Fortune Magazine Names Hollister, California Most Gullible City in America

New York, NY – This dubious recognition came on the heels of a story which appeared on the Glossy News website in February 2010, see here, wherein Hollister, California was depicted as a creepy town by executives of a British company known as Hollister Co. who decided to check out the California town to see if there were any similarities between their company and the town that bore their clothing line name. There were none.

Months after the story ran, complaints of local Hollistericals (Hollisterians? Hollisterites?) are still pouring into Glossy in defense of their small California town, obviously unaware that the story was completely fabricated. Even with numerous signs in and about the Glossy site indicating its stories are satirical in nature, the complaints keep on coming.

Due to the anger shown by Hollister’s eerily-protective townsfolk against the Hollister Co. executives in particular and the British in general–whom, we cannot stress strongly enough, did not really go into Hollister, the town, and say bad things about it–Money Magazine is reportedly due to come out with their annual ranking of America’s Most Angry City, and, you guessed it, Hollister, California is expected to rank somewhere near the top of that list as well.

Author’s Note: Apologies to BC Bass, author of the original Hollister story. I just could not resist.

Author: P. Beckert

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9 thoughts on “Fortune Magazine Names Hollister, California Most Gullible City in America

  1. Haha this is usually where I would say “just because a few people from hollister believed one false article doesn’t mean everyone in the town is gullible!” but I know I can’t say that because I live here and well… I really don’t want to lie if I don’t have to. We are all pretty much extremely gullible.

  2. Hahahahaha, this is epicly awesome! Lol. I couldn’t believe how many people tried defending Hollister on that last article… Silly hollisterites (my personal favorite out of the three options).

  3. Gullible, huh? Well Mr. Erudite-over-educated-city-slicker, just wait and see what Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny bring you next year! That’s right, nothing. Especially from Hollister.

    Just because there isn’t a 4 year college in San Benito County doesn’t mean we’re all ignorant…or does it?

    Seriously funny, though. Thanks for the laughs and painfully obvious insights into our little homespun community.

  4. Awesome, totally awesome! It’s been a while since my hometown was recognized for our illustrious achievements. On behalf of the city of Hollister I’d like to especially thank San Benito High School administrators and the local government for their part in making Hollister the kind of city that can achieve this level of excellence!

  5. Your fellow editor and writer thanks you for reporting on this critical development. Now if Fortune Magazine would only rush to my defense on the equally misunderstood James Randi and Def Leppard pieces.

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