How to be a Great F1 Driver

No one ever wants to be average. This is as we all aim to be great. Be it at home or at school. We ang to make sure that we are to do and to be the best that we can.  Because, if you don’t be the best that we can, we will forever wonder what our full potential was. That being said, we will look at what makes a great F1 driver. Just in case you want to be one and don’t know where to start.

Characteristics of Great F1 Drivers

The Training Course

To be the greatest in all that you do, you need to go through the training course. The same is true for F1 drivers. One does simply grab a car and become an F1 racer. Ever seen how some people puke after they go on some roller coaster because they will not be used to experience? Imagine being a car that can crash at any time and speeding as well. That id why the training course is a must for all who want to be great F1 drivers.


Be it one watches Formula 1 racing or not, they know that the cars are fast. Just like whether you play online gambling or not, you know there is real money and it’s a gamble. For F1 driver speed is a must. However, it is not just the speed that they need. Drivers also need to be able to control the power of the car so that they are effective. Alongside this, they need knowledge and teamwork.



Other than the training course you need to have ultra-fast reflexes. This will help you to respond to sudden changes, just like casino usa games . That being said, an average Formula 1 racer reacts in 100 milliseconds whole the reaction of an ordinary person is 300 milliseconds. To be a great racer, you need to train your reflexes, hand-eye coordination as well as peripheral vision.




Author: Dexter Sinistri

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