Whitman Camp Lauds $162million in Personal Stimulus

Even though she may have intended it to lead her to the highest gubernatorial office in the land, she’s just happy to do her part… if you can accept all that.

Author: BK Satire Webmaster

Brian first began peddling his humorous wares with a series of Xerox printed books in fifth grade. Since then he's published over two thousand satire and humor articles, as well as eight stage plays, a 13-episode cable sitcom and three (terrible) screenplays. He is a freelance writer by trade and an expert in the field of viral entertainment marketing. He is the author of many of the biggest hoaxes of recent years, a shameful accomplishment in which he takes exceptional pride.

1 thought on “Whitman Camp Lauds $162million in Personal Stimulus

  1. Well, that is alotta clams, unfortunately it all went to one source. Think of how much real seafood just a portion of that sum would have bought for the less fortunate. OOps, sorry, can’t suppress that damn liberal in me.

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