontiac and Montezuma are going to have to revise a Revolutionary War to put these transoceanic pieces of s**t in their place before too long, the way they’ve always done.

    By the real and true power of Nature and Nature’s God.

  46. Hey everyone! Think about it, it’s a loop: Europeans invade America, Native Americans are now minority and therefor now pushed onto reserves. “Illegals” come up here from Mexico and take jobs etc– Mexacans ARE Native Americans, they were here before Europeans too. immigration is just a way Native Americans are getting back at everyone. Ha…
    Just think of it that way.

  47. what im trying to say is if we depend on or treaty we dont half to depend on investments we need to better or land cuz when airplans fly across or lands way up there they could b droping off spiders or a new daseis or bug that can mess every thing that we have u c its happing rite now as u read this

  48. Sagatiaej? I hate to break this to you, but Billy Jack movies aren’t documentaries. Nothing in the horrible tale of rape/murder you posted indicates the victim’s race was somehow a factor. Same crimes of predation happen to white, black, latino and asian girls every day, sadly.

    My father was raised on the South Carolina Catawba reservation by his step-dad Chief Robert Lee Harris, who won voting rights for SC First Nations people. (Look it up) My paternal grandmother was half Cherokee. I got the blood too my kinswoman.

    No patience for those who sit in the dirt and cry victimhood. Standing Bear and Chief Joseph would be more my type.

  49. And for the Natives who live in the illusion that these problems exist in the “past” all I can say is live peacefully and with love in your heart, but also… WAKE UP. I am also a Native from a federally recognized tribe. I also believe that violence is a product of a tired mind, but a person has a right to protect home and family reguardless of race.

  50. Wow. Some if the ignorance in here is unreal. We are the survivors of the Native American holocaust. Our people survived GENOCIDE here. It is understandable that some of our people remain angry. I believe things happen for a reason which allows me to let go of anger and forgive, but I understand why some people can’t. My grandparents were in residential schools and Grampy cried about his memories in there untill he passed a couple of years ago. A lot of our elders still cry or cant talk at all about what happened to them as a result of that invasion. Some of their children are going to remain angry. How would you feel if you watched your mother cry because of memories of being tortured raped impregnated and had her baby executed on it way out of the birthing canal at the age of 14? People are going to remain angry over things like that. And that’s not even one of the worst things that happened to our people. Here’s one: Helen Betty Osborne was abducted and brutally murdered near The Pas, Manitoba, early in the morning of November 13, 1971. The high school student,with dreams of becoming a teacher, originally from the Norway House Indian Reserve, was 19 years old when she was killed.

    Several months later Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers concluded that four young men, Dwayne Archie Johnston, James Robert Paul Houghton, Lee Scott Colgan and Norman Bernard Manger, were involved in the death. Yet it was not until December 1987, more than 16 years later, that one of them, Dwayne Johnston, was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Betty Osborne. James Houghton was acquitted. Lee Colgan, having received immunity from prosecution in return for testifying against Houghton and Johnston, went free. Norman Manger was never charged.

    While walking along Third Street in The Pas on that cold Saturday morning, Betty Osborne was accosted by four men in a car. Houghton, who was driving, stopped the car and Johnston got out, attempting to convince Osborne to go with them to “party.” She told them that she did not wish to accompany them. She then was forced into their car and driven away. In the car Osborne was assaulted by Colgan and Johnston as Houghton drove. Johnston ripped at her blouse and Colgan grabbed at her breasts. In spite of her screams and attempts to escape, Osborne was taken to a cabin belonging to Houghton’s parents at Clearwater Lake.

    At the cabin she was pulled from the car and beaten by Johnston while the others stood watching and drinking wine they had stolen earlier. Osborne continued to struggle and scream and, because her assailants were afraid they might be heard, she was forced back into the car and driven further from town to a pump house next to the lake. At least some of her clothing was removed by her assailants in the car. At the pump house she was once more taken from the car by one or more of her assailants and the beating continued. Her clothes, those which had not been removed earlier, were taken from her. Wearing only her winter boots, she was viciously beaten, and stabbed, apparently with a screwdriver, more than 50 times. Her face was smashed beyond recognition. The evidence suggests that two people then dragged her body into the bush. Her clothes were hidden. The four men then left, returned to The Pas and went their separate ways.

    Another murder that took place when I was a child was a woman who was abducted from a Rez., raped by three men and then they put a rifle up inside of her and pulled the trigger. She wouldnt stop screaming so they decapitated her.
    No American news published this story. She was not rich nor white. These kind of hate crimes inspire rage. They happen all over the world its true. Land has been taken away from many groups of people to suffice the greed of a larger more powerfull group of people this is also true, but does that mean the attitude that we should take is to shrug our shoulder’s and say, “It happens all of the time”? And for the Natzi who thinks they have the right to dictate what a Native person says or when a Native person should say it,.. come to my Rez. and my poeple will TEACH you what yours obviously and sadly were too ignorant to.

  51. I’m a quarter native american descendant from Texas and I say “Boot them out”. Oh, the rich people who hire them as well. In a moral sense, the christian Bible states that you must obey the laws of the land”. So, the moral question is send the children off with them as well to not break up families. This is competely fair and only way to keep a nation stable is by controling immigration. This is also a safety concern in terms of disease, crime, education, financial, and other means as well. They are hard workers so I think reform is needed to make more migrant visas avilible for them on condition of legal passage. Electronic taging is needed as well to ensure alll citizens who have jobs E-verify will be ensured in full. So, I’m a moderate democrat and I know this information and so should you.

  52. They went in, swindled them of their land, and now the white person goes around and says they call the shots? Thats just unbelievable. I’m white, and I agree with the Indians, and I don’t have a problem with it. I’m going back to Europe someday to get away from all the bs that goes on here in the US.

    Plain and simple. This “IS” the Native’s land, and you know what? It doesn’t matter how long ago the “Invasion of their land” was either, it’s still their land. If the indians take up arms, I’ll join them! Without hesitation!

    Calling the Indians crazy? Look whose living on stolen land? Take a look at yourselves. Trying to police the world of atrocities and crimes when you went in and TOOK with force from these people, forcing them back into reservations with crap deals. Buy a gun, and shoot your family so that they only have to bury you, instead of kick your ass out.

  53. REDSKY: Thank you for a voice of reason. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know there is no LAW that states Native Americans must remain on reservations. That was land given to them by the government long ago, and has now pretty much become cultural centers in the USA. But this doesn’t mean a Native American doesn’t have as much right as anyone else to move to another city or state, get a job there, and follow the so-called American dream. Each to their own; if Native Americans PREFER to remain on the lands given to them, then so be it. Doesn’t mean they are stuck there. And with the way the USA is heading, I don’t blame them. So again, people, quit using this as an excuse. The problem here is that residents of other countries are coming into the USA illegally, with all its attendant issues. AZ is trying like Hades to keep the impact of this to a minimum.

  54. DJY: I would like to say I find you one of the most intelligent people I ever meeted. Yep, I sure would like to say that.

    DJY your comment is the one intelligent thing I’ve readed on this never ending forum.

    Who the heck do those impertinent Apaches think they are anyway, trying to kick white people out of AZ? By golly, if they need a reminder who’s boss, bet we can show ’em something, huh?

    Again DJY, I’d like to personally thank you for finally bringing a voice of reason to what those crazy AZ Indians are trying. Yep, I sure would like to thank you all right.

  55. This is ridiculous. I’m an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe and to me, this is nonsense. People need to realize this is not a racial issue, it is a legal and/or economic issue. There are people all around the world who are waiting to come to the USA through the appropriate legal channels. People from Mexico, other South American nations and Canada need to do the same. I disagree with this chief’s opinion whole heartedly. Also, as native people we must collectively ‘move on’ and stop dwelling on the past. Noone is suggesting we should all just forget everything that occurred over the past couple centuries or more, all that was done to our people etc. However, dwelling on the past and mentioning it as a basis for an argument about an issue which has nothing to do with the plight of our people is nothing more than a distractionary technique which has grown old and tiresome. Native people don’t control north american any longer, it’s the fact as much as many of us would like to remain in denial. The fact is, people have been conquered all over the world since time immemorial. Unfortunately, native people are a conquered people on some level and that’s a hard pill to swallow without question. However, this has nothing to do with the Arizona legislation so to bring that up and try to some how make a correlation between current law and the plight of native people is simply ridiculous.

  56. then wipe them out.
    finish the job that was started.
    give them a choice. become AMERICAN citizens, leave, or die.

    If they want bloodshed, they can have it. but remember “the mouse with a broken leg should not threaten the cat.”

  57. Yeah it’s certainly been a pretty thing to watch unfold. Always fun to see how many romanticize the First Nations people, in about the same way as others romanticize the Confederacy.

    And it’s been a lovely forum for those who get their historical knowledge from the late Howard Zinn…

    But what strikes me is how many people read the article and believed it to be factual. I wonder, is Snopes eventually going to have to debunk the Apache Deportation Agency story???

  58. Just to finish Condor operation is how the American governments fight for freedom?Give me a break with so much BS!American governments funded bloody dictatorships across South America,they still are doing it today look at Honduras.I feel bad that the 2 main political parties
    in the US manipulate the feelings of good people to achieve their goals of world domination through the economy in the hands of dirty corporations who care about profit and nothing else.The worse part of this is that millions died due to these policies.

  59. No, P. Beckert and RFreed, it was more than that… so much more… I mean, seriously. 300+ comments with as strictly as we moderate comments? It’s in a whole new category. I think maybe it’s “ballzout”.

  60. Illegals have no right to be here and are of Spanish decent they are not native nor do they speak a native language. I hope there is bloodshed maybe these idiots would get the picture. I can’t believe how many dumb people support this. Are you all realy that stupid? I guess so.

  61. “Your analogy was stupid and uninformed. The greatest percentage of child molesters/pedophiles are WHITE men between the ages of 23-45… I WISH we would start profiling you all. As a matter of fact almost ALL serial killers are WHITE men in that same age group… seems to me that no matter how much you want to talk about minorities, whites commit, and HAVE committed, the most heinous crimes imaginable throughout history.”

    Aren’t you in effect saying that my analogy was spot on. I don’t care about being profiled. If people who fit my description are more statistically likely to have committed a crime then go for it.

    I am not sure if I agree that whites have committed the most heinous crimes imaginable. Look at Darfur, look at Mao, the persians, the mongols…. I mean batshiat insane doesn’t really discriminate by race.

  62. yeah sure they didn’t understand what he was saying! LMAO!! they’re going to find out soon enough!!!

  63. hey, nachodouche, Native Americans have been here long before 1500 BCE. Go study anthropology, and educate yourself about human history.

  64. Mexican’s even if they are purple white or green..

    Still need to wait for citzenship like every other country

    OH and Europeans have to wait years and go through so much shit to become US citizens. Why the heck are Mexican’s allowed to “cut in line” then? Because you are crying racism? There are racist people, but not everyone who doesnt understand the laws and politics is a racist, they’re just not educated in the field. Pay Illegal immigrants the same as american workers, then see if there is a problem.

  65. Wow sounds like you all in America have some hearty issues just like the rest of us. I’m New Zealand Maori and its articles like this that make me think we are a little advantaged by our historic treaty in that we are now at least being able to seek compensation for the loss of lands and breaches of the treaty agreement. We have Maori seats in parliament, Maori Television and more recently a bicultural curriculum for early childhood education. It sounds like what the native Americans are asking for is very minimal by comparison! Bloodshed, well what did that ever solve, General public get in behind the indigenous people and support their right to be themselves within their own culture, aster all would you let lie with some one telling you you cant be yourself anymore??? Go hard for the sake of your identity before it is completely gone!

  66. do people still not get that this is satire? and that there was no announcement from the native americans in arizona?

  67. I am disappointed that the article was just satire.
    The Native American belief that people are stewards of the land rather than owners of the land is shared by many who are Christians or other popular religious beliefs.
    The USA was founded on the priciple that all people have the right to freedom and liberty. It says so in the Constitution, and the laws became more specific with every Constitutional Amendment.
    Specifically, all people have the right to public places without being detained just because they don’t look like they belong.
    Like the rest of us, the Native Americans have the right to bear arms and speak freely.
    We live in a nation of immigrants. It is surprizing how many “American” people have short memories of how their ancestors got here, and why they came.

  68. Oh please, just do it. Kick those lily white fat asses outta YOUR homeland.
    If they have no respect and what respect has been shown? What respect?
    This white woman supports the relocation of disrespectful greedy anyones’ out of traditional occupied territories. It is a known fact the land is their territory. Greedy white man. Go back to where you came from.

  69. It’s about time! The real immigrants need to take their asses back across the ocean along with their religions, policies, and parasitic mindsets…..

  70. Being an African American I must say that the Native American people are the only ones who has the right to speak up…Louder than any of us who are on this land. I’m behind the Native Americans 100% this land belongs to them. My ancestors were imported here and not by choice. The Europeans forced themselves and their ways on us all. The Europeans are the immigrants that need to go back to where they came from….Good Job Native American people…..I got your back!

  71. @Tyson Bam,

    Your analogy was stupid and uninformed. The greatest percentage of child molesters/pedophiles are WHITE men between the ages of 23-45… I WISH we would start profiling you all. As a matter of fact almost ALL serial killers are WHITE men in that same age group… seems to me that no matter how much you want to talk about minorities, whites commit, and HAVE committed, the most heinous crimes imaginable throughout history.

  72. What is so ludicrous is that Mexicans were never up here. They feared the Apaches and stayed in Mexico. Mexico did own 7 SW U.S. states but only for 24 years in total! Very few Mexicans came to settle here and 24 years is the least of everyone who ever owned it. Even Spain owned it for 300 yrs. Mexico has 2 main types of indigenous: Mayans and Aztecs. Neither were up here. Yes, American Indians did own the land for thousands of years but there were people found to have been here before them so ya know – the land is whoever takes it and uses it well. Americans have done a pretty good job and have made it what it is today!

  73. Finally the Moorish Nations are getting back the land that our anscestors inhabited. shout out to the Olmec, Washitaw, lineage! we tacking the land back!!

  74. “I think liberties is right- not only does this essay have its own Facebook page, it also has more friends on it than I do!”

    Or me and I wrote the darned thing!

  75. Rock on Standing Wolf!


    I am USA born of Cherokee & European decent & married to a Mexican man who has suffered without any cause of his own!

    ge-lu-hv-ga "si se puede!"

  76. They want to fight? Let’s see it. Bring all of your bow and arrows and tomahawks, we’ll bring the Army, Navy, National Guard,the Marines, and whatever other special forces we have, and our endless supply of weaponry. You want to threaten any state in the great USA? Then be prepared to back it up.

  77. I’ve never been to arizona, and I don’t plan too. biggest problem here in chicago is displacement of the “natives” by yuppies (gentrification). same sh*t different toilet I think.

    yea, some US citizens have native blood, just like some mexicans have native blood, but we’re both nations created by europeans, keeping european language, culture, and religion alive.

    we contemporary north american people have more in common with each other than with our ancestors, whether we’re red, white, black, or brown. too bad people are so proud, and that common sense is a subjective thing. who is to say that we are supposed to have peace anyways?

    thanks for the provocation of thought.

