The Truth About DIY SEO

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The Truth About DIY SEO

So, you have an online website and you want to get more sales in or expand your online presence. Great! Welcome aboard and welcome to the online entrepreneur club. Now that you have your site up and running, everyone will tell you that what you need in your life is a little SEO, can’t be that hard to take a quick course and just do it yourself, after all, that’s what everyone is suggesting right? Wrong. Let us be the first to save you the time and effort needed to make even a small impact on your site without the professional aid of companies like Probella, the truth might just save you a few P’s and Q’s, not to mention a few laptops, as we have thrown our toys out of the cot before we came to this realization.

Here is what you need to know about SEO, the short and the gnarly of it all.

SEO and It’s Complexity

Search engine optimization is the enhancement of organic content and the building of an online presence to get search engines attention and you have loads to compete against. The entire nature of SEO is far more complex than just spelling, grammar and a few good articles here and there. There are other aspects of SEO that need to be factored in, each one requiring a level of skill that cannot simply be adopted overnight.

What SEO Requires

The optimization of your online website is more than just content. SEO includes link building and analytics. You would need to understand what areas of your site need to be enhanced and in order for you to see what traffic is targeting your site and which visitors are leaving and when they are, you will need to understand which programs should be added to your dashboard to determine this and more. You may also know Atlanta SEO company provides SEO reports on a monthly basis that break down the detailed data regarding the success of your campaign in a clean and clear manner. Information such as increased search engine positions, traffic, sources, leads sources, custom goals, and much more come standard.


So, words are trending. YOLO was added to the dictionary and that was rather hard to stomach but these things happen, and trends seem to form among the masses. In SEO keywords and keyword phrases are as important as the content you place on your site. You will need extensive knowledge of this because this is what drives your content and where you place these keywords is, well, a key element to factor in. This requires programs which can be installed and summarized by owners, but again, you would need time and perfect understanding of how to understand these keyword phrases, meta descriptions and meta titles.

In conclusion, DIY SEO is so much more than an article or two, it’s more than a quick little course online. Superior search engine optimization content requires frequent attention and more than what one person’s capability is. Sure, you can equip yourself with knowledge and understand a thing or two about the process of enhancing website businesses, but if you are in the game to get ahead it needs immediate attention, maybe you should consider speaking to experts before jumping the gun and winging it. The nitty-gritty of it? It just isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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