How to Have the Ultimate Family Holiday in Menorca

The days of screaming kids and chaotic “family-friendly” holidays are over. Your kids are adults, have lives of their own, and, most importantly, people you can finally become friends with. This is the time for truly exceptional family holidays, where you all enjoy both the destination and the company to its fullest. That is why, once your children grow up and are starting their own lives, it’s time to treat yourselves to the ultimate family holiday in Menorca.


When to Go

Menorca has excellent weather year-round, but if you want to laze in the sun and swim in the sea, you will want to go during the peak summer months of July to September. If you are fine with not swimming and simply want a great place to go where the weather is 20C or higher, then head to Menorca any time between June to October. When you visit, you can expect an average of clear skies and sunny weather.


Where to Stay

When you visit Menorca, you will want to do it in style. Skip the hotel and really embrace the slow living ways of the locals by renting out a villa for you and your family. Holidays in Menorca are incomplete without your own home away from home, and if you really want to make it a tradition, you can rent out the same property year after year, giving you a great holiday home without the hassle of maintaining one during the off-season when you’re not there. But if you are finding it difficult and expensive to rent a villa or having your own holiday home in that case there is no better option than a hotel. Icing on the cake іf you аrе аblе to gеt ѕоmе hоtеl promo соdеѕ, уоu will bе аblе to gеt a reservation in a gооd hоtеl on cheap rates. For this you should visit at to grab Chеар Vacation Pасkаgеѕ And Dіѕсоunt Hоtеl Dеаlѕ On Promo.

What to Do

When you are in Menorca, you have a wide variety of things to do.


Enjoy the Pristine Beaches

There is over 200 km of beautiful beaches, from white sand to golden sand, to cliffside beauties. Make your way across your favourites, or choose one and enjoy day after day of fun in the sun.


Go Snorkelling or Diving

The waters around Menorca are otherworldly blue and beautiful, making them a great place to snorkel or even scuba dive. There are tours to help show you the best places and classes to help you learn how to dive if you are not familiar or experienced.


Visit a Historical Site

There are a variety of historical sites and towns dotted along Menorca, along with hiking trails to discover. If you are travelling inland. Make these historical destinations your hotspot or waypoint.

What to Eat


There are so many great dishes to enjoy in Menorca. When there, ensure you try:


Fresh Seafood and Fish

Two main dishes make use of fresh fish and seafood in the area. One is fish meatballs, which are made of cod and served in a white garlic sauce, and the second is called Caldereta de Longosta, which is a lobster stew.


Queso de Mahón

This local cheese is salty, delicious, and distinctive. Either bring some home with you or enjoy it on top of your other favourite hearty dishes.



These fried dough balls are similar to profiteroles and sweet to the taste.


Menorca is a great place to go with the whole family. It has truly stunning beaches, incredible views, and some very delicious food. Tie it all in together with your very own luxurious villa, and you have a holiday worth celebrating.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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