  78. This is where PRIDE is reborn. When we see our Nations and their Leaders Standing up to the Injustice. This brings faith back to the people. We should be doing this every chance we get.

    Much Like” Red Power United” Does!

    I think we need to reevaluate all the reasons we elect them, to be our Voice. If Leaders are not using the Voice their people gave them, then do not vote for them again. If our voice is not heard, then nothing else matters. We remain actually where we are today, with homelessness, sucide rates, alcoholism, poverty, no medical, no education.

    This is not acceptable any longer, We need our Leaders to start speaking out against the Injustice perpetratred against their people, that put them into office

  79. Ironically, illegal immigration hurts minorities the most:

    It’s sad when people who are hurt most by a policy are tricked into supporting it, simply because some politician throws out the propaganda that it must be based on race (and the media, loving the false drama, fails to counteract it).

    Illegal immigration raises everyone’s costs for education, utilities (water, sewage, electricity, trash disposal) and roads, and especially healthcare due to free services provided and fraud. All of that adds dramatically to the cost of doing business in Arizona and in the United States, sending jobs out of state and overseas, damaging employment, wages, the economy and as a result, everyone’s collective financial health.

    The Navajo, Hopi, and Apache want to stand behind reducing Arizona jobs while also paying far more to support free services for people who never paid a dime in U.S. or Arizona taxes before sneaking into the state? Where exaclty is all that additional money supposed to come from? Over 50% of all Americans pay no taxes already. We’re broke, yet we’re supposed to let anyone walk in and get thousands of dollrs in free government services and free healthcare?

    What country allows anyone at all to come in, by the millions, and enjoy tens of thousands of dollars in free services? Please, name one place in this universe where such a ridiculous proposition works.

    Said Chief Standing Wolf “…it is the white man who wants to make ridiculous laws and keep everything lily white. We can no longer stand by and let this happen.”

    It’s sad to see racism so strong that it can cloud the vision of a wise man.

    Chief Standing Wolf should be outraged… to be manipulated that way to support policies which are directly opposed to the health and well-being of his people!

    There’s no momentum in Congress to do anything about illegal immigration because Republicans love giving rich business owners cheap labor, and Democrats love poor immigrants who will vote for them to increase free services. Arizona is only looking at the issue because they are among the first to recognize that there’s no one left to pay the skyrocketing bills. That’s not as dramatic as putting news clips of outraged people crying “racism” on the air, so the media will never provide that perspective, and Americans will remain grossly misinformed, and unnecessarily keyed up over race on an issue which has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

  80. @Jim says:

    “I was born here and that makes me a native American”

    Ha ! Dont make us laugh .. bet ya you are pure white huh .. but what nationailty are you ..? not PURE INDIAN.. RED SKIN BLACK HAIR . ARE YA .. nope .. ya not ..
    also dont for get that the Native American~Indians & also Mexcio DID have these states WAAAAAAAY BEFORE any white man step off at plymouth rock ..
    one thing i live by is this one pix i seen on T-shirts , & a pix .

  81. Is anyone else getting sick of this bullshit. The regulation is not racist and does not profile. Perhaps they should change the laws wording to say that every person will have their citizenship checked when engaged in a lawful encounter (eg pulled over for speeding). DONE. Then I don’t have to keep hearing this debate.

  82. YES!!!!! I’ve been saying since this started that the American Indians need to get on this and call these people out for what they are, hypocrites!!! If you don’t like living in this country, and hate illegal immigration so much, go back to YOUR country of origin. The Indians have the rights, NOT us. BTW, I am partially Blackfoot Indian and partially German. I have no problem with people coming into this country to take jobs noone else wants. They wouldn’t be coming here if people weren’t so lazy.

  83. so you are totally fine with stopping all profiling in cases of molestation and child abduction? It is more important to you to not be offended than it is to stop crime? What about violent crime? We should start interviewing women just as much as men cause it is offensive that men are assumed to be the perpetrators. The statistical reality should not be a factor at all because ultimately your tender sensibilities are more important than the actual victims of crimes? and yes being illegal is a crime. 10% unemployment and people are still flooding into the country. They aren’t surviving on nothing and that drain is coming from the pockets and jobs of Americans.

  84. Mexicans are but a small community amongst a sea of Latin American people, most of whom are in fact true native americans themselves in the first place. read a book some time.

  85. To respond to a few things:

    — quibbling over punctuation is idiotic. this isn’t a graded essay. it is a comment thread. that said, should you complain about it, you might make sure you punctuate your bitching properly yourself. but again, who gives a shizz.

    — while it is a valid point about this being a rich country, even for its poor, most people who say this probably ain’t one of the poor. living on 99 cent meals at jack in the box, for example, might make you obese. but i guess that is another argument.

    — immigration law itself is another issue. racial profiling is wrong on so many levels. saying that there has always been fighting over land is well, stupid. of course there has. we are talking about relentless imperialism and the resulting society continuing to wrong people who have already been placed at a social disadvantage since birth in this country. yes, IN this country. you shouldn’t be harrassed because of what you look like.

  86. If illegal aliens from Ireland, France, German, or Switzerland were coming across in massive numbers creating significant economic and safety issues then yes, they would vehemently deny them access.

    illegal as far as immigrations goes, means you didn’t follow the laws regarding entry into the United States.

    Should you be able to go anywhere for a pleasure trip? If you do it legally, then certainly. When I got to Mexico or Europe I have to bring my passport. When I lived in China I had to bring my passport among many other things to be allowed in the country.

    I apologize for our ancestors who brought disease but you might also remember that at that point in history people didn’t even really know what disease was. They just knew sometimes terrible crap happened and people died. No one came over thinking, “man I want to find a whole group of indigenous people and cough and sneeze all over them so they die by the millions.

  87. What if the illegal aliens were from Ireland, France, Germany or Switzerland? Would Arizona be so vehement in denying them access? And what is illegal? Should not a person in a region be able to go wherever they please, if even for a pleasure trip?

    As part Cherokee, I feel ashamed at this action in Arizona, and it makes me feel like sh*t! It makes me want to reverse time, and have all sorts of diseases ready that Europeans were never exposed to, so they would die off by the millions.

    Go Tribes! It is time to take the continent back! I am with you.

  88. i mean, the analogies are pretty clear. illegal immigration is terrible for the country and unfair not only to americans but also the tens of thousands of people waiting in line to get into the country legally.

    the issue of race is just a distraction the left wing throws up to get minority votes. conservatives don’t care what your skin color is they just care if you are coming legally so you are paying taxes and background checks can be run. That mexicans are hit hard by policy against illegal immigration isn’t a product of racism, it is a product of circumstance. Mexico is close and it is an impoverished state. If Canada had a crappy govt and economy and mexico had a decent economy and govt then the focus would be on Canada.

    This is why I conclude that opposition to the Arizona Law is silly and baseless. The law specifically prohibits profiling and liberals are irrationally fanning racial tensions. Sure a cop could break the law and profile mexicans but there is nothing stopping crooked cops from pulling people over for driving while brown or enforcing any law based on a prejudice. We just have to weed those guys out.

    Now besides that all I don’t really have any problem with profiling. I think when we don’t allow it we are tying our hands behind our back. It is also silly that is it only an issue when concerning minorities. If a little girl goes missing police start looking for middle aged white guys who don’t get out much and spend all their time inside on the computer. Brian and I would probably get checked out but you wouldn’t and that is fine with me.

    Just a Human
    The argument that they do jobs that no one else wants to do doesn’t figure economically. Illegal immigration keeps pay for those jobs artificially low which makes some people shy away from them. Without illegal immigration companies would have to find the wage they needed to pay to keep their business going.

    Then if you consider that we are at 10% unemployment it is just a certainty that there are folks who would want those jobs particularly if the wages were higher, like they would be without illegal immigration.

    I do however fully agree that companies who hire them hold a significant responsibility for the problem and they should have massive fines imposed on them to discourage illegal hiring practices.

    They are also taking over politics. If you look at any analysis at the change in demographics and voting trends you will note that the hispanic populations is growing exponentially and they favor democrats. Democrats know this and it is why they support things like amnesty and rally against the AZ law. They are sacrificing the country for a share of a growing voter block and at the same time encouraging that growth. Illegal immigration, like welfare has become a farm system for democratic voters. Economically speaking neither of those initiatives improve quality of life for Americans but it gets Democrats power by pretending to fight for the little guy while making it harder and harder to excel.


    but I love you guys.

  89. Blah Blah Blah…..

    Corporations and Businesses that EXPLOIT “non-citizens” NEED their SLAVE LABOR. Get it? Seek to set these Businesses straight and you begin to fix the “problem”

    Or continue to blame the underpaid exploited workers.Its America you get to choose right?

    Can people still be so misunderstanding of the bigger picture?

    Ever watch a day without a Mexican?

    It all comes down to the almighty yet declining American Dollar.

    Who has riches? who is kept in poverty…what a sad sad sad sad game we play.

    Arizona, you are a shining beacon for the pursuit of enlightenment and social change. I thank you for the OPPORTUNITY.

    It actually surprises me that the Hopi would threaten with this a media play to scare the white children? More and More of these children are hep to these fallacies. And Yep the Native Americans have every right to speak their mind…just like you…. Hey, lets listen to the few that are left on this earth, they JUST might have something to say.

    Why are the “illegals” here?
    Who is hiring them to work? (if no one hired them for shit pay would they be here trying to provide for their families?)
    What purpose,job are they fulfilling?

    Are they taking over Politics?
    Are they stealing jobs from CEOs?
    Are they running Walmart out of town?

    Um…no…they are picking fruit, slaughtering Cattle, Cleaning Houses, Scrubbing Toilets…all coveted employment opportunities for Youth of any race, right..When I grow up I wana….REALLY PEOPLE???

    Ask some Polish how their relatives a generation ago were treated…they’re white..right?

    Can we pretty please with sugar on top move past all of the racism and hate and bigotry…are these the days of firehoses and the 1960’s…can we progress? Can we make it fair for the HUMAN BEING..which happens to come in many colors, shapes and sizes???


    Do on to Others….

    I am He as you are He and you are me and we are all together…


  90. I’m looking at this reference endorsed by the highest scholars which says the Navajo and Apache came to Arizona from the Northern Rockies just about 200 years before Columbus.
    _Blood and Thunder_ is the name of the book.

  91. I like the AZ law and I hope we seal the canadian border too but I think racism is a distraction to the actual issue. I mean if you have a leaky faucet and a broken pipe in your house which do you pay attention to first. Because you are fixing the pipes does that mean you don’t care about the leaky faucet. Do you hate the water pouring out of the pipes more than the water leaking from the faucet? No, it is a matter of practicality.

    imagine a football game you bought tickets for where people just hop the fence and watch the game. Is that fair to you or the thousands of folks on the waiting list for tickets? then these people stand in the aisles and block your view of the game. they get hungry and go grab food and if they slip and fall they get rushed off to get free medical treatment and the stadium owners get sued for letting someone break in and hurt themselves. The football stadium and team wouldn’t last very long.

  92. Peoples’ insults do nothing to advance educated conversations. But then again this is America today. After becoming aware of the AR situation I have tried to figure out WHY this law was passed, but I have not found out why. Most things that I have seen on the subject from either side of the topic is propaganda plain and clear. What is the AR legislature official position on this law, and why do they say the law was passed? And why is the cry of racism ALWAYS thrown at people who want to know these awnsers? I do not like the violent retoric of the people who are agianst this law, and it has turned off any sympathy I might have for the campain against this law. Does that make me racist? Is someone on this board going to ask me what race I am and use that to prove or disprove the amount of racism that I have in my mind? Isn’t that in its self racism? Why don’t people stop using race as a barometer for the validity of an argument.

  93. No more from the troll known as ‘American’. Can’t play nice, go home and play with yourself. 🙁

  94. American, he gave you links to answer your question. How do you justify criticizing someone for attacking you while you poorly and tastelessly attack them? do you sense that there is something wrong with that?

  95. Hey Nacogdoches, read the article and they clearly said thousands of years not thousands of centuries.

  96. was reading the comments.. and after reading .. yes send them all back they do not understand our lands are alive and needs to heal . .. but understand who they are .. they had the 10 commandments and broke the laws of their god .. they made up a constitution and break those everyday .. they made treaties with us and broke them .. now they are saying its a bad thing to send them all back … when dealing with these kinds of people who are still killing and imprisoning our people … i dont know what the discussion is …….. their shouldnt be any discussion … any of them kills or fasely imprisons, hurts or even talks to us should be sent back to the sea .. its ENOUGH

  97. American… you’re dumb enough and annoying enough, I’m just about done with you. I never pointed you to Wikipedia. I’m sorry you’re too stupid to understand how to use links. Go back and actually click on the actual links that I actually posted, or use the ones Tyson posted for your convenience that weren’t to Wikipedia. Pretending the info isn’t there doesn’t make it so. It’s like putting your fingers in your ears and your head in the sand… at least I hope that’s the sand, because if it isn’t, your head is up your ass.

    Not all tea partiers are racist, that is true, many are small-government libertarians, and almost all are Republicans. But racists do find a comfortable home in the tea party like nowhere else. It’s like saying Democrats are all blacks. Nope, not true, even though the majority of blacks vote Dem.

    Get it yet? You can say that blacks are in the democratic party in the same way you can say that racists are in the tea party.

    Now get your asshattery under control or go somewhere else. This isn’t a flame-friendly site and I’m not going to encourage that behavior. Grow up, do it in a hurry, and start it with the next post. If you can’t, you don’t get to post.

    Tyson – There are many different metrics for “richest nation”, but you’re right, our poorest have it pretty damn good. No one starves thanks to food stamps and food banks for the poorest. The poor I’ve known (including myself at one time) still have cars, cable TV and roofs over their heads. How many DVDs do America’s poorest own (with the player, of course)? I’d wager it’s at least dozens. Americas destitute are typically those with substance and mental health issues.

  98. See, when Arizona passed this law, as a woman of AA, NA, and white heritage, I was appalled. But to see all this negative talk about AA, to see the word “negro” used; It makes you not feel sorry for people, you know? I’m so against the immigration law in Arizona, but with negative attitudes towards AA such as I see here, makes you want to turn a blind eye….and if you don’t want “the white man” taking control, stop electing him.

  99. josalou

    We no longer use the word Negro. It is insensitive.

    Would you sent the whites back to Germany who voted for Obama? Do you dislike Obama’s white half?

    To assume all Tea Party members are racist is a sterotype.

    Just say no to drugs dude.
    Rich love the middle class. We buy their products.

    You think all republicans are rich? How is that possible?
    Wikipedia is not a site Iwould use in research. I lived in Japan for seven years. There healthcare is socialized. They have the right to kick patients out and not treat them . The list is flawed.

    Looks like Tyson already refuted you comments for me.

