Types of Cycles Used for Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is very much different from road biking, and the types of bikes are different as well. Mountain bikes are specifically for wild trails-off-road cycling on non-paved roads. Since mountain biking become a sport in 1970 we have witnessed a variety of cycles made for this particular sport. From then to this very day, there are 5 major types of bikes that most riders use when they want to participate in competitive mountain biking event. And if you are one of those people who love cycling after playing online casinos south africa games for real money. Below are some of the bikes that you can explore and have a wonderful joyride.

Cross Country Bikes

Since they are meant for cross country biking, these bikes are very light, and they are mostly for riders who go on long uphill as well as downhill stretches. They are bikes are actually good for different types of terrain. Since they have a softer suspension, they are not meant for rough terrain.

Downhill Bikes

If you are looking for speed then these are the bikes you should forgo. They are extremely useful during downhill biking. Of all the bikes this one has the most suspension and they can go through any rough terrain you might think of. They are just perfect for those bikers who want to be adventurous crossing over some rivers and muddy places.

Dirt Jumping Bikes

These are very small bikes and they are very similar to BMX bikes when it comes to jumping. It can easily withstand big jumps. They are efficient for playful use since they have a low frame. They can also be used for urban riding and play online casino while you riding click here to see best casino. And it is very popular in most urban areas.

Free-Ride Bikes

These ones have broad wheels and long-travel suspension, if you enjoy steep jumps and stunts Free-Ride Bikes are the ones you should go for. They are a cross between Downhill and Dirt Jump bikes. They are also easier to pedal compared to Downhill bikes.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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