5 Terrifying Problems Of Public Education: How to Overcome Them?

5 Terrifying Problems Of Public Education: How to Overcome Them?

Public schools have always taken leading positions by the number of attending pupils simply because they are more affordable and accessible than private facilities. However, we have to face the truth here – public schools are facing far more issues than private ones. In this article, we are going to outline some of the biggest problems as for today and offer effective solutions to them.

What Are The Most Terrifying Issues Facing Public Educational Facilities?

Among all different problems that influence the educational system, we have outlined some of the major ones that require fast solving.


Students At Or Below Poverty Level

The terrifying statistics show that more and more families in the USA and around the world are living at or even below poverty level and this can’t help but have a negative impact on the quality of citizens’ education. First of all, families with low incomes can’t afford high-quality facilities. However, most importantly, they are unable to provide comfortable environments at home, which results in a high percentage of dropouts among such students.


Solution: poverty is truly a global problem faced by most countries. It is also a very complicated matter that requires complex approach. However, from the schools’ perspective, authorities should strive to provide higher levels of support for such students in order to motivate them for better achievements.



Without a doubt, modern pupils are very technologically advanced, which explains the necessity of incorporating technology inside classrooms. Despite the common belief, leading educational facilities have already proven that the presence of technology in education doesn’t distract students but on the contrary, increase their academic success. So, this is why many of these online colleges for military veterans are great options for education.


Solution: schools should encourage teachers to become more technologically advanced and be open to innovation.


Budget Cuts

For many years different educational facilities across the world have been suffering from lack of funding. While private schools seem to be keeping the ship afloat quite easily, public facilities suffer from budget cuts a lot. Lower budgets basically mean a smaller number of employees and less experienced professionals, as well as lack of resources and spots. This increases the competition for each spot and automatically leaves some less bright or wealthy students out of the competition. Thus, it is one of the most terrifying public education issues that we are facing today!


Solution: in order to get rid of material issues facing modern educational facilities, global authorities need to apply some major changes to the budget allocated for such institutions. Alternatively, schools may raise their fees in order to expand their budgets. However, with such an approach we are going to face another issue that will make education barely affordable for low-income families.


Student Attitude

Another major problem noticed in public institutions (and probably even other facilities) is the growth of disrespectful and apathetic attitudes from the pupils of all academic levels. Unfortunately, today, pupils’ absenteeism, tardiness, apathy, and unwillingness to obtain knowledge still remains one of the biggest challenges faced by teachers. Students of all ages tend to show reflection to the studying process. Many kids are neglecting their homework, cheating, and turning for academic help to services like Essay Pro. Such behaviors are mostly caused by lack of interest in the educational program and they have a terrible effect on the students’ overall success.

Solution: probably the only sure way to change pupils’ attitudes is to make them genuinely interested in the process of studying. To do this, schools may try using different reward systems. Incorporating technology may also work. However, most importantly, parents should also participate in this process and instill in children the desire for knowledge.

Lack Of Parents’ Involvement

Continuing our previous point, we would like to insist on the importance of parents’ involvement in the educational process. While some parents tend to be interfering in the process too much, others don’t ever show up in the classroom. However, for positive results, it is important to find a nice balance between interrupting the studying process and being indifferent. Ideally, teachers, parents, and students have to collaborate tightly empowering the overall progress

Solution: while parents should understand the role of their engagement themselves, from the school’s side, it is important to highlight its importance.

Final Words

Despite a large number of current and potential issues faced by the modern educational system, with the right steps, there are quite good chances of overcoming the difficulties and taking the quality of delivered knowledge to a completely new level. Without a doubt, incorporating major changes requires lots of effort and time. However, we have already observed many positive tendencies in this field, so we believe that the issues discussed in this article won’t be obstacles for the progress.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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