  100. Brian the link you provided sites the Economist Intelligence Unit
    the 2008 numbers show the US at 18 meh wikipedia, i don’t want to pay for the actual report

    No. Location Index Category
    1 Sweden 9.88 Full democracy
    2 Norway 9.68 Full democracy
    3 Iceland 9.65 Full democracy
    4 Netherlands 9.53 Full democracy
    5 Denmark 9.52 Full democracy
    6 Finland 9.25 Full democracy
    7 New Zealand 9.19 Full democracy
    8 Switzerland 9.15 Full democracy
    9 Luxembourg 9.10 Full democracy
    10 Australia 9.09 Full democracy
    11 Canada 9.07 Full democracy
    12 Ireland 9.01 Full democracy
    13 Germany 8.82 Full democracy
    14 Austria 8.49 Full democracy
    15 Spain 8.45 Full democracy
    16 Malta 8.39 Full democracy
    17 Japan 8.25 Full democracy
    18 United States 8.22 Full democracy
    19 Czech Republic 8.19 Full democracy
    20 Belgium 8.16 Full democracy

    a direct link to their study in 2007 rates the United States at 17

    The heritage foundation you pointed to had us 8

    In 2009 the US was ranked the 9th most prosperous country

    this is hurt by some of the methadology. health care for instance is scored with a high value on medical socialism and doesn’t calculate for our terrible lifestyle choices. It also double counts death from violence here and in safety and security. Our statistics are also hobbled by the two wars we are fighting that the countries above us are not in so it is a bit skewed. Point being America pretty much rocks. You might also say the list has a racial bias since many of the top countries have almost no racial diversity

  101. josalou,
    you don’t make any good points at all. Everyone in America should be required to take an economics class and emotional bs liberalism would die out. Did we really impoverish the middle class into the richest nation in the world. We are so impoverished our poor are fat, have housing, televisions, cable and x-boxes? The rich don’t work for their money even though most of the wealth in America is new money? I mean are you educated or did you even do any research or just mainline MSNBC?

    Seriously you hurt my soul. 1/16 Native Americans can stay and we should send all the wacky white people back to Europe? I assume your reasoning is that we weren’t here as long as the Native Americans? I guess with that logic you would ship all the blacks back to Africa because they aren’t native to America either.

    Every country in existence today was once controlled by someone else. Where do you people get off pretending that only America needs to go back and apologize for small pox and killing Native Americans. They had it so much better dragging teepees and chasing herds of buffalo. You can tell that existence is preferable considering all the folks who enjoy living without modern amenities and choose to live like…wait, no one does that. Japanese were put in internment camps what, 70 or 80 years ago? Why are they doing just fine these days? I mean we should be making up for that for at least the next 200 years right?

    Face reality guys. This country is America. We let people join in our little club regardless of race or religion these days we just have a line you need to stand in and some paperwork to fill out. quit whining and just do it right. If you do that and work hard you’ll find a better quality of life and success. Oh, and if you want universal health care maybe you should go to Germany instead of whining about right wing wackos here who won’t let you have it. If it is so important for you to get free crappy care then go.

  102. “American” … the links were already in the text, Cap’n, go back and hover your mouse over the relevant text and you’ll magically find the hyperlinks. I’m not saying America isn’t a great country, and my favorite by a mile, but to say it’s the most free is just plain ignorant.

  103. Me ha gustado mucho lo que han dicho los indios Hopi. Un poco de cordura siempre viene bien, entre tanta locura de la leyes en Arizona. Los Indios hopi son los verdaderos propietarios del territorio de Arizona, y tienen el pleno derecho.

  104. Josalou, you make good points about the rich wanting to suppress the middle class. This site has a serious commentary section. If you don’t want to write satire, you could always contribute something to the commentary section.

  105. I so wish it was true,not satire, The Natives never had a chance to really fight for the land the white man has trashed, for the most part. They mostly died of white man diseases before they even met white men. If you use the idea that one 16th Indian is Indian like they used to do with negros then quite a few of us could stay, and almost all Mexicans would have the right to live here. We could send the pure whites back to a pure white homeland like Germany, The could replace the Turks and gypsies, which are, in Germany, taking the jobs that the “illegal aliens take here. And hey they would probably get better health care and an economy that might not tank. This country would also benefit because we would finally get rid of most of the right wing nuts, and finally get universal health care. I can write a little satire myself, But really the law in Arizona sucks. I really wish that the tea party and other republican haters would wake up and realize that they are being manipulated into believing that the problems in this country could be solved by getting rid of a few immigrants and marginalizing Gays.
    The rich republicans use these trivial issues to hide the fact that
    our government has been impoverishing the middle class, while the rich get even richer. One billion dollars = 50,000 jobs paying 20,000 dollars. When only a few have money to buy tings, the economy tanks, because only a few things can be bought. To get out of this vicious cycle vote for people who will raise the taxes on the rich, who did not work for the money in the first place and give it to the rest of us in the form of starting cooperatives that
    create jobs while producing things that improve te enviroinment instead of further degrading it.

  106. I say we let Arizona keep this law on one condition. Let them protect there border w/o government assistance. This is absurd.

  107. Jenna,

    Made me really sad to read your post. You dated this Rebulican for a week and was able to comment on his anatomy. Very sad. Maybe I am old school. Maybe you believe that Reps have issues with their anatomy. That would make an interesting study.

    While we are at it we could study libs to see if they actually had any back bone. Alan Colmes for instance.

  108. Someone hitted we had no soicialist qualities.: sad to say, but here you go.

    Schools – all public schools, from pre-school through community colleges, universities and all the public teachers and staff.

    Prosecutors – all prosecutors, district attorneys, and public defenders

    Hospitals – most hospitals and emergency rooms, especially non-profit hospitals
    Public libraries
    Some garbage and trash collection service

    Taxes –
    All Parks – local, state and national

    All Farm Subsidies (which were to benefit little farmers but have been sucked up by the giant corporate farms)
    Medicare, Medicaid – and which recipient would give it up?

    Social Security

    Unemployment – state, local and federal
    The SEC, the FDA, the FTA are all socialistic
    The FDIC which saves the bank accounts of Americans when the banks fail.
    All of the transportation safety boards for airlines, railroads and ships – including all of our airports, air controllers, train depots and subway stations
    The Post Office –
    Our giant sports stadiums and arenas who exist only because of gigantic tax subsidies (socialism)
    American sports – football, basketball, baseball, hockey would not exist without the owners receiving lush tax breaks
    Every legitimate consumer protection group, like Public Citizen, that really saves America from fraud and deceit is tax exempt
    Non-profit HMOs are already socialist.

  109. Anti-dcgc………
    Since you are talking about someone telling lies, lets take a really good look at what is actually going on here….
    1. We as the white civilization have been accused of bringing disease, perhaps we did bring some things, but diabetes is hereditary and runs in the families bloodlines, there for with that being said white man did not give Indians diabetes or the chronic cases of dumbass……….
    2. We as the white civilization did not force the indian to put the bottle to their mouths or give them drugs…..Remember, indians have been smoking peace pipes for hundreds of year and they were the first to offer it to the white man……..
    3. Now lets take a really good look at what is going on in some of these reservations…..So many have resorted to “GANG” violence because they are coming up with these poor excuses of: We don’t have any opportunities, no jobs ( like we have really seen an actual indian work )we don’t get any help, no health care ( which is also false, they get better health care than my 77 year old mother!)…..The government pays for people living on the rez and gives them homes and cars, in which they distroy and expect to get more from the government, and that is paid out with the the white mans taxes, along with being on welfare, and bringing in more children and they learn from what the parents teach them and they get on welfare then they start gushing children from their own stomachs because that is all they know……………
    4. You know…If the indians want to get ahead in life, they need to: Stop complaining, nobody owes them anything: Get off the asses and do something to better their lives instead of pointing fingers: Stop living in the past……………
    5. Now as far as this threat about bloodshed, look who is really being aggressive here….We have know and are up to the games that indians are trying to play about wanting to start violance and bloodshed….all we are going to say is try and bring it on……………………………………………

  110. to anti-dcgc….

    I am entitled to what i think.And it is the truth from what i seen and know.all I’m saying is from the time i was with them.And no..I dont think all of them are like that..but from the 2 tribes that i know of..they are.And I’m sure they are NOT the only one’s.They rather kill you than look at you.I never put that bottle or weed(and other thing’s) to there lip’s.So,unless you take the time and get to know them for what they really need to stfu and do so.

  111. Would you rather have a lot of your distant relatives die of disease and get displaced from land they once inhabited and live in the America we have today…


    be a hunter gatherer who follows a herd and never knows where the next meal is coming from?

    My ancestors land in Ireland was taken by the brits who graciously allowed my ancestors to continue to toil the land for the profit of the new british landlords. Can I go back and claim it?

    Jose “The government of the U.S. are trying to control the safety of our country with ridiculous laws like the one in Arizona proclaming that illegal immigrants are criminials.”

    generally when illegal is in the title that means it is criminal, oops, i mean criminial. We have immigration laws for a reason. Lots of people want to come to America and wait in line and go through due process while people entering illegally cut in line and pose a security risk.

  112. I still waiting for someone to tell me what country has provided more freedom than America.

    The “racist” comments are merely talking points. You bore me.

    Try to come up with something new…. no need to repeat what you hippie college instruct. tells you.

  113. Ok, for the hundredth time, Chief Standing Wolf does not exist. He is a figment of my imagination. I made him up. You can’t quote someone or disagree with some one who is not real. Sheesh. Watch… I’ll sign this Princess Giggles in the Bushes. She doesn’t exist either but she just responded to your comment. See how it works?

  114. dcgc;

    anytime you generalize you are telling general lies. maybe your limited experience proved a stereotype true, but I wonder where you think you came from, or how your white privilige allows you opportunity you probably aren’t even aware of and who you think you know that you can speak on an entire culture as some sort of expert. wake up to the real oppression in your country, realize that over a hundred years of coerced existence and forced religion that a people’s spirits were crushed. Laws like the one proposed in Arizona are designed by elitist, racist oppressors to keep labour cheap and local neighborhoods white. It’s all b.s. and you think you’re entitled? get a world history education and stfu.

  115. To javier–owner of this land???.NO ONE owns land but god.Let’s see them “own” this land if the WHITE ppl don’t go to the casinos.What are they going to own???..They have every opportunity to better them self’s.They even can go to school and get paid for it..But do they..NO.They like to drink and do drugs all day.And i know this to be true.Anyone that thinks otherwise…you just don’t know them.

  116. The title of this article is wrong, The chief never said that they vow to deport “all non-native-americans”.
    Instead he said “all those from European decent” shall not be making immigration laws; Obiously he was talking about white people, not about latin-american people.
    And by the way I agree he have all the right to said that and it is about time the real owners of this land speak up about this issue.

  117. I have to go with bob on this on.And what I’m about to say is the truth.I am a white guy,and i was with a Chippewa for some time.I have seen for myself how lazy and money is all they want.They think they can get something for nothing….and do.Like to talk about being raciest??..THEY ALL ARE.I never believe that i see a bunch of ppl,living like a bunch of disgusting rats.Thay will take from you and lie to you in a hart beat.

    I see them some time’s like they are in a gang or something,you know why the men think they are in a gang and hear to all that rap crap??…Cuz all the women like black’s true.

    But they will lie cheat and take from you.I hate them all.

  118. My thoughts exactly. My grandma was a Kickapoo, a tribe that was driven from Kansas and Missouri to the Sonoran Desert south of the Mexican border by the US Cavalry. She had no birth certificate, though she was born in El Paso. She lived in fear that she would be deported to Mexico and never saw the rest of her family again.

  119. Arent indians from india? Native Americans are the first people that were in the americas first.. Then the euro-trash came..


  121. THIS JUST IN!!!!

    Everybody can go home now and go to bed.
    Go home.
    Everybody has gone.
    No one here now.
    Bye, bye.
    Nighty night.

  122. Hi Todd I do understand what you mean, the problem is many people don’t care for others anymore, only what they can get. I am back in school not only to get a better job for myself, but with education be a voice in a community to stand for what is right and re-educate people to love thy neighbor.

  123. Shame shame shame shame on all Americans who are haters, bigots, and racists who wish the Natives or any other race dead.

    Here is a reminder, your founding fathers had knowledge of native ways and agreed with them! Ben Franklin was known for this.,

    also the Iriquois Nation had an influence in our US Constitution. They are part of what formed the United States today. In the beginning of the Constitution it mentions the Creator that men are all created equal, not Father God. The word Creator is refered to God the Father by Native people.

    People have a right to preserve their language in the United States as well as speak English.

    Navajo code talkers were used in the military to help the US win wars. It was the Navajo language that the world could not understand that aided the US in victories.

    How funny people have forgotten the help Natives have contributed and no one can be neighborly to help.

    Thank you all haters in America

  124. If this keeps up this entire country is going to be in a huge world or trouble! We are teetering off a cliff and it is only a matter of probably months that it all explodes! Does anyone understand what I mean by this?

  125. John Ryan,

    You are all over the place.

    I guess you assume I am a Bush Supporter…no because he is not a conservative. So to make the folks feel better, don’t forget that Pres Obama sent us evil American to help those in Need in Haiti. I should know, I was there. So if that is status quo, I can live with it.
    Comparing genocide. No I was not comparing numbers. I was comparing human nature to do harm to others. Would you prefer I compare the U.S. sitting out while Jews and Catholics were slaughter in WWII? I never said the U.S. did not make mistakes, as any country we have made our share. Just let me know what other country has done so much for freedom. FRANCE? Come on!

    I had no choice but to have my taxes go to the banks. The House/Sen/Pres approved it not me.

    If you don’t think that we have socialist policies. I can’t help you.
    How much percent of your money should go to taxes.

    , health insurance is already more expensive thanks to the new health care bill.. Good job

    Fox News manipulates compared to who? MSNBC?

    Concur: I am not a fan of the ELECT College. Prefer popular vote myself. Yes, Gore would have won. Push to change the law is all I can tell. I keep the number to the Capital switch board and call them when I am stuck in traffic. Vote yes, vote no. It takes seconds. Win some lose some. Run for a local election and quit the game after 4 yrs because most Politicians become corrupt after that. You would probably do a better job than someone who has done it for years.

    Extremist are with the DEM. and REPs. The folks who talk about killing black or whites are in that bunch. That is not me.

    America a theocracy related to Christian religion will never happen. Christians are a dying breed and in10 generation will be out numbered by Muslims.

  126. On May 29th,2010 we the native Americans of this land did march against the state of Arizona also filed a suit with the United Nations against Ariz.we the members of Indigenous Nations of the O’otham, members of the First Nations Eagle Feather Council and Indigenous Peoples from the Lakota,Northern Paiute,Navajo,Hopi and Apache Nations marched in the very lead and not one news station with exception to the mexican stations mentioned a single word, we told all those who at the state and all others who’s decendents came over here since 1492 were in fact also illegals we spoke, with many representative, from many differant tribes on these issues an not one news station, reporter or writer put our words out. this is on all those how still say ohh what a shame and do nothing AYH HO!

  127. As an 4/4 enrolled member of the Oglala, Sioux Tribe, I stand firmly behind Chief Standing Wolf. The Chief, who is really a full blood Ippi Indian, hails from Fort Apache, AZ, is a stand up guy. Wolves are sacred to all human beings with th…e exception of Sarah Palin. I have heard reports coming out of Fort Apache, AZ through W-(INDigenous radio) who call their top news “Breaking-WIND” and I have gleaned some more info on the Churchillan like, Winston, not Ward, Churchill. Chief Standing Wolf. Standing Wolf earned his named by leading a small force of his finest braves in a raid on a local McDonalds. Apparently, McDonald’s had been making their new “Wolf Burger” from the flesh of the endangered Northern AZ Timber Wolf. It is said that local whites were “wolfing” them down like there was no tomorrow. The Chief and his raiders torched the place to the ground. After this the Chief’s tribe of Ippi Indians immediately thrust upon him Chief status. Even erecting a massive pole in his honor. Once a year, the Ippi Tribe holds a ceremony where the braves watch the virgins of the tribe do a pole-dance, rubbing their soft bodies up and down against the pole faster and harder until the entire tribe is engulfed in a massive climax. They all then have a smoke and go to sleep. Standing Wolf was 32 at the time he was named tribal Chief. The inglorious Chiefs grandfather Chief Sitting Wolf was a WWII war hero. Winning Army’s prestigious G.I. Joe Medal for valor. Sgt. Sitting Wolf was the man who shot Hitler in the butt from a thousands yards. A secret only surfacing through recently de-classified WWII documents. It is even reported that infamous film director Quentin Tarantino modeled a role of Sitting Wolf in his latest WWII action flick. However, Chief Sitting Wolf was most notorious among his band of Ippi’s for his unique voice, which was said to have sounded eerily like that of hall of fame radio DJ “Wolfman Jack”, there are even rumors that the “Wolfman” himself emulated his entire style of radio work after the mighty Chief Sitting Wolf. It’s also rumored that when the moon is full and all is quiet, a wolf-like creature roams the Ippi Indian Reservation, stalking local Ippi’s who dare venture out into the night. Some say the wolf-like creature is half man. Some say the creature is Chief Standing Wolf himself. Ft. Apache, home of the proud Ippi Indians, is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. If you know what’s right, or if care about the vanishing Ippi Indians, you will join me in supporting the Ippi’s by sending money via check or money order payable to John Martin, PO Box, 8675309, Van Nuys, CA. Remember Chief Sitting Wolf. Remember–GIVE TILL’ IT HURTS!

    John Martin
    Oglala, Sioux

  128. There isn’t much that I fear…the “white man” has proven time and time again to achieve murderous tyranny. The white man is not worthy of honor (broken treaties, cunning trade agreements, exploitive labor/military force, false perception of “freedom & justice”, the list goes on). Do as you will o mighty maggoty!

  129. that’s the trouble with this country too many people don’t agree with one another people from every other country has to come here by following the law after all we are a nation of laws ya wana forget the murder rape and kidnapping laws cause they come from mexico

  130. “American” as expected anybody who states the facts is a socialist (which is different from communist) and a hater.Typical talk from the fascists/extremists or ignorants in the USA.No,i’m not a socialist like Martine Aubry,that’s a real socialist.
    I’m an independent.
    Are you seriously comparing the killing(genocide) of 300.000 Mayans with WACO?

    “…Don’t forget Bush sent more money to Africa for AIDS than any other president…”

    And you don’t forget that Bush worked for the corporations and Bush lied about the Iraq war, they invented a reason to invade Iraq.The man is a crook.
    Come on man,everyone knows Bush is a fascist and a corrupt
    By the way i’m anti-muslim and anti-communist,because muslims treat women like slaves,it is a fascist religion.
    TAKE TAKE TAKE and give to the corporations at any cost everything,that’s the theme for fascism and neocons. regardless the consequences to the people and environment.
    Work for something?You mean give 82% to the corporations and almost nothing to the rest of the people?BS at its finest.
    Why did you give give give to the banks,billions and billions and nothing nothing nothing to millions of Americans who live without health-care?
    We are talking about guys who lie to manipulate the ignorants,these guys aren’t better than Chavez just the other side of the coin.
    Republicans say that a country with public services are communists.
    Ok so England Canada and France are communists.
    The heroes meaning private companies inflated the prices of everything,now you are forced to have an expensive insurance to
    to access to health-care.Is this what you call justice?
    Fox news manipulates information,they got caught with fake reports several times.
    The political system in the US was designed to keep the power in the hands of right wing extremists.A vote is not a vote ,the 2 main right wing parties control the political system it is a fact.
    The Electoral College system is a fraud,everyone in Europe laughs about that system.The Semi-presidential systems are the best.It is impossible for an independent or small party to win elections,because in the american system they need to have much more votes to elect the same guy.There is no room to small parties or independent or left wing parties in the US,only right wing meaning
    neoliberals=democrats and religious fundamentalists =republican party
    who wants to make of America a theocracy like Iran.
    Both serve the corporations.
    In a real democratic country like France Gore would have won the elections,but in the US with this crooked electoral system he lost.
    Gore had more 500 thousand votes.

    John and Robert Kennedy wanted to change things and they killed them.

  131. Come on people, quit getting all jerky on us. Keep it civil or we’ll retract this fake story and then what will you have to discuss? hmmm? Brittney Spears boobs? Naked Japanese Hokey Pokeyers?

  132. why-bloc, don’t abandon hope yet. There are plenty more good folks out there to offset the bad. We all have opinions. Some just have better ones than others. Stick with it. You’ll see change if you want it bad enough.

  133. What a scary collection of ignorant bigots. Reading through this blog makes me sick to the core. And sad. If bloggers like ‘American’ are any indication of the status quo then I’m cashing in my meager savings, getting a big ugly chainsaw and going out hunting with ‘Joe’.

  134. The issue is not only that Europeans took Native land, but that Native people are still discriminated against and treated as third class people to this day. A disproportionate amount of environmental risk is placed at Native American’s doorsteps every day as they continue to battle nuclear and coal companies and even with these increased risks, Native communities often receive none of the benefit of having power plants placed on or near their lands.

  135. This is exactly what is on the minds of millions. The white people is insisting on this and that with no shame. No one had forgotten history. The native American’s stand on this issue is honorable and admired by all.

  136. This just in… Beckert’s article started its own Facebook page last week, and now has 87,000 friends.

    Also, the article is now dating Lindsay Lohan, and is under consideration to replace Simon Cowell on ‘American Idol.’

  137. I really don’t have much knowledge of the casinos, but hope the money goes to the reservation in some fashion.

  138. “White Man” , don’t forget, there are a plethora of uppity white nihilistic (armed) punk rock assholes like myself, just waiting for a chance to turn a well aimed gun on our fellow white man when the shit hits the fan. No Indian ever called me a faggot as they zoomed by in their pickup truck emblazoned in Dale Earnhardt stickers. I’m out for blood, and and backwoods retard is my favorite flavor.

  139. Wow, he said “there will be bloodshed”…nice peaceful way to prove to “whitey” that the indians we took this country from as the spoils of war were not animalistic and barbaric. He’s STILL trying to kill us. Nice sentiment and a great example to your children, you need to go to anger management. Indians get more free crap in this country than ANYbody, esp that mafia casino money you try to buy public officials with. You can’t be a soverign state and buy your votes and public officials too. We’re onto you. Just FYI.

  140. Chief Standing Wolf may want to take care, else his ancestor’s native cousins may wish to deport him from lands his tribe acquired by other than peaceful means.

  141. By the way,I have been to the middle east and it is a dump. It was a dump well before America set foot there. They treat Third Country nationals like slaves. You ever notice that 45% of Kuwaits population are citizens.. they rest from poor Arab countries… many are born there and can’t become citizens. Yes, the middles east is so civil.

  142. John Ryan, please tell me you don’t live in the U.S. since you hate it so much. I am glad to see you are so peaceful. GIVE GIVE GIVE. Earn something.

    Yes, Bill and Obama can say we are sorry. They are good at that. But they are never sorry for hurting Americans. don’t forget Bill was responsible for killing kids in WACO…he signed off on it, he bomb an Asprin Factory during the Monica Incident and Killed some folks at Ruby Ridge. Good job Bill.

    Don’t forget Bush sent more money to Africa for AIDS than any other president.

    Yes, Bush was absent for Katrina, but so were the Govener, Mayor, local gov… and the people themselves. No one thought to take a Jar of peanut butter with them.. Just waiting for the hand out. I was poor most of my life and at leat knew how to make a freaking PBJ snack.

    GIVE GIVE GIVE, the is the theme for socialist, libs and generally takers. Work for something for goodness sake.

  143. @Kage Tora
    “Shadow Tiger”…lol. Wannabe ninja cosplayer is more like it. Let me quote you, if I may:”…I am sorry to say, is a society of lazy and fat individuals who are not even good enough for the army.” Which army is it exactly that you are making derisive comments about from your basement? The one that I served in (which I’m quite sure was the one you DIDN’T serve in). Not only is today’s military highly educated (I was a merit scholar and have an I.Q. of 157) but we’re actually out there doing something real with our lives as opposed to playing Naruto in our backyards and trying to post pithy, pseudo-intellectual pokes at our betters. Tell you what, wannabe, anytime you want to put your ‘shadow tiger’ skills against this fat, lazy and stupid combat vetted Army guy consider yourself invited. Go back to playing make believe in your black pj’s and never presume to make derogatory comments about real warriors.

  144. Pienso que todos los estadounidenses deberían replantearse esta situación,los inmigrantes aportan los trabajos que uds no quieren hacer,recuerden el film Un dia sin Mexicanos y después piensen además durante 60 años no han hecho otra cosa que invadir paises y llevar miseria,muerte y destrucción a esos lugares todo en nombre de lo que denominan DEMOCRACIA, saben lo que es eso realmente ,no se dan cuenta quienes los manejan a uds,BANCOS,CORPORACIONES,y un grupo de locos decididos a que en todo el mundo se viva a su estilo con Mc Donals,City Bank y eso ya no le interesa a nadie,así que señores no hablen de que los Indios perdieron la guerra,de que guerra hablan? les parece que fue justa,por favor piensen que no son el ombligo del mundo y de seguir con esa política actuaremos en todo el mundo para deportar a todo yanqui hasta de las embajadas

  145. One last thing,the hatred against americans indians by american politicians is so brutal that they funded and helped the dictators of Guatemala to kill 300 thousand Mayans, later Bill Clinton apologized.It was a mistake by the great Ronald Reagan administration.
    In Serbia they were quick to help muslims,but when the victim is native american,let’s kill them all.
    watch 500 nations it is accurate history.

  146. Aga Saba

    “With same reasoning, I am a Persian, Please give us back Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Syria and part of India and more. Sorry, can’t turn the clock back hundreds of years”

    lol Persians are not Arabs,obviously you aren’t any of them,you are defending ethnic genocide,basically according to you China is right when they took care of Tibet.
    After all Soviet Union was right,they just were dumb not using russian settlers in the eastern countries alongside with killing the majority of eastern peoples to own half Europe.
    Those dumb russians!lol
    Man i don’t understand why US protested against the invasion of Georgia.
    Mongolia is very lucky that USA is far away or else it would make part of the USA.
    Let’s face it, the political system in America is not democratic and owned by white supremacists who manipulate and lie to the public opinion.

  147. Jerry Eaglefeather,

    My mothers side of the family came here in the 1840’s or so and my father’s came her in 1879. My mother’s side never made it past the mid west and my fathers’ stayed in the East. You say you white peope brought the diseases. Well you are somewhat incorrect. How could my family killed anyone if they were here to do it. Most of the native’s were no longer in the areas when my kin arrived. These people also had to go through a little Island of the shore of NY to be cleared for health puposes.

    Secondly, I have frineds who work with public health… the Native health care system is riddled by Indian on Indian attacks. They are killing each other. No whites are shooting now. It is quiet sad because the Native Americans have so much to offer our country, but instead they are killing each other. Tribe to tribe still do not get a long.

    Regardless, I wish you no harm and would hope that there could be less angry conversation. I believe you are passionate about what you say, but it would be better served if you did not come across so angry and hostile and lump all whites as being the cause of the world problems.

    If this is the Eaglefeather who is on facebook…….. you are an inmpressive looking gentleman.

  148. I frankly understand why some folks would have “racist” concerns, but to throw Hitler into the mix is not appropriate. But, some use “racist” as a talking point all the time and it has lost meaning in the process. It is like being around someone who says f_ _ _ _ all the time. After a while you just are not affected by it…. No one is pushing to put Folks in interment camps as Pres Wilson and Roosevelt (who were DEMS not Repub)… remember Repubs are routinely identified as racist. But the dem party did more to disupt race relations and truly pushed segergration. Pres Wilson, Pres Ros,. and don’t for get Al Gore’s daddy (KKK Member). But it is okay because Al Gore is a swell guy who invented the internet and as helped us greatly with global warming (TEE HEE HEE). Regardless, we are a nation of laws and need to follow them… if we do not… that is called anarchy.

    Now before I am called a racist; my spouse has a green card. It was a long process, but we followed the laws. We have kids who are bi-lingual and we encourage them to know of their heritage.. So dude, with the Hitler comment.. If I am a racist; my kids are in real trouble.

  149. rozengale you are an idiot!

    “…Native Americans have no more right to this land then we do. They were immigrants who fought and squabbled amongst each other for land. They had wars, shed blood, and all that. Once we got here we did the same, albeit it wasn’t “RIGHT” but it is what happened and they have no more Moral Highground then us…”

    By your racist logic Hitler was right,after all, the countries are available to be conquered all the time including USA in the future.
    the first nations had wars,but they never tried to wipe out each other,they knew that the others always could have had land in another place of America.
    The British settlers traitors to the crown wanted all the land and kill all the non whites.That’s genocide,that’s nazism.
    The British and French wanted to let some land to the Indians and create an Indian country like Pontiac and Tecumseh,the first nations had the right to live under their laws and culture in their lands.
    There was enough land for everyone.
    Euro American government acted like a bunch of nazis and tried to wipe out all the Indians of the continent in the first concentrations camps in modern history who were later praised by the nazis as an efficient process to wipe out other races.
    American government committed genocide against Indians and you are saying it is alright.Next you will say that slavery was ok,after all the Romans had slaves too, so it should be accepted as a normal thing.
    American government tried to conquer Canada, but the bad Indians alongside with the your British brothers kicked your ass badly.
    British settlers won the war thanks to diseases and giving infected blankets to the indians,because they were losing against Pontiac, thanks to the higher number of people and technology and because the French abandoned the continent and specially because the Indians didn’t unite like Pontiac and Tecumseh wanted
    or today you wouldn’t see 2 countries in North America,but several.
    The U.S. refused to sign the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which calls on nations to prevent or redress the forced migration of indigenous peoples, the seizure of their land or their forced integration into other cultures. The U.S. is the only remaining nation to stand against the declaration.
    They have rights in South America,hey they are the majority in Bolivia,Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala even in Mexico,so as you can see the spanish didn’t try to wipe them all like the British settlers(americans).
    I’m white,but the indians should have a country in North America.

  150. Julez, I agree, we need a better system and that is what the people in Arizona should be working toward. A biased bill is not the answer. But a system that goes out of its way to make it easier for foreign people who truly want a piece of the American dream to come into this country and legally integrate into our fold is something we may never see. I went through the entire immigration process with my husband up to and including his being sworn in as a naturalized citizen. The process is long, it is expensive, and it is not conducive to allowing hard-working non-English speaking foreigners having an easy time of it. Yes many people do go through the process, but not without much hardship. If the process were made more accessible and the shyster attorneys who rip foreigners off at every turn of the screw were required to back off or at least offer their services at a more reasonable rate, then we might have a system that is just and equal for everyone. Until then, people will try to sneak past our borders, from all countries, not just Mexico. The whole “legal” immigration process as it stands now is just too daunting for some. That doesn’t make them bad people, that makes them desperate at best.

  151. Just to clarify, Rev Mike was referring to another writer who went by the name “your writing is weak.” He was not referring to you or your writing. You’re fine. While we at the Glossy may not embrace every idea or opinion, we fully support your right to say it as long as you remain civil and on topic.

  152. Easy for the native americans to say, they don’t have to support all those welfare programs and unpaid health care bills and oh yes, lets not forget about all of the uninsured motorist accidents from illegals who won’t be paying a dime for injuries they cause. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, people need to take responsibility and do things the right way. Not always trying to screw the system. Our systems may suck, but how about working to make it better. How about moving on from the past, learn to at least forgive if you can’t forget.

  153. After reading these comments… still… it’s kind of like the show COPS, you just can’t stop watching once you start, even though you realize you’re just watching the worst of the worst make bad sushi of their livelihood…

    Yes, after reading these comments, I know now we are not all equal, quite obviously some of us have more in common with vermin, while the others are more akin to certain skinny-moustach’d Great (white) Men of the past.

  154. To Rev Mike,

    Thank you for bringing up the point of disease being spread amongst the original population. This in fact is true. In fact diseases are still spread through illegal immigration, esp TB. You may be suprised at teh amount of folks who are turned away or through the health screening process, but this was not one of my orignal arguments. My orignal argument related to my belief that the persons coming here under the wire are frequently missed treated and their treatment boarders on slavery. Furthermore, I think it is a slap in the face when peopel say “they do the work that we won’t do.” Listen to how that sounds. It’ horrible.

    The article…. I never said I wrote, not sure want you are talking about.

    My writing… Your comment serves as distraction,. Stick to the arugment at hand. I know you must be smarter than me, but there is no need to show how elete you are. Afterall we are all equal. Right?

  155. Bob thats the most racist thing against native americans ive ever heard in my whole life. I cant believe that you would just generalize all native americans like that… jive ass turkey aint got no brains ANYHOW

  156. Caddo, I really like that. Nice to hear it.
    P. Beckert, I put my thumbs in both ears, wiggle my fingers and go “Nanner, nanner, nanner!”.
    You can always count on me for mature, intellectual, insightful content.

  157. “extreme situations call for an extreme response”

    There is a great deal of hypocrisy in this countries Governmental policies and its abuse is supported by our own law enforcement. Arizona is one such extreme example of a State whose politicians have nowhere to turn in order to slow down the economic bankruptcy they created and culminated during this last recession.
    The Navajo people are right in their assession of the abuse of power made by State lawmakers. The Navajo made a symbolic gesture in the traditional Dine’ language as they should. It would be just as true if they chose to make a statement in English, Spanish or Quechua! The point has been made.

    The only true Americans are the Native people of this land.

  158. i am native american and i prefer shopping at safeway to hunting and fishing. i prefer a house to a grass hut. i prefer trucks over walking. i dont mind the white mans ways at all. i like living in a country where even obama can be president. i like not wearing deerskin and painting my face and attacking the neighbor tribe in retaliation to last nights attack.

    all these hateful people who want to live in the past should put on loincloths and sharpen a stick and go hunt something. you will want your chevy and albertsons in two hours.

  159. According to the indigenous people, land is not owned. We are merely caretakers. This isn’t about land ownership. it’s about sharing space with people who make ridiculous laws.

  160. I study history, it s my thing. If you study it long enough, you realize something.
    give you an example, where do the original britons reside. wales? or how about brittany, who lives in england, the british? no germans. the original inhabitants of france were the Gauls celts which were pushed out by the Normans AND THE franks
    land belongs to those strong enough to hold it. for thousands of years before the white man came to north america native indians red men slaughtered each other and conquered and displaced each other, the stronger tribes pushing out or exterminating the weaker, then came the northern european, the strongest tribe of all..and the land became his. now his culture is in decline and he is weakened.
    land belongs to those strong enough to hold it

  161. Oh, those crazy “Native Americans.’ They keep forgetting they immigrated from Asia. Now the descendants of the Neanderthrals (Arizona Cardinals linemen) will force them to leave. 🙂

  162. See, P. Beckert, I tried to get them to stop, but WHO got wise-assed and said “Oh, you’re not helping at all!”””””””””
    I wonder who that was?
    Well, P. Beckert, now you just have to suffer.
    People will be writing missives about this for forever.
    When you die and go to Heck you will have to be reading them until eternity ends.
    That’s your bad karma.
    Ha! Now who’s so smarty pants, eh?
    Of course you can see how much they listen to me when I beg them to stop.
    That’s MY bad karma.
    Maybe I’ll just set them all off and you’ll be getting letters for TWO eternities.
    How is this: God decided to intervene and send the whites and Hispanics back to Europe where they originally came from and the natives back to Siberia where they first came from. Now the coyotes and scorpions have Arizona all to themselves.

  163. I used to live on the Rosebud Indian reservation in South Dakota.
    I can tell you first hand that these “Native Americans” are the most lazy worthless people on the planet and no one has anything to worry about. They have no idea how to work or get anything done.
    They are uneducated alcoholic rats who have not taken advantage of the white man’s gifts of free education and business grants.
    They would rather get handouts, welfare and sit and drink vodka and complain. I would be the first cowboy willing to saddle up and go out and start scalping these animals just like the good ol’ days. Indians are scum. F’ Em ALL!!!!

  164. I could tell you to read all the comments, but since there are quite a few, suffice it to say that you have found your way onto a satire site and the story was entirely made up. It is satire and therefore not meant to be inflammatory but to bring to light how ridiculous the writer sees the Arizona law recently enacted. Nothing more nothing less. How it became such a hot topic, I’m still scratching my head over. I hope this helps. The fact that most indigenous peoples don’t refer to themselves as native Americans and that tribal leaders don’t use the title of chief should have tipped you off that this is not a real tribal leader saying these things.

  165. haven’t read all the comments, so maybe i’m not the first to say this:

    i don’t think this is for real. i have been trying to find out more about their sources because the article has a racist tone to it (ie. the hyperlink over the words “native tongue” link to a page that defines this concept as “Babble: 1. (pn) Simplified form of speech without language boundaries, metamorphs into “talk” once peppered with real words from any known languages.)

    also, i couldn’t find out any information about who “Chief Standing Wolf” is, which nation he is from or in what context he said these things. to me, this article intends to be inflammatory about the history and ongoing colonization of hopi, navajo and apache peoples and lands.

    can the writer please provide more information about the above concerns?

  166. You have a lot of white people behind you Chief Standing Wolf. We’re cheering you on all around the country.

  167. European Imperialist have attempted to control the world By by the use of war, drugs, oil and their bible. In Africa, America, Asia But the human race is getting tired it.

  168. Yeah, about this article? Like any great satire, at its heart is a gag. In other guises, the gag could’ve made a funny Leno monologue joke, or a great SNL skit.

    The author took the core gag and expanded it very well. So well in fact, the thing has a life of its own now apparently. These bazillion comments, some quite off the wall, demonstrate a Swiftian achievement.

    The author has simply turned a mirror around to show us us.

  169. Los hispanos NO son una raza.

    América NO es un país. Es un Continente.

    Arizona era España !!!

    Muchos de los que se jactan ahora de ser tan “Americanos” son segunda generación de italianos, polacos, judíos, rusos y su santa madre…

    El famoso sheriff justiciero chiflado de “Joe Arpaio” es NAPOLITANO – Americano de 1º Generación. Y Napoles también fué Español.

    This was wrote by one CANARIAN (White African Spaniard), first settlers (well second to natives) in Texas, since 1730.

  170. “Your Writing is Weak”… Oh yeah? Well who died and made you Jonathan Swift? You need to refresh your memory on what Teddy Roosevelt said on the man in the arena.

    We’ll take this up when I get back from Church!!!!

  171. Your writing is weak: Oh kinda like this? I totally see Your writing is weak’s point. If it weren’t for people like him/her giving their unasked for advice, I might never become a great satirist. I am forever indebted. Thank you so much, gush gush.

    I throw the gauntlet down as well. Please contribute one of your own articles so we can see how it’s done.



  174. Point well taken! Living in Sedona and the Hopi Indian reservation I see both extremes of how people are treated. Ask your selves what Jesus thinks of this new Arizona Law? The people that go to church and pray the loudest come up with these non Christian laws.

  175. The Arizona law is well intentioned, but suffers from these serious flaws:

    1) For all the talk about how the law is needed to enforce the immigration laws that the federal government supposedly isn’t enforcing, this law does nothing to address the source of the problem, which is that it is too easy for people to sneak across the border illegal. This law is not about stopping illegal crossings, it’s about arresting them after they reach populated areas.

    2) Although the law does not explicitly tell law enforcement officers to engage in racial/ethnic profiling, the fact that it was passed in response to a problem with illegal immigrants from Latin America means that anyone who even appears hispanic is far more likely to be asked for proof of citizenship or legal residency than anyone else. What are the odds that a law enforcement officer is going to ask a white person for proof of legal status on the suspicion that they might be a Canadian in the U.S. illegally?

    3) This law has a “guilty until proven innocent” angle to it because it allows the arrest of anyone who doesn’t have with them proof of citizenship or legal residency, even if they can later prove they are legal. Furthermore, driver’s licenses aren’t considered proof of legal residency under this law because three states don’t require proof of legal residency when issuing driver’s licenses. To Anthony: the laws Arizonans choose to pass in their own state IS the business of non-Arizonans because anybody visiting or passing through Arizona from another state is subject to this law, including the possibility of wrongful arrest if they are legal but can’t prove it to the satisfaction of the law enforcement official questioning them.

  176. Well, first of all, 95% of the native people died from disease brought by the Spanish. Entire villages and cultures were lost. So the fact that the remaining 5% lost “the war” isn’t much of a surprise. Of course, taking things from people by force of arms doesn’t make it right, even if possible. There is nothing wrong with, after due course, the population realizes what was once acceptable may actually have been wrong, and there needs be a reckoning. Right the Wrong.

    As far as Mr “Your Writing is Weak” is concerned, first of all, and listen to the editor, satire is the use of wit to deride or expose folly or foolishness and prompt thought and discussion. The idea that you would choose to do it different, I guess is merely style, not any more correct. Obviously this post has served its satirical purpose.

    Second, I missed it, which article is your’s? It’s easy to sit there an say how much better you are, but the real test is to put your money where your mouth is. Let’s see what discussion your writing generates.

    ~Rev Mike

  177. With same reasoning, I am a Persian, Please give us back Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Syria and part of India and more. Sorry, can’t turn the clock back hundreds of years.

  178. This isn’t actually satire. The author along with several of you appear to not understand what true satire is. If the author wanted to truly be satirical, he would have taken the side of the AZ lawmakers, supporting his position by highlighting (here comes the satire part [listen close author]) the idiocy and stupidity of the laws. By taking the side of AZ and playing devils advocate, the author would be able to shed light on the laws that smack of closet racism and white supremacy. Instead he just makes native Americans sound bad and puts up a made up story. All the while failing miserably at the satire he claims to write…

  179. I got a plan. Give Mexico the West. Give the Native Americans the Northern Plains. Let Texas annex the surrounding states and be a country. Give Big Ten Conference States to Canada. Let Florida annex the deep south and give it to Cuba. What is left is the original colonies. Let them all be separate like all those little countries on the west coast of Africa that no one can pronounce. Give Alaska back to Russia. Let China and Japan divide up Hawaii and all the other Pacific islands. Give Isreal to the Arabs and give the Jews some Carribean Islands that are vacant since the people who lived on them have moved to the mainland to get away from the Hurricanes.

  180. Paleo-Indians (Paleoindians) or Paleoamericans is a classification term given to the first peoples who entered, and subsequently inhabited, the American continent during the final glacial episodes of the late Pleistocene period. The prefix “paleo” comes from the Greek adjective palaios (παλαιός) meaning “old.” The term Paleo-Indians applies specifically to the lithic period in the Western Hemisphere and is distinct from the term Paleolithic.[1]

    Evidence suggests big-game hunters crossed the Bering Strait from Asia (Eurasia) into North America over a land bridge (Beringia), that existed between 45,000 BCE — 12,000 BCE (47,000 — 14,000 years ago).[2] Small isolated groups of hunter-gatherers migrated alongside herds of large herbivores far into Alaska. 16,500 BCE — 13,500 BCE (18,500 — 15,500 years ago), ice-free corridors developed along the Pacific coast and valleys of North America.[3] This allowed animals, followed by humans, to migrate south into the interior. The people went on foot or used primitive boats along the coastline.[2] The precise dates and routes of the peopling of the New World are subject to ongoing debate.[4]

    Stone tools, particularly projectile points and scrapers, are the primary evidence of the earliest human activity in the Americas. Crafted lithic flaked tools are used by archaeologists and anthropologists to classify cultural periods.[5] Scientific evidence links indigenous Americans to Asian peoples, specifically eastern Siberian populations. Indigenous peoples of the Americas have been linked to North Asian populations by linguistic dialects, the distribution of blood types, and in genetic composition as reflected by molecular data, such as DNA.[6] Between 8000 BCE — 7000 BCE (10,000 — 9,000 years ago) the climate stabilized, leading to a rise in population and lithic technology advances, resulting in a more sedentary lifestyle.

  181. WhattheFugg – Morons like you are the reason why humanity is struggling to become human. Go to Mars where you belong, will ya.

    In fact, to all the white dumb-ass supremacists – go to hell, burn well.

    Be grateful that your pioneering great grandpas could come here and steal the land that you now can capitalize on…

  182. Honestly, rfreed, if you don’t have anything constructive to add, you may just as well leave. Have you no opinions at all? It’s just like you. Come and read all the stories and never participate. What are we paying you for?

  183. The entire state just got abducted by space aliens so everyone can stop writing in now.
    Got that?
    Its finished.
    Everyone’s gone.
    Even John McCain.
    You can really stop writing in now.
    Please stop writing in…. AAAAAGHHHH!!! I can’t take it any more. Just stop!!!! Please, just make it all stop!!!! AAAAAGH!!!!
    I can’t take it any more!!!!
    Aliens, please come take me too!!!!!

  184. Action is required, to finally ptotest the will of other nations causing divisions amongst First Natios to this continent…

  185. I was waiting for somebody to bring this up. Since deportation seems to be my only ticket out, where do I sign up?

  186. I think god knew best
    when he chose to give mankind a limited lifetime
    so that our bickering would have an eventual end

  187. wisakeechak, thank you for voicing what I was too infuriated to articulate.

    Beckert, quite honestly didn’t realize this was satire to begin with (wife emailed me the link with no prefacing), though I picked up on it reading the comments. At the same time, it is horrendous what some people have had to say. Very interesting occurance.

    And Anthony – my dear Anthony. Any fool knows the fed can work around a tin-foil hat easily with the HAARP array. That is why I’ve long since abandoned it and taken up insider-trading of false derivatives, so the rosicrutians think I am really one of them – all while I gather intelligence for the liberation front! Duh.

    But seriously. Of course I don’t have authority in Arizona – the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States, however, do.

    Look, I know its inconvenient for people who think they understand 100 times more than they do, but if you would shut the hell up long enough to view an illegal immigrant as a fellow human being you might begin to learn something valuable.

    And yes, Fox is a mouthpiece for the military. My cat knows this. Wake up or shut up and drink the koolaid.

  188. I started submitting satire stories on Glossy News, because Will Rogers was a great hero in the Depression. He made people laugh about things that weren’t actually funny, and it lifted their burden temporarily.

    What is it with some of you people, makes you think Beckert is running for political office?

    A funny story was written, with a valid point. The author is to be praised and thanked for the wit displayed.

  189. Well, clearly your little piece has aroused quite a few reactions. Sadly, i’m utterly pragmatic, so i started an Internet search on what exactly was the opinion of the Navajo Nation (and the Hopi and the Tohono O’odham, and etc.)
    They have virtually all taken formal positions in opposition to Arizona Senate Bill 1070 (and the ensuing law), with some very interesting comments on the matter. Groups opposed include the Navajo Nation Council, the Hopi Nation, the Tohono O’odham Nation, as well as other individual tribes throughout Arizona, the National Congress of American Indians, the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (representing 21 tribes) and the Native American State Legislators Caucus, ( Of note, a group of Indigenous and American Indian (term preferred by most Natives that I know) Studies scholars and intellectuals condemned the bill and were amongst those who called for a boycott of Arizona,(Source: But I felt like i was reading right out of your little piece when i found a June 8, 2010 news release from The Navajo Nation website, “Council Delegate GloJean Todacheene (Shiprock) commended Council Delegate Begay on his legislation action efforts and said, “Bilagaanas (white people) forget they created a nation of immigrants – they invaded us and yet now they do not like it because America is becoming more brown or of an ethnic mix,” (Source:
    Preach on sister.
    If you want to read about it in their own words…

  190. wisakeechak, I am with you on this one. I had no idea how much controversy my words would cause. It is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is good that we live in a country where we can have these differing opinions and openly discuss them. It is, however, a bit frightening that something I’ve written has been taken so seriously. While I will continue to write satire, I must remember to weigh my words carefully. If I could take back the line “there will be bloodshed” I would. I never intended it to carry so much weight.

  191. @Jimcasy
    You talk as if you have some tin foil on your head and think that the government is spying on you. All this conspiracy bullshit. The Arizona law simply made it part of protocol for peace officers to request proof of citizenship when they are conducting a traffic stop if they suspect the person in question is illegally in the country. Go figure, they’re most likely hispanic because that’s the problem: Arizona is bordered with Mexico. Though I love immigrants and think they are vital to this great nation, some control is needed so they are not hopping over here, not paying taxes, utilizing resources that taxpayers pay for, and killing police officers. If you think any of that is false, I dare you to prove me wrong. And don’t tell me that they pay sales tax.

    I bet your ass you don’t live in Arizona so you have absolutely no say in what the people in Arizona can do with their own state.

  192. I’m truly amazed at all the ignorance attempting to be passed off as intelligence. Kudos to you that this satire would expose so much foolishness. I’m only disappointed that people don’t wear opinions like these on their foreheads. I’d love to be forewarned before interracting with such an individual (not that I wouldn’t but I’d certainly know to tread cautiously) I must say, many of the comments proudly posted have reminded me that gene pool could use a tad more chlorine.

  193. I would gladly let 90% of the US get exterminated to make a leap forward like that. in the long run it saves many more lives and makes everyones lives better.

    Interesting statement, @Tyson Bam. But here’s the REAL question.. would you be willing to be among the 90%, or do you see yourself among the 10% who would benefit?

  194. Hate is hate. Mask it by saying that Natives came from somewhere other than “America” thus they have no right to ask the people that stole and raped from them to act like civil human beings.

    Now having said that, Natives are just as racist as any other culture. Ask many Native groups how many Half-Black/Half-Natives they’ll acknowledge.

    Racism is racism is racism. It is fueled by ignorance and greed. Millions of reasons are created to sustain it. In the end-it will destroy us all.

    But at least we can go up in flames being self-righteous and defensive. That is EVER so much easier than learning to accept each other as HUMANS.

  195. I love this article (satire is it?) you wrote. I think you are a genius. Bottom line is that the Indigenous People must stand together, not to hurt anyone, but to resist the racism running amuck in this country. This includes the White People who feel the connection. Ho!

  196. I may have made a mistake , just to clear up my question i should have ask this . Where did native Americans come from ? Her is another one for you . Still silly but just a thought . In Alsaka the Native people are called ? what ? In America the Native people are called ? what ? So how about the people in Cannada with ” red skin” what would we like to name them as ?

  197. Wait a second here, Could someone remind me please before this time frame of how many years you would like to count. Where was it that the Native Americans come from again ? Okay my second is up ..

  198. Satire of FOX news, which espouses itself as real news when it is actually a mouth-piece for the military industrial complex.

    America commit itself to GENOCIDE against the First Nations people. Now you delude yourselves into thinking it was just some “run-of-the-mill territorial dispute”? The tribes did not fight for land ownership, as we do – they fought mostly over terms of honor.

    You realize, Vashra and other idiotic, tea-partying racist pigs posting here and elsewhere that your “logic” is exactly what the article is making fun of?

    The government has no right to specifically target people in this country, regardless of their immigration status, based on racial appearance. I know you disagree, because you have been thoroughly brainwashed into thinking everything this country does has a stamp of holy writ upon it.

    “Fascist” doesn’t really do justice to your fucked up idealogy.

  199. I would think if these natives wish to be rid of everyone with Caucasian blood in their veins then they’d be *scrambling* to CLOSE the border to Arizona. After all, a Mexican is by definition a mix of Spanish (white), French (white), Dutch (white), English (white), Arabic (still white), and Native American blood.

    I also think these Native Americans should start by “cleansing” their own house. Let’s use some of their casino money to pay for chromosomal analysis of their own population and demand they deport or exterminate anyone among their number with white blood in their veins.

    Let’s see … what level of white taint does it take to make a person white enough to deem being deported? A half? A fourth? An 8th? The Progression (the “scientific” movement of the Nazi party) determined that 1/16th Jewish or Gypsy blood was enough to merit a trip to somewhere sunny like Aushwitz. I wonder how tainted Standing Wolf is, I’ll bet he’s genetically whiter than I am.

  200. No one should have a say on what the citizens of Arizona do except for those who live within Arizona. If you had 49 other states telling you what they think is proper for where and how you live, you wouldn’t like that very much. A similar thing happened with the EPA being pushed by other states to prevent the killing of wolves in Idaho, even though the wolves are killing hundreds, even thousands of livestock each year. No one in Idaho agrees because THEY LIVE THERE. They have to deal with the problems and for an out-of-state citizen to say his way is right when he doesn’t have to deal with whatever hardship the issue may bring is just ridiculous. There’s a reason the federal government has limited, express and implied powers while the rest of the powers are given to the state governments.

    This is where the saying comes to play: Never judge someone unless you’ve been in their shoes.

    Let Arizona do what they want. Shut up about your boycotts. Arizona is just as necessary to the United States as is any other state.

  201. It’s just satire people!!! Will I be stopped and asked for papers because I am brown-skinned myself although I am not Hispanic (I’m Hawaiian/Caucasian)? Oh, for those of you who may not know, Hawai’i is the 50th State in the Union, thus I am an American citizen-just an FYI
    Oh,one last thing, people-use spell check; especially if you’re gonna correct another person’s spelling and/or grammar

  202. Once more we do not focus on an issue, but rather rhetoric. Native Americans, whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians all have made this country what it is – great. Not one of you would move to Mexico border towns where the gun fights are like the O.K. Corral or none would move to central Mexico and starve because there’s no jobs to feed your family. The people of Mexico have been having their land stolen from them by large corporations with no regulations. People in Meixco vote but they have no real voice. In this country, each and every one is the boss.. no matter what Fox or MSNBC tell you. As for focusing on this specific Chief’s comments, Limbaugh needs to wisen up. He’s a former addict.. he is not too high on the saddle of his high horse that a flying turd cannot knock him down. Folks, we must focus on making our country stronger. We must agree to disagree. Americans, all of us, live in a country that allows more people to come into its borders than any other nation in the world. We are asking for our leaders to do the right thing and make a decision to get us beyond the border issue and bring back our economy. Today I read that France is deporting Romani (gypsies) back to Romania… I don’t hear an outcry for those people.. Be level headed. When Americans get emotional, people get hurt. When we pull together, no one, nobody pulls us apart.

  203. My cousin is an Attorney. She checked this article out and said it’s true. The Native Americans are going through the Courts. They don’t want to kill anybody; that stuff Limbaugh said on radio today is a lie.

    I’m 1/16 Sioux. If the Sioux sue, I’m for them!

  204. Ummmmm….aren’t the Tribal Nations Sovereign. Claiming there will be “bloodshed” is a threat of domestic war. The Indians were defeated once, and will easily be defeated AGAIN. Idiotic.

  205. Im glad to hear that my red skinned brothers and sisters are standing up as a whole nation of warriors im only 3/4 cherokee but proud of every ounce of native american blood flowing through my veins never give up.The british and english decents have always taken and when they were giving it was what was already yours and mine i back your decision 100%

  206. Yeah!!!!Standing Wolf for president..It’s about time they step to the front line and voice their opinion.

  207. I thought this was a satire site yet I see this article being quoted all over online with some people getting rather heated over it. Am I oblivious or are they?

  208. Not a good idea to become a stalker InAwe- the last three are buried in her back yard.
    Although they did die with smiles on their faces.

  209. My first reaction is to love this, because bigots seriously bother me. However, because I am for all intents and purposes white, I couldn’t help notice that we were all lumped into the same category… The White Man… and declared the enemy. Isn’t that what the main problem is with what the Arizona govt. is doing? Why not deport the bigots? Why does that extend to all non Native Americans? I’m all for deporting bigots. We should put them on a boat and send them back where they came from. ;D But if we’re going to actually make change and have a non bigoted (against anyone) government, I might actually want to stay here. Would I then have to prove that I have a drop of Native American in my blood? Or maybe I could just pass.

  210. I know this is satire but, I really have to remark on the real issue that came out of this.
    SB1070 is bad for business.
    I own a local company in Phoenix and I am absolutely and profoundly effected financially by this new bill. We need a different solution, one that is good for all. Please don’t make me get out my tomahawk because I will scalp some m.fers..


  211. I certainly appreciate your comments. And I especially appreciate your wise decision not to become a stalker. And yes, there were some comments that just blew me away, but I always try and maintain my sense of humor throughout.

  212. P. Beckert, you are now my favorite satire writer. Even in your responses to this thread you keep your tongue firmly planted in your cheek. Whooosh – right over their heads, just like the article. You must be LYAO.
    First time I’ve considered becoming a stalker! But –nah!

  213. No, no, no… Remember back in the early 80’s when all the Native Americans got together and threatened to sue the U.S. gov’t to reclaim their traditional tribal lands OR appropriate compensation? Well, that quietly went away when all the tribes were allowed CASINOS. Sorry Chief Wolf, a deal’s a deal!

  214. also, in addition to all of this,

    someone PLEASE implement a law where all Panamanian-born natural persons have to get the fuck back to the canal…that’s YOU mccain (sponsor of this bill). you wanna start treading those kina waters? i think not…

  215. Even though I’m categorized as N.A., I actually detest the term as to me every person born in a place is ‘native’ to that place.

    That aside, I agree with the sentiment to expel the oppressive invaders. I take some solace in the fact that Europeans have screwed up almost every place they occupied, so we’re not the only victims. We likely are some of the most mistreated though. I imagine those descendents of original natives of the Congo or Australia might think they were treated far worse.

  216. Awesome! I love this!!!!!! Ain’t that the freakin’ truth? Chief Standing Wolf – you and all the tribes have my blessing!

  217. Syah, Mexican isn’t a race nor an ethnicity; it’s a Nationality. To say someone is Mexican describes their lawful citizenship to a country without mentioning race/ethnicity. To say someone is a Mexican American is saying they have dual citizenship.

  218. To rfreed: Your comments about “lynch white people” was sooo funny. I guess you made those comments and then realized you are white too! Good joke. LOL

  219. What exactly is the problem WITH FILLING OUT PAPERWORK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WAITING IN LINE FOR CITIZENSHIP? Why this sense of entitlement? We can’t have porous borders and allow every drug cartel and terrorist in people! Wake up.

  220. While we’re dabbling in the area of
    Native Americans in Arizona Vow to Deport All Non-Native Americans | , A participating (or with profits) policy would enable the policyholder to share in the profits of a life insurance company, while a non-participating (or without profits) policy does not have this right. Profits that are allotted to the participating policyholders are usually in the form of reversionary bonuses or dividends. These bonuses or dividends are not guaranteed and can increase or decrease depending on the investments returns of the life funds.

  221. Should be interesting. I’ve not been able to move out of my liberal comfort zone. I’m uncomfortable with confrontation as well. So tell me, why do I do this?
    You’d think you’d get more death threats from the Palinites than from the Kate lovers. Go figure.

    P.S. I think folks want to catch the flies merely to kill them. Never gave it much thought until you asked the question.

  222. hmmm. Remind meself TR once said something like, “they who sit in the safe seats of the scornful will never know what it is to be the one in the arena who risks all for glory or shame.”

    So I challenge myself. Will submit two overtly political articles, one from Left and one from Right. I’ll ‘ave a go at it guvnur!

    Not gonna mention Jon & Kate though. Don’t need no more death threats!

  223. I absolutely agree with you. I love the article and the concept of being kicked out by the native americans. It was thought provoking, time sensitive, and well done.
    I think good satire should provoke either positive agreement or a negative gut reaction. If it doesn’t make you feel one way or the other it was probably pretty bland or about something irrelevant.

  224. TysonBam: While I don’t agree with about 98% of what you say, you are entitled to your opinion and I will respect your right to it. An intelligent conversation doesn’t necessarily have to be between two agreeing parties. For the record, I did only write my article with satire in mind.

  225. It’s a joke bud, so quit wearing holes in your jeans from inside out? ‘Tis a VERY funny premise, dig? White people kickin’ Mexicans out of AZ? GREAT idea! Now the Navajo, Apache, Hopi, Pima and Yavapai toss the whites out too, and we’re all good.

    I used to live in AZ, believe our laws should be enforced, and I think this is a hilarious story idea. I nod to partisan passions, acknowledge they exist. But fer Lord’s sakes Tyson? Choose carefully the hills you’re willing to die for? There’s a whole bunch of hills in this world dude.

    This site’s about sarcasm. Partisan writing is fine, but understand that jocular is more persuasive than strident. One can catch more flies with honey than with crap. Have no idea why anybody’d want to collect flies, but fairly sure my tax dollars funded that study.

    Quit wearing holes in your jeans from the inside out, will ya Tyson?

  226. I find it interesting that many have a mentality that this country was stolen from Native Americans. Ownership is a concept that only exists because an entity can enforce it. I don’t own Geatland because my ancestor was Beowulf. It wasn’t stolen from me. This is not to say that US interaction with native americans wasn’t tragic but they have the same right to America that I do to Geatland.

    Also as a controversial matter of fact, native americans lived a miserable existence. They were hunter gatherers for the most part. Though they may have been murdered and had despicable things done to them for X amount of years, they were also brought over a thousand years into the future as far as technology goes. I would gladly let 90% of the US get exterminated to make a leap forward like that. in the long run it saves many more lives and makes everyones lives better.

  227. I agree. Upon reflection, I would have left the reference to violence out. However, this article has really gotten a good debate going and although not my intent, I’m pleased that it did.

  228. Fanning the fire rarely does well to put the fire out.
    Helping those who are here illegally to find courthouses to register as taxpayers would do better.
    Or, as old man Ben Franklin said…
    “To do a thing well is better than to say a thing well”

  229. Who cares? Let’em try. I feel no guilt for anything any of anyone’s ancestors have done; humans have conquered humans ever since one caveman shook a stick at another, it’s human nature.

  230. And further, in this strange and mournful time I challenge all Americans to reject failed paradigms and embrace a new possibility of renewal.

    Let us never forget words of that great Founder Tom Jefferson?
    “Sally Hemmings, cute slave girl? Yeah I know her, but only barely.”

    And technically he was truthful there!

  231. After much prayer & meditation (I hate Patchouli incense) have decided to tell the secret plan. Do so reluctantly, but can tell illegal immigration’s a topic about which some get incensed (see, incense can be either noun or verb, weird huh?) and would not have you fearful, on this strange and mournful day.

    What’s going on, US gov’t is waiting for illegal immigrant population to hit 55M. Once there, very next Cinco de Mayo falls on a Friday, all US citizens hightail it to Mexico. It’ll be great!

    Bingo bango, we’re off the hook for that $13T debt to China!

  232. Oh, forgive me liberties, I didn’t mean to imply that whitey was any less desirable. Hope your wife is having a good time. I’m sure her date is paying for everything.

  233. Well according to my wife, caucasian men can be quite sexy and sensual too. In fact, think she might be out on date with one right now. Said she was going to work though, so I dunno.

  234. And just for the record, my first husband was from Mexico and was here illegally. He didn’t live off of welfare, only did MIGRANT work. He was murdered by another illegal 32 years ago, and that @#$% has not pulled one day of jail time. Why, Because he was illegal. People , you can’t keep looking the other way where these illegals are concerned. IF they let all of them stay here, then by God they need to open up every prison and turn all the child molesters , rapists, murderers and drug using theives out. If you are going to bend the law for some , then you need to bend the law for others.
    I was 16 years old when I married him. I see things differently. I am sorry that they have a rough life in Mexico but the answer is not to let them come here and break the laws. They will turn this country into another 3rd world country like their own. When the welfare runs out, and it’s going to IDIOTS ! All hell is going to break lose. Dummies. you need to wake up ! I had to wake up, and you are going to have to wake up. yes, they are a beautiful people to look at , and yest they are sexy and sensual and bla bla bla, but they need to follow the rules like Americans have to.

  235. It is not descrimination to want to keep people safe from illegals from Mexico. I used to hang out with them when I was young and stupid.
    They think rules DO NOT apply to them. If the stupid government would have put a stop to this problem years ago there would not be all this mess of them sucking this country’s welfare program dry. God I wish a continent would rise up out of the ocean, let the minorities have this country and white people go to live on the other continent. No more having to pay rediculous taxes for minorities that breed like rats.
    When the welfare stops , because the system is broke and whitey doesn’t have any more money to give, all hell is going to break lose in this country.

  236. Hey Native Americans ! Have you thought about who is going to pay for all your social service programs when the white people are gone ? HUH ? ever thought about that ? It’s sure as heck not going to be the blacks and the mexicans are not going to pay for it either. I was married to an illegal . Loved him to death. He was a hard worker and didn’t want hand outs. These illegals that come here now , that’s all they are after. handouts.
    Don’t worry, whitey will be gone soon. We stupid whites have done it to ourselves by giving in to whiney cry babies who have not had to suffer like what their ancestors did, they only want to use that as an excuse to get handouts. God , am I glad that the biggest part of my life is over, and soon I will be going to another world where I don’t have to keep everybody up. YIPPEE!

  237. Those descendents of stone age aboriginal mongoloid invaders who committed genocide against white prehistoric inhabitants of north america are simply wining. Turn around is a bitch isnt it friends.

    Guess what, laugh it up darkiess.

    Because whites are done taking shit off you.

    We are powerful.

    We wont let you tell us what to do.

    Get mad, we will only laugh at you.

    We are going to do things as we see fit, if you try to interfere its your ass.

  238. The blood shall be yours that flows red & brown man.

    It is we whites who show great patience.

    If we whites require your trivial opinion we will instruct you to speak upon request.

    I will go all across America through what you call “your lands”, which are really my lands. If you try to stop me I will destroy you. The white man will destroy you. You cannot stop me. Because I will not allow you savage fool.

    😉 the white man

  239. My responds is to the person who believes a person needs a lawyer in order to become an American citizen.. this is purely no truth to that subject, unless the person cant speak English and needs someone to represent them.

    I became an American citizen in 2002, My parents and I came here Legally by using a Visa and then obtaining a green card after arriving here in the states in 1968. When I applied for my citizenship all I had to do is pay $250 for the paper work(application),fingerprints and picture and NCI check. One thing before a person can even think about becoming an American citizen the person has to be a law bidding green card holder.Next the person has to know how to read, speak and write English and know the history of USA..

    The reason being for this is because the final test a person has to take says on it ” need to know how to speak, write and read ENGLISH ” other wise the person will not be able to take the test. After the person has done all those steps and has passed the test within about a month there will be a ceremony in order to be sweared in and take an oath to become an official American citizen.

    The reason why the illegals want amnesty is because they want to by pass all those legal steps in order to get a free hand out and all that jazz and Mexico laws are stricter then USA immigration laws.

    Why did I wait until 2002 to become an American citizen? because I want it too be my choice and my spiritual path to fulfill when I was ready.

    I have no problem with people coming over to this country, but at least have the respect for the American citizens who were born here and have respect for the green card holders who did it the legal way.. no one gets a free ride in this country we are all part of one race its called the human race, but use some common sense and respect for others who actually loves this country.

  240. P. Beckert,

    StumbleUpon found your article for me and I read through the comments and I was getting all vitriolic when it dawned on me that there is so little education about the ethnic history of the country and the native history of the country that many of these people can’t help but be ignorant. Granted, I believe in hunting down information that one lacks but it’s hard to ask a question if you don’t know that there is a question to be asked.

    “Native American” is a troublesome title because of people who were born here and call themselves native. I suppose technically yes, I am a native American but I am not an American Indian.

    Now, I highly recommend that everyone invested in this charged conversation go and read about indigenous interactions with each other, Europeans, African Americans, etc. in the Americas. There is a lot to say and a lot to know. It should help.

    This is long. Oh well. Society tends toward progress overall. We’ll be ok someday.

  241. Nice to see this article is still creating a stir and causing people to think and discuss. Although that wasn’t my intent when I wrote it, I’m glad that is the end result.

  242. Really? Some of you are offended by this humorous bit of satire? I am native American and my ancestors were here before the Europeans came.
    That was then, this is now & I have no problems with anyone of any ethnic background living in America.
    Did my ancestors get a raw deal? Yes they did, but it’s history and cannot be changed.
    I think this article is quite funny.
    The new law in Arizona is just plain wrong and will lead to profiling whether the state wants to admit it or not.

  243. people of this earth have been exploited, forced to leave their home lands, made sick by germ warfare been seperated from their famillies. It has been going on for a long time. I dont know if it will ever stop but I dont think it’s right to punish people now for what their ancestors did. There is only what we do now. It makes me so sad. As for me if this isnt my home land I dont have one. My blood is mixed. Do I get to just pick one, and if I choose to go live in one of these homelands do I have the right to force the people who may have been living there for the past hundred years to leave, and where will they go.

  244. Let’s keep the Native Americans happy….but fuck those damn beaners! Kick them out of the state, out of the country, and back over the fence!!!!

  245. Only reason white people took it is cause they were disease ridden and got everybody sick.

  246. It’s pretty obvious that the laws in Arizona are totally effed up. On the other hand, no one’s going to go out and start killing others over it, especially not tribal people. And if you really want to talk about past head counts, tribal populations declined nearly 10 million since European occupation, starting from about 12 million. There was no true asskicking on either side, Europeans just became a quick majority with superior firepower and immune systems. Racial profiling is wrong and goes against the foundation of this country. Therefore, this law sucks.

  247. I’m happy that this group is taking a stand, but I’m not sure I like the threat of bloodshed. If it has come to this then I am sad, but the rights of racialized people to live there must be recognized.

    I’m sure there can be a peaceful resolution.

  248. I am of Italian Descent. My parents were immigrants to this country and became naturalized citizens all done leagaly. I was born in this country which means I am a NATIVE AMERICAN. The Indian tribal people are also NATIVE AMERICAN. They can also be known as indigenous people which I am NOT although I am a still a Native American. Let us stop being stupid by acting PC. First of all there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant – Illegal alien yes but illegal immigrant no. An Immigrant is here by the authority of the our laws. An alien can be here by the same authority of our laws. When an alien comes to this country without the authority of of our laws the person is an ILLEGAL ALIEN – NOT an illegal immigrant. It can be said they immigrated illegaly, which is an action not a person, but that does not give them them the status of being an immigrant, which is a person not an action. They are still aliens and ILLEGAL at that.

  249. You know what if they say they don’t like the laws, I say give them the state. they think they’re the rightful people, then fine… But we take everything that we put into that state and take away all money, produce, everything… and if they decide they want to take something rather then work and build in their own state I say Fuc* em. But we’re supposed to sit here and let these people come into the country and take jobs but they can’t even be understood. but whatever… you look at the laws in mexico and you’ll be thankful for the freedoms you have here. but if you don’t like it here because of our laws or whatever get the fuc* on, go back to your country and try to squeeze water from stones

  250. Brevet is/was a temporary rank. Custer reverted back to his permanent grade of Lt Col after the war, as did so many others to include Major Marcus Reno who served under Custer at Little Big Horn and who was a brevet Brigadier General.

    ~Rev Mike

  251. Custer’s current image is compliments of his wife. She did not want the world to know how ruthless he was. After all, he got busted from General to Colonel! This was at a time when a Brevet rank was like a title.

  252. I am from one of the Tribes that kicked Custer’s ass and it’s about time we stand up and kiss some ass again. We may be a poor people but we are a wise people.

  253. I am White and Native American but I still agree with this 100 percent you have to let the people who were there first know what kind of STUPID LAWS your passing. That bill is racist and will discriminate against anyone brown, red, or has a NICE TAN. Arizona is a state where stupid government lives.

  254. Hey G.B.t.M.!
    Wanna go collect some scalps?
    It really gets the anger out of your system.

  255. In my opinion, you’re on your own with this cluster F. First off learn to write. Obviously the educational system doesn’t teach spelling, grammer, or revision.
    Which of you putty-heads is credited with golf courses in the fu^&*ng desert? I suffered living in AZ for 12 years as a child, and your state has more golf courses than nuts stored in John Mcain’s cheeks.
    I’m upstream in Colorado so next time you smell or taste your water, be comforted in knowing my urine is golden delicious and 100% natural. You’re welcome, water greedy pigs.

    I’m sick of hearing you bitches whine. Either get out of that hell-hole state or act as your selfish conscience tells you; walk your talk or shut the f%%k up.


  256. Tinkerbell comes and tells me that you can make anything become real if you wish upon a star!
    Try it some time.
    I once got a thousand grape lollipops!

  257. @Dave

    In fact, “redskins” originally referred to Native American scalps that had been collected by Europeans.

    Is it wrong if I wish this article was real?

  258. I wear scalps on my belt all the time and no one says anything.
    No one will sit next to me on the bus though.
    And it is true that Denny’s won’t let me eat there anymore.

  259. What a bunch of idiots, does anybody know what satire is?

    No I don’t believe Chief Standing Wolf said any of this. Since the source is satire I’m not even sure there is a Chief Standing Wolf!

    The Indians got screwed, and Col. Custer got Sioux-ed

    Note; before the arrival of the whites, most Indian wars were, non violent coo’s, more of a game of tag your out of the game(war). Most Indian wars were settled non violently, those so called savages were a lot more civil than euro-trash whites have ever imagine!

    Most white Americans believe the Indians invented scalping, NO WRONG!
    they learned it from the whites, they were just much better at it.
    Little known fact is Col. Custer proudly wore 157 Indian scalps on his belt, and every one of them were from women, and/or children. This will undoubtedly hurt someones feelings but these are the fact like it or not. Don’t believe me look it up you got the internet. ~D~


    Wait a minute….. I am a white person….
    Sorry, I just woke up….shouldn’t go to the Internet so quickly….

  261. If it were that simple, we wouldn’t be having this dialog. The problem is that there are illegals in America and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep them from coming. Laws that allow officers of the law to stop anyone who may fit the description of an illegal, i.e. dark skin, high cheekbones, black hair, Spanish accent, albeit for probable cause, inevitably lends itself to misunderstandings and possible wrongful arrests of valid citizens.

    Instead of putting the onus on law enforcement to determine if someone is in Arizona illegally, why not leave it in the hands of the immigration officials. Better yet, why not train the people down at the driver’s license offices to ask for proper identification before issuing state identification. If a resident alien has a green card, or is in the process of getting a green card, the licensing officer can merely issue a temporary license that is good for only a set period of time so that the immigrant will have to check in to retain driving privileges. Same with any state-issued identification, without which they cannot get a job. Seems to be a better way to handle it than the “assumption” law. Even if this idea isn’t the best, I believe that more thinking along the lines of coming up with solutions rather than penalties will go a long way in restoring people’s faith in Arizona’s lawmaking abilities.

  262. “Who’s on First?”
    “I Don’t Know.”
    “3rd Base.” Funny how popular uninformed opinion makes as much sense as abbot and costello. Its actually quite easy to undrestand the AZ situation:
    “We were here first,” native.
    “Well, We are Here now,” transplants.
    “We’ll be here soon,” illegal.
    “Please come in to our country, just do it like everyone else is supposed to, get a lawyer and become a citizen.” transplant.
    “We’re not saying you can’t come in here (mexican, german, canadian, israeli, south african, saudi arabian, french, german, austrian, russion, whocareswhereyourfom-ian) just follow the law like you’re supposed to as a citizen of the US. Act responsible, and you will be considered responsible.”

    I follow the law – so should you. Don’t like it? Change it, as a citizen who has a right to be here.

  263. Depends on how you look at it. Native Americans believe that the earth was not given to man to own but merely provided for his use. In their view, we are merely caretakers of the earth, and poor ones at that. It is white man’s law that allows for the buying and selling of property, and in some instances, the outright taking of someone’s property under eminent domain. By saying “all land is stolen land,” you assert that someone at one time or another had to “own” the property for it to be stolen. And therein lies the original problem.

  264. U know what else, leave it to the white ppl to screw up the planet. Thanks to money and oil they’ve killed us all anyway. We’re just waiting to die, they’ve already killed the planet that God gave us all. But believe u me, God sees what they’ve done, and we don’t have to do anything, he’ll take care of it. They’ll fry, and there’s nothing they can do about it. “In GOD we trust” was incorrect. In “GOLD” they trusted, but they’re golden calf has shit on them.

  265. Well, if ur scared, why don’t we deport ALL CRIMINALS. Can we please leave my husband? All he does is love me and our children. He’s never even had a parking ticket! It’s like saying that all Black ppl are drug dealers!

  266. I don’t think it’s fair how they’re choosing to “monitor” our border. Who was it that drew that line again? It wasn’t my ppl. I married an “undocumented immigrant” and they want to make me think that my family can’t stay together bc he didn’t have a visa when he came across. Did Columbus or any of those immigrants arriving on ships have their visa’s? I doubt it! It’s unconstitutional for them to try and take my husband and child’s father. My family thinks he’s everybit as Native as we are. After all, what’s the difference btwn a Native American and a Mexican racially? We both got languages that were imposed upon us. FUK THEM ARIZONA LAWMAKERS!

  267. I take exception to your calling this idiotic poorly done satire for one reason only. Satire, if written well, will most times evoke a conversation about the subject matter. That is what this article has done. Many sites are now contemplating the “what if” scenario brought forth in the article and for the most part, an intelligent dialog has begun over the issue of whether or not Arizona’s recent law is fair for all. So, if nothing else, I see that as a positive.

  268. I really don’t give a fuck about border laws. The reason this law is so fucked is that it targets anyone who “looks” like an immigrant. As if racial profiling weren’t bad enough already. This law coupled with the patriot act is turning this country of so called freedom and liberty into one fucked up place.
    I am Jewish and native american. Specifically Lenne-Lenape, a tribe who after the fact of invasion converted to christianity and all that jazz, and were still slaughtered later for fucking sport. It’s not about being a sore loser.
    This circumstance also reminds me of something on the other side of my heritage…
    It is now nearly a crime to be not white in parts of this country. It is now legal to mess with someone just because they’re brown. This is some fucked up shit!

  269. I really don’t give a fuck about border laws. The reason this law is so fucked is that it targets anyone who “looks” like an immigrant. As if racial profiling weren’t bad enough already. This law coupled with the patriot act is turning this country of so called freedom and liberty into one fucked up place. I am Jewish and native american. Specifically Lenne-Lenape, a tribe who after the fact of invasion converted to christianity and all that jazz, and were still slaughtered later for fucking sport. It’s not about being a sore loser.
    This circumstance also reminds me of something on the other side of my heritage. It is now nearly a crime to be not white in parts of this country. It is now legal to mess with someone just because they’re brown. This is some fucked up shit!

  270. I think you meant “descent” instead of “decent”. Actually reading your copy instead of depending on spell-check might be worthwhile.

  271. Yes actually

    The reason I like legal immigration is that it helps to prevent crime and screen people who pose a threat. 90% of the people who come here illegally I probably wouldn’t have a problem with, but there are many who come here, mess up peoples lives and hurt our nations people. Letting people in and out as they wish is dangerous. People make fun of Texas or other border states for seeming so racist, but seriously there is some scary stuff that goes on down there and most of it is caused by gangs from Mexico or illegal immigrants coming in. Look up the story about the head being rolled into the dance floor of a club in Texas, that one is scary enough and leads to a whole lot more scary stories about people here illegally doing even more illegal and horrible things.

    I literally do have no problem with immigrants, I’ve had friends that are Asian, Mexican, Black, White, you name it. But opening your borders up to threats is just stupid and should be avoided. It would be nice if we lived in a world where we never had to lock or doors or worry about something bad happening, I do wish for a world where everyone can get along, but just because we want an ideal doesn’t justify us being stupid.

  272. I think you’re okay calling yourself “native American”. I know plenty of whites born in Africa who immigrated here (legally and illegally) who can call themselves “African Americans”.

    How do you feel about white Europeans from say, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, or Sweden who come here illegally? Are they just as unworthy as the Brown people or the Asians?

    Just a thought.

    ~Rev Mike

  273. Native Americans have no more right to this land then we do. They were immigrants who fought and squabbled amongst each other for land. They had wars, shed blood, and all that. Once we got here we did the same, albeit it wasn’t “RIGHT” but it is what happened and they have no more Moral Highground then us. Also “Native American” is a bad term. It makes it seem like the land is and always was theirs. Native just means they were BORN in that country/continent. I am just as Native as them.

    I’m tired of these crap double standards that people keep setting. There is a reason it is called “Illegal Immigration”, it’s against the laws. I say bravo for actually sticking up for the law. People should be trying to make it easier to get into America while still being secure. Also interesting story: Mexico is much more harder on illegal immigrants then Arizona (

  274. I am so amazingly amused that people are getting ticked off and accusing the Chief of being a sore-loser. Have we completely lost the ability to interpret subtext? He’s not serious about going to war with state lawmakers – not even the greatest Native American tribe can hope to be anything more than an annoyance to our military. He’s making a statement regarding his belief toward the new AZ laws, namely, that they’re stupid. God, people are such knee-jerk non-thinkers. They read about a Native American chief threatening bloodshed and assume he’s serious. What, you say you understand irony and context?


  275. He would not say “there will be bloodshed” this is good but this is a peaceful revolution going on in Arizona…people coming out to march all over the place, not going to stand for it, yes civil disobedience, but no bloodshed.

  276. Which reminds me of an old story I heard not so long ago….

    When NASA was preparing for the Apollo Project, they conducted some astronaut training on the Navajo Reservation in northern Arizona. One day a Navajo elder and his son were herding sheep when they encountered the space crew engaged in such training. The old man spoke only Navajo and asked a question which his son translated. “What are these guys in the big suits doing?” A member of the crew replied that they were practicing for their trip to the moon.

    The old man got excited and asked if he could send a message to the moon with the astronauts. Recognizing a promotional opportunity for the spin doctors, the NASA folks found a tape recorder. When the old man had finished recording his message, they asked the son to translate it for them, however he refused to do it. So the NASA reps brought the tape into town to get it translated. The other members of the tribe listened to it and then laughed, but also refused to translate the elder’s message to the moon. Finally the NASA crew called in an official government translator. He then translated the elder’s message as saying;

    “Watch out for these assholes… they have come to steal your land”

  277. All I know is I’m in Arizona… I don’t speak spanish, navajo or proper english… and I wanna meat Jenna…

  278. Some people are way to uptight. Go to some comedy clubs. Or listen to George Carlin or Mark Russell.

    Personally I hate meat. Especially from someone who would rather build walls. So after 21 years I divorced him.

    There should be no borders. No slave jobs that sell how good they have been for us. And now that we start seeing how well the con artists have done off with almost everything — while they are keeping us “Safe.”.
    Who is keeping anyone safe from “Them?”

  279. first of all, tribes are run very differently these days. i dont think a chief has been around for like 80 years. Secondly, you can’t get natives to agree on shit.

  280. Nicely put from someone with living experience. Unfortunately, it is becoming less about becoming global and more about American superiority. I am married to a Brazilian and that has enriched my life immeasureably as well.

    As many people have made the argument on this story on other blogs that the practice of conquering a nation and then claiming it as theirs and kicking off those they don’t want around has been going on for a while now (I won’t give an exact time-frame…too much hassle). So I ask you, does this make what Arizona is doing right? Are we ever gonna really get the point? I’m thinking no.

  281. I wondered how long it would take for some poor anal soul to feel the need to correct the poor anal soul who felt the need to correct the poor anal soul…like looking in a mirror that is facing a mirror, huh?

  282. I tried self-torture as well and was remarkably successful. I dated a Evangelical Christian Conservative and tried to live by their convoluted rules. I was a quivering ball of insecurity, guilt and self-doubt within a mere week.

    Fortunately for all of concerned, he had a small penis and I need my meat.

    Shortly thereafter, I began dating a member of the Insane Clown Posse and my life fell back into balance.

  283. 1 century = 100 years. 150 centuries = 15.000 years (not 1500). Someone should probably read their math books instead of the history books..

  284. I’m white and born and raised in Alaska. My Dad’s business partner was Tlingit and my Mom now works on the Crow and Cheyenne reservations so I have been taught to respect the First Nations. I have been happily a devout Buddhist (Tibetan lineage) since I was a teen and now in my forties. At my temple most of the people are Chinese. My wife and her crazy family that all live next door are Italian Catholics. We live in Australia and I am now a dual citizen there. I ran a business in India. Most of my friends are from somewhere else in the world.

    My life is immeasureably richer because of this.

    What the heck do silly national, let alone state borders mean anymore?

    We are an interdependent global community – Americans in particular should know this.

    Tear down these walls!

  285. HEY!!!

    This is really satire, but then no one will read this anyway.

  286. I dont see what the big deal is!!!!!!!!!! Everyone has to carry papers( or ID’s) not just the illegals. It has been in law for many many years but nobody ( federal government ) so Arizona decided to do something about it, I think all States should!!!!!!!!!!

  287. Hi Jenna and all others worrying about Nacogdoches’ post…after his post, I, the writer, revised the article to read thousands of years instead of thousands of centuries and said so in a reply post. And yes, even though this is satire, there are still those who expect the satirist to get his/her facts straight. It appears obvious that math is becoming way more important to the readers of this article than the actual message, and for that, I apologize for missing the mark. But I don’t know why I’m saying any of this because no one will read the correction, no one will get that it’s satire, and all we’ll continue to get here are knee-jerk reactions. Maybe I din’t miss the mark after all. Carry on.

  288. My history books say that indigenous Americans have been in Arizona for between 8,000 to 10,000 years, more or less. Or thousands of centuries. What’s with the 150 centuries (1500 years)? Is this from the Young Earth history book?

  289. @Nacodoches:

    Learn to read, dear heart. The article read “thousands of years”. The word ‘centuries’ appears no where in the article.


    The crime rates in AZ are some of the lowest in the nation and at their lowest point in many years. Apparently, illegal immigrants are NOT causing more crime. Do try to get your info somewhere besides FOX News(sic) and learn to use your internet for something other than being a troll.

    @Everyone who thinks this is real:
    This is SATIRE. For those of you who don’t know what that is, is looking for members.

  290. i agree with he who plays too much playstation.

    i can almost guarantee that the chief would be much more in shape than the fat ass white guys who run the government, therefore, kicking his fat white ass, as should be done. and at least it’d be entertaining.

  291. Ya know what? Just do it the way they do it in videogames. Martial Arts tournament. Whatever group’s representatives win gets Arizona.

  292. I come from a Native American family, not quite full blooded, but very close. I think that this is idiotic. They lost their war and now they’re bitching this long later? And then to issue a statement in your native tongue instead of English so that you could be taken seriously? Shear idiocy. And before you point out that my last name is Barnes and that’s European, please take into account that I’m married.

  293. I’m am fully behind the Native Americans. Though I am white I side with them. The white man hasn’t done much good to anyone but himself and his own race. I do believe that we are slowly trying to atone for what our fore fathers have done but we should be trying to make a bigger effort. As for black people we have tried to help make up what we did to their ancestors but all the “hoods” make it hard for us.

  294. Bullshit! Your words are feeble there Chief Wolf with Leg Cocked, you got your asses kicked – plain and simple. Go crawl in a corner and shut the fuck up!

  295. European did take the land and will keep the land. From what I understand the state of AZ are not after people trying to make a living, but kippers and drug dealers. Why aren’t you people doing so them about that.

  296. to srsly:

    you may as well have just used proper punctuation instead of typing out an explanation as to why you dont use it. seems like it would have saved time to just use it.

  297. What Arizona is doing is not that outrageous, they are merely enforcing existing laws.I feel the problem is the failure of the governments of this country and Mexico to agree to an intelligent immigration policy. I say, allow all people in, who will provide identification except violent felons.,that way we will know that border criminals are actually criminals and they can be dealt with accordingly.In a reciprocol agreement, any U.S, citizen,non criminal who wants to ,will be able to work in Mexico with out the current barriers.

  298. This being the internet is not a reason for not capitalizing or using proper punctuation. If the author of this article was able to make that effort (as well as the effort to apologize for and correct a mistake in the original article), then so should you, rather than perpetuating the myth that the internet is a place for free speech, free non-use of capitals, and free punctuation, the only thing that can come of which, I am sorry to say, is a society of lazy and fat individuals who are not even good enough for the army. On a side note, before anyone says it, I do realize that this comment has nothing to do with the article, but this is the internet.

  299. Fugg em. Should have finished wiping them all out at the turn of the last century. We wont go on your reservations, you dont come OFF your reservations. No more casino money. Lets see how long you last then. Cut off ALL BIA funds as well. Well starve your asses.

  300. Every nation that is still standing has conquered a neighbor so they could have the “rights” to a piece of land. The Native Americans went to war with fellow tribes straddling for “their” land in America long before Americans stepped foot in North America. They weren’t so friendly to each other until they realized an outside threat.

    Taking someones land is wrong but it has been happening for a long time.

  301. joking or not, it is unwise to implicate native tribes in saying these things, especially if they havent. as an arizona resident i already have to deal with enough bigots to last a life time, please dont ecourage any more. (no, i dont capitalize or use proper punctuation, its the internet. if thats going to be your best argument, save us all some time)

  302. If astuteness isn’t a virtue, it should be my friend. I could lie and say I meant to say thousands of years, but truth be told, I didn’t. Just for you, I’m gonna go in and revise the
    article so I can at least act like I know what I’m talking about, but we both know, you are now the brains behind this article.

  303. i know this is just supposed to be satire, but…. thousands of centuries? try about 150 centuries.

  304. Ha! I love it!!!!! I am a proud Native American woman who is married to a proud Mexican American …he was born here & is currently serving our country in Iraq. I wish more people would wake up & take a stand against discrimination & profiling.